Widows In Nigeria

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 13:07:54 +0000 (GMT)
From: Oduobi Tokunbo


On Wednesday August 13th 2003, Nigerians were treated to an absurd drama, which exposed the fragility of our social system and further challenged the rule of law in Nigeria. Ref; www.sunnewsonline.com.

The event no doubt was a brazen assault on the sanctity of the Nigerian constitution unfortunately the response of the civil society was callous luke warm and uninspiring. The plight of widows in Nigeria has always given the organization food for thought more so, the ever increasing brazen acts of society’s inhumanity to women when they loose their husbands to the cold hands of death irrespective of the circumstances leading to the death of their spouses.

We at resources development motivators (RDM) a non- for- profit organization (Non governmental organization NGO) based in Lagos- Nigeria with a proven track record for fund raising has come into this field of endeavor to take up the gauntlet of championing and fighting this social menace affecting the fate of the average female widow in Nigeria and African Woman in Diaspora, suffice it to say that we at RDM also profer advises on how basic developmental projects can be implemented and executed for and on behalf of the beneficiaries thereby making them socially, economically and financially empowered to stand up to there God giving rights as Human beings regardless of there cultural differences and values which after extensive careful evaluation and logical deductions are been considered to be retrogressive, backward and negative inclined.

Resources development motivators with it offices situate at Lagos-Nigeria and working in conjunction with some International/Global community based development agencies has been in this business of raising fund for philanthropic and charitable causes for the past seven years and has on its board of Directors/Trustees Women and Men of integrity and honesty in there respective chosen careers and have considered this honorable duty as there perception of social responsibility to society at large.

We are of the opinion that having fully adumbrated and sensitized you on the adverse effect of widowhood in Nigeria, we are soliciting and Generating funds and resources to help rehabilitate these second classed citizens in our country Nigeria so that they can also appreciate the essence of living as enumerated by our creator and equally bequeathed with a sense of belonging without feeling alienated and disenfranchised.

RDM has been quietly involved in reorientating societies in Nigeria about the treatment of widows and preliminary results from our data base shows our effort has been paying off.

Consequent upon this, we look forward to your willfull donations towards eradicaing this anomally within our system.

Furthermore, we intend to publish your names and addresses in our almanacs and brochure by the end of the year being our usual practise which would be sent to our beneficiaries and partners.

We remain ,

Yours Sincerely


For more information, visit our website @ www.geocities.com/widowsinnigeria2003/widowsinnigeria2003.html

[Well, certainly this guy is one of the lowest of the low. Using a charity front to scam cash]


[Time for the ever busy Church of Bread & Wine to leap into action]

From: Father Brian Potter
To: Reverend Oduobi Tokunbo
Date: 31/10/03

Dear Reverend Tokunbo

God bless you and how are you today?

Your letter has come to the right place. My name is Father Brian Potter of the Church of Bread and Wine (please see a photograph of one of our newest churches attached, we have nearly 300 churches in our ministry).

I must say that you are working for a wonderful cause reverend. Our ministry also helps homeless women and children by providing them with new homes, jobs and care.

I think I may be able to help you reverend Tokunbo. You see, my ministry regularly makes charitable donations to worthy causes, and after speaking with my committee members just a few minutes ago, we are of the opinion that your cause is indeed very worthy, and if you will allow us we would like to make a donation to your cause to help you in your Godly work with the widows of Nigeria, which I am told is a very Christian and Godly country.

Your case seems very worthwhile, and whilst we cannot donate very large amounts ( because we have already made many successful donations this year ) I think that the church would be able to send you the small sum of US $274,330 (two hundred and seventy four thousand, three hundred and thirty dollars). We are usually able to donate larger amounts but at the moment are funds are quite limited as we are at the end of our financial year. This money would be sent to you in a manner of your choosing, and hopefully it would enable you to help the widows and also forward the word of God much more easily.

