What Price Is Rhodochrosite?

What Price is Rhodochrosite?


When you’re buying Rhodochrosite, you can expect to shell out a significant amount of money because it is quite an uncommon stone.
The price of Rhodochrosite stones will vary on whether you want the transparent deep red variety or the pink banded one.
If you’re looking for banded Rhodochrosite stones, clarity will not matter at all.
Cut will also be irrelevant with banded pieces of Rhodochrosite because they will usually be polished or tumbled.
But you will still find faceted transparent Rhodochrosite pieces. They still tend to exhibit many flaws, but the right cut can help hide them.
Carat is still important in Rhodochrosite stones. The heavier the piece, the more valuable it will be.
Color is the most important aspect that will determine the Rhodochrosite value, so pay close attention to that when you go Rhodochrosite shopping.
Many pieces of Rhodochrosite are carved into different shapes, so craftsmanship is one more factor which may impact the value of a finished piece.
Many collectors are not looking for polished or faceted Rhodochrosites, however, and are just shopping for raw stones.
Rhodochrosites that have a unique and beautiful crystal growth or banded pattern may command a higher price.
For most gemstones, the deeper and darker its color, the higher its cost. This not the case with Rhodochrosites.
The pale pink pieces are some of the least valuable. But the highest cost is not commanded by the deepest and darkest pieces, either.
Instead, stones with vibrant medium hues will have the highest cost. Rhodochrosites that
have a medium dark red shade can be yours for approximately $204 per carat.
Light pink Rhodochrosites can be purchased for as much as $241 per carat.
Medium pink Rhodochrosites can be bought for as much as $344 per carat, while medium red Rhodochrosites sell at $365 per carat.
If you find a Rhodochrosite that has a medium orangey-red color, prepare to shell out as much as $436 per carat.
Rhodochrosite is one of the very few gemstones you will find with such unusual and varied valuations.
Remember that when you are selecting a Rhodochrosite gemstone, your personal taste or the taste of the person you plan to give it to should influence your buying decision.
A translucent piece of orange-red Rhodochrosite may be more expensive, but if an inexpensive light pink banded piece is more their style, then it will still not be a good purchase.
The only way to find out is to ask or make them choose the particular Rhodochrosite they want.
Rhodochrosite is a must-have addition to your crystal collection because of its physical beauty and metaphysical healing properties.
It will act like your own personal cupid that will open you up to love and all its good healing vibrations.
Allow this beautiful crystal to connect you with your inner child and dissolve your old emotional wounds.
It will not only look fantastic on you and inside your jewelry box, but your Rhodochrosite gemstone will also release all the energy blockages that are keeping you from your happiness!

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