Weebam-Na is an Argonian commoner who lives in Leyawiin with his partner Bejeen. He is also friends with Wumeek, who occasionally visits from the Imperial City. He fancies himself a hunter of rats and treasure. His knowledge of Leyawiin and the surrounding area is sought after by Mazoga the Orc during a quest of the same name, and has made him well-known around Leyawiin; even the Count knows of him. His interest in treasures however, lands him in trouble with a Daedric princess, which leads to Nocturnal’s quest.

Weebam-Na wears typical lower-class clothing; a flax tunic, green felt linens and a pair of stitched leather shoes. He carries the key to his house and a small sum of gold. Being the avid hunter he has equipped himself with an iron bow and an abnormal amount of steel arrows, as well as an iron dagger for close encounters.

The hunter leads a rather simple life. After waking early in the morning at 4am, he will spend the day standing in his home, occasionally chatting with his live-in partner Bejeen. He does this for the duration of the day without eating until his late bedtime of 2am, proceeding to sleep for two hours before waking to repeat his monotonous life all over again.

When greeted for the first time, Weebam-Na will introduce himself, and his dislike of rats: “Rats. Hate them. HATE them. Every one. Gonna hunt them down and chop them all to tiny bits. Oh. Did I say that out loud? Excuse me. I’m Weebam-Na, the hunter. You got to excuse me. I got rats on the mind.”

Asking Weebam-Na about ‘Leyawiin’, and he will return with a tale about rats: “Have you SEEN all the rats around here? Its making me CRAZY! First this guy decides he’s gonna make a million, opens a fancy restaurant: Rats in a Cream Sauce, Rat Flambe, Rat Necrom with Bonemeal Gravy, Deep-Fried Rat, Lemon Rat and Wild Rice, Rat Ragu with Powdered Deer Penis! Of course, when the guards found out, they ran his sorry butt out of town, but they left the rats. RATS!!!”

Weebam-Na has a reputation as both a hunter and a bit of rascal. During her quest, Mazoga will inform you that “he’s a hunter, knows all about the woods around here.” While the Count also mentions that “the Argonian is a well-known hunter; he has a house in town.” When asking around for Bejeen during the Nocturnal quest, Imperials in the city will sniff: “She wasn’t a bad sort until she hooked up with that rascal Weebam-Na.”


Mazoga the Orc

If approaching him on behalf of Mazoga however, he will be straight to the point: “I’m Weebam-Na. What do you want?” After mentioning the Orc’s name to him, he will respond in one of two ways. If he is friendly towards you, he’ll decide to meet with her, after weighing the options: “I see. So, an Orc named Mazoga wants to see me? And she expects me to come to her? I don’t know her. I’d be smart to ignore her. But… I never learned anything by being smart. And you seem to be a right skipper. So, I guess I’ll have to go see what this is about. Thank you.” however, if Weebam-Na’s disposition is below 50 he will shrug off the idea: “So? An Orc wants to see me? And this interests me how? Did I forget how much I like you so I should do this favor for you? Maybe I just don’t like you very much. So, I’m not going.” If he decides to meet with her, he will invite you along if spoken to again, otherwise he will immediately set off to see her, stopping whatever he was doing at the time.

Upon meeting with Mazoga, Weebam-Na immediately starts a conversation with the Orc: “You want to speak to me?”, and after being asked on the location of Fisherman’s Rock, he helpfully replies “Fisherman’s Rock is north of Leyawiin, about six hours walk, on a point of land on the eastern shore of the Niben.” When Mazoga asks him to take her there, he inquires why, but as the Orc is reluctant to tell him her business, he sharply says “Then, if you won’t tell me why, I won’t take you anywhere.” and will promptly leave after you talk to him about the experience. When spoken to before agreeing to escort Mazoga, he will wish you luck with her and if asked about the Orc, will share his views on her: “She’s got terrible manners. Being her friend may be a lot of work. But my sniffer says she might be worth it.”



Weebam-Na and Bejeen’s bragging about the ‘big score’ they recently made, seems to have caught the attention of most townsfolk. The two had been claiming it to be a valuable jewel, however it is in fact the Eye of Nocturnal. They seem to know this, as when you eavesdrop on their conversation, they reference the eye. When looking for the Eye for Nocturnal, he and his partner will discuss their latest treasure. Bejeen starts up the conversation, with her concerns for the eye. Weebam-Na quickly defuses the situation “Trolls don’t like water. Trolls don’t swim. The Eye is perfectly safe in Tidewater Cave. So, relax.” It seems he has their bases covered and when the question of fisherman using the cave is mentioned, he replies calmly “No fisherman is going into Tidewater Cave. It’s full of trolls. We have to sneak past them, remember?” The Argonian is not too trusting of his partner, and would rather the eye remain in the cave and promptly brings the conversation to a close: ” And have one of your nosy friends snoop around here and steal it? No, it’s safer in Tidewater Cave.”

Weebam-Na is cautious about discussing the eye, and if you are spotted, he will stop discussing with Bejeen quieting her and resuming his schedule: “Shh! There’s someone here! Wait until they leave!” Being reluctant to speak about the eye, asking him about it will result in him denying having knowledge of it “Never heard of the thing. And neither has Bejeen. You ask too many questions.” If asked about Tidewater Cave however, he will angrily retaliate “Tidewater Cave? Tidewater Cave! Why… why do you ask about this place?” If you say that you overheard Bejeen mentioning it, he will say with disgust “Bejeen? Bejeen knows nothing. Bejeen tells stories. Silly Bejeen. Shame on Bejeen to tell such silly, silly stories.”, however if you say you heard him mention it, he will angry reply “I did no such thing. I think perhaps you’ve been spying on me. Yes… spying! You cannot have my treasure!” resulting in a -60 disposition change. Asking him again about the cave and he will merely shrug of the subject “There is no need to speak of that place. It is a bad place.”


Related Quests

Mazoga the Orc: Count Marius Caro is concerned about Mazoga, an Orc at Castle Leyawiin who claims to be a knight.

Nocturnal: Recover the Eye of Nocturnal from a pair of thieves in Leyawiin.



The internal construction set ID for this character uses the spelling “WeebumNa”. But otherwise his name is consistently spelled as “Weebam-Na” (except for one inconsequential dialogue).

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