Of course, we do not send out payments without going through the proper procedures, so if you would like to claim the cash, these are the steps you will need to take:

1. The Church or Bread and Wine will send you a agreement form, which you will have to complete and sign.

2. On receipt of the form, we will require a photographs of you, or a trusted representative as proof of identity. You will have to get a NEW photographs taken, holding two symbol of ours. The two symbols we need you to hold are a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine (the name of our church). This proves that the person in the photograph is genuine. Passport or other photographs will NOT be accepted.

If you agree to the two conditions above, we will attach the agreement form for you to complete, and then after that we will explain to you what type of photograph we need from you. Please do not send a photograph until we have explained how we want the photograph to be taken. On receipt of a SATISFACTORY photograph, we will immediately forward the $274,330.00 to you in a manner of your choice.

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in my offer Mr.Tokunbo and I will forward you the agreement for your signature ASAP.

May God bless you,

Father Brian Potter
The Church of Bread and Wine


Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 13:33:03 +0000 (GMT)
From: Oduobi Tokunbo

Dear Father,

Thank you very much for your reply, it was very inspiring and encouraging, but there is something I don’t seem to understand about the whole thing, you said something about identification it is not a problem, after holding talks with my fellow board members we have resolved to do what you asked for, but I as a respected and dignified man of God I want you to understand that there is no way I will associate myself with anything that is dubious [Yeah, right!] why am I involved in this in the first place is because of the word of God which says in the book of II Cor 9vs 7

“Every man according as he purposed in his heart, so let him give, not grudgingly, or of necessity for God loveth a cheerful giver”.

So, if you are giving and also asking for identification then it is as if you are giving grudgingly, I personally and my fellow members are doing this selflessly in other to give this widows a lease of life because in Africa widows are treated as outcasts. I owe it as a responsibility to give them a home and shelter to take care of their children and theirselves.

I hope you understand that this is a non-government organisation, and we have been doing this on our own for long, from our meager incomes but it is getting too big for us (2,532 widows) that is why we decided to seek foreign assistance.

Please sir, the year is coming to an end and we have so many projects at hand, (we are building 25 blocks of flats for them and a church which we have to finish before Nov. 30th) so if you still insist on identification, please explain BETTER HOW WE CAN DO IT and also how soon the money can be remitted.

So many individuals and organizations have been donating so yours will be very well appreciated.


Best regards.

Rev. Tokunboh


From: Father Brian Potter
To: Reverend Oduobi Tokunbo
Date: 01/11/03

Dear Reverend,

Thank you for your kind reply.

The Church of Bread & Wine will also never associate with dubious activities, so please be assured that unless myself and my donation committee are 100% certain of the honesty and sincerity of a beneficiary, then the money will not be paid.

As to the matter of proper identification, I will explain more carefully:

My ministry spends over $13.3 million dollars every year giving away charitable donations to worthy causes. Because of this, sometimes we are approached by dishonest people who try to get money from us by deception, sometimes supplying false identification.

Because of the possibility of people sending false identification, the church now insists that any prospective recipient of our funds MUST supply a new photograph of themselves (or a representative) posing with two icons of our church, in this case BREAD and WINE (as you know, the name of our church is The Church of Bread & Wine).

The reason we ask you to pose with these two object is of course because some dishonest people may try to send in false pictures, but it would be almost impossible for someone to find a false picture of a person holding bread and wine together in a photograph.

One receipt of your photograph showing yourself (or a representative) holding these objects, we will be 100% sure that the photograph is genuine, this will then facilitate the SPEEDY payment of the donation. Note that until you have completed the agreement, do not send in the photograph until we have explained how the church would like you to hold the bread and wine.
In every photograph we ask for, we always ask for a different poses, just to make certain that the picture is unique.

I have attached the agreement form for you Rev. Tokunbo Please complete the form and return it to me with your signature. Once I have received the completed form I will then explain how we would like to have the photograph posed.

Please note that unless you are willing to comply to the above demands the church will be unable to forward you the donation. The above rules are non negotiable.

If you agree to complete the form, and also send in the photograph we require, your payment will be made IMMEDIATELY by whichever payment method suits you best.

I hope that the above explanation is helpful.

God bless you,

Father Brian Potter.
The Church of Bread & Wine.


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