What Are The Draelith?

What are the Draelith?


The Draelith are a Demonic race of beings in another “Hell” belonging to different Houses aka their Temples Cressen thier most famous name the veiled ones due to the robes they wore Draelith society which oversee various aspects of said society and each pushes equally for dominance. While there are indeed more than what is shown here, the following list details those houses whose presence is so large that any traveler to their realm will find them in any city. Even smaller towns will be overseen by at least a few of these houses. In a sense, you might equate them to the mafia or more accurately, prison gangs, for regardless of which prison you’re in, you’ll find the same ones hold presence.

Of the Draelith houses, none are more insidious as the Rilyn’ndar. Masters of persuasion, seduction and patience, they are careful planners and information brokers. Their modes of sorcery are extremely difficult to detect as the energies seamlessly merge with their psyche; creating layers of protection around the magickal current flowing within; creating the illusion that it is nothing more than their innate magickal potential riding the surface. Rilyn’ndar rakes will lure you in with their charms, twist your mind so that you see them as your friend and lover. You will become a slave until you’ve been used up. All of your knowledge will be their possession and yet, when you’ve been discarded, you’ll crave nothing more than to be their slave.
Purveyors of all that which is dead and undead, the Vae’sa are in continual pursuit of immortality through necromantic transfiguration. They utilize necromancy and grave theurgy to its fullest, seeking to turn the realms into nothing more than a massive necropolis. Many of the Vae’sa become undead in order to gain more power in conquest. In everyday life, the Vae’sa tend to funerals as well as “cleaning the streets” of the unwanted, forgotten, weak and useless members of society. The Vae’sa are also known at times to recruit and forge pacts with the undead who can help to further their plans of killing the mortal races and chaining the power of slain gods for themselves.

Tyrants through and through, the Ark’nviir house concerns itself with upholding the strict laws of conduct in Draelith society, punishment and many of the military operations conducted during raids and all-out war with other races, as well as running both the arenas and slave trade. The Ark’nviir pride themselves on projected in aura of crushing energy due to their religious rituals associated with invocation of demonic powers and that which gives them physical might. Many times acting a social judges and referees, they also use their influence to control lesser folk and races out of fear of enslavement or torture.

Concerned more with working as assassins, the Do’aar (Doh-ar) make incredible sums of wealth by acting as hired blades. They capitalize on the use of magicks which silence their movements, skin-changing and also shroud them from the naked eye. They are masters of armed and unarmed combat as well as how to raise and extract toxins from plants and animals. The Do’aar pride themselves on being one of the least likely houses to fight internally due to their almost monastic rituals revolving around becoming one with the shadows. They also actively ingest known poisons and accept venomous bites from various beasts in order to build immunity to these lethal agents. Their cunning and fortitude make them a most worthy adversary.

The Zo’arn are initiated through rituals of immolation in which the celebrant must prove their courage by being first wrapped like a mummy in oiled silks and then laid upon a pyre. Their faith in Illivryn must prove to be so strong that they are unharmed by the raging fire. Illivryn rarely intercedes, making it quite clear the innate power of the Draelith spirit as they rise up from the ashes of the pyre which usually burn for six to eight hours. Invested with their new power, the Zo’arn are powerful sorcerers and sorceresses who possess extreme control over the channeling of various energies. Controlling storms, making infernos from candles, directing the strikes of lightning and so forth, the Zo’arn are a terrifying sight to behold. Do to their unwillingness to die however, the Zo’arn rarely survive the immolation ceremony, making them the smallest of the major houses.

With their houses kept usually to the lower city, the Maea’fiin are brutes; both male and female. Their tactics are very direct and combative. They usually recruit those who are well-proven in the arenas or from war bands which have taken many lives and accrued much plunder. They operate as thugs, killers, muscle for intimidation or extortion and blackmail, bodyguards and the like. Coin is their driving force and they tend to have the rule of the house in gambling dens. The Maea’fiin utilize magicks which invoke demonic and monstrous powers and strengths as well as that which can hinder the physical actions or thoughts of their enemies. Often seen leading campaigns in all-out combat against other races in their realm or even other houses, the Maea’fiin prefer to be the first line of bloodshed in any combative scenario with the Draelith.

One of the darker houses in Draelith society, the Helvi’m-tor are notable for the fact that they derive much power by binding malevolent entities and making pacts with the demons and evil gods of other non-Etherian realms. Often blessed demonic traits and an overflow of control over the currents of hellfire and soul crushing pain, the Helvi’m-tor are a force most other houses tend not to tangle with. Draelith recruited into this house must first prove they are of a distinctly darker mindset than their already wicked kin. This is usually observed through the sacrifice of a friend, ally or family member. Then, they shall conjure and bind or make an eternal pact with any number of vile spirits. In society, the Helvi’m-tor have been sought out to kill others or to offer insights through divination of a most horrific nature.

The house began with alliance formed by crossbred offspring of Draelith and demons. The Ous’srae are born with incredible powers that blend the might of the Draelith and their infernal progenitors. They are as varied as their demonic origins which make the Ous’srae temple capable of penetrating every aspect of Draelith society. They are surprisingly large as a house due to the fact that many Draelith copulate with demons in order to forge pacts and gain a powerful living weapon in their child. Sorcery is completely innate among the Ous’srae. Those who do not share demonic origin can still be recruited into the house should they be found to possess an affinity for working with those powers considered “forbidden” even among the Draelith.

Sorcery is an innate power among Draelith. However, blood sorcery is seen as for the truly devoted to the craft as adherents use the blood offering in their sorcery to also honor the Draelith goddess, Vishalee. Their power is immensely empowered through their sacrifices. The Shi’aquous are concerned with controlling the trade of magickal wares and are often culturally concerned with the evolution of the Draelith race, for within their blood is divine power. Initiation into their house requires that the initiate literally be drowned in the sacrificial blood of their enemies. Those who can be revived will have been seen as blessed from Vishalee.

The proudest and most prevalent among the houses, the Xv’iili see themselves as the true, chosen Draelith who are blessed by Illivryn. This mindset has been perpetuated due to one of Illivryn’s daughters having founded the house aeons ago. They also believe that to seek membership in any other house is an insult to the Queen Goddess. They make great use of cultural sorcery, and use it to destroy their enemies, spy and spread the dominion of Illivryn. Initiation is given rather freely to those who have shown an incredible pride in self, faith in Illivryn and willingness to ruthlessly slay anyone who might be considered a threat to the house or Illivryn. Extreme racial supremacy is the underlying force that drives the Xv’iili as they strive for nothing short of total domination in both their realm and the rest of the realms if given the opportunity.

The other major house associated with assassination, the Aurelia focus their efforts purely on maximizing the power of their craft which blends shadowmancy and psychic manipulation. By use of their sorcery and social presence, the Aurelia seek to seize power and control of their society so that they can bring devastation upon other races and conquest. Second only to the Xv’iili in racial supremacy, they believe that they are destined to rule the realms and seek nothing less than to kill and enslave. They use their sorcery to contort the minds of their targets and push for them to commit suicide or kill their allies. Initiation into the Aurelia requires one to enter a ritual chamber in which every failure, pain and torment is manifested at once. Having overcome it, they are blessed with grander power and control over emotion, thoughts, manifestation of egregores and how to control those of others.

Masters of manipulating and shaping the darkness, the Laeilssz’var seek transcendence over all else. They use their innate power over the darkness to shroud their minds and bodies to gather information, kill and empower themselves. Transcendence among the Draelith is always focused on godhood, though the Laeilssz’var seek to become one with their very plane of existence, wherein they would have the power to control everything, including the influence of the gods and goddesses in the realm. In society, they act more like a monastic order and pride themselves on their ability to think outside of usual Draelith trappings. Initiation requires the Draelith celebrant to be blinded with poison and forced to survive in the harsh environment of the subterranean realm for one year. Success results in having their vision returned, but with the sight of the spirits as well.

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