Transfiguration Of The Black Soul

Transfiguration of the Black Soul


This ritual is performed once a year. It is performed first when you declare yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually a magician dedicated to the study and mastery of the dark arts, to mastering yourself, your soul, and your world, and to obtaining the highest level of power in both the mundane world and the planar worlds. Upon completing this the initial time, it will be performed during the Season of the Witch, during the Internal Hour, which is actually a series of hours that fall between midnight and three ante meridian.


This ritual requires only a single anointed black candle to be upon the altar and nothing more. You will also need to perform this ritual during the nocturnal hours beneath Belnara’s sky on a purely darkened night of a new moon. Be clothed in garments entirely of black. Sitting before your altar, light the candle and speak, “Belnara, Lord of the Night and Bearer of the Black Key, open the Black Gate from its forgotten place in the planes and lead the path of its descent upon my brow. Nightlord, by the pact made by our ancestors, open the gate and see that my soul be blackened!”


Perform the void meditation, but do not travel beyond your altar. You shall, in your astral body be barely exceeding the bounds of your physical body as it rests in its place. Focus on the incoming flow of energy that will descend from the veil of cosmic blackness above.

When, with your psychic eyes have locked onto the dark swirling mist in the sky above, do not lose track of it. Watch as it flows downward, swirling like a legion of specters toward you. Do not Will it to come any quicker than it will. Allow it to move about at its own pace. Take in the last few moment of your mundane, mortal existence that will soon end, but do not anticipate the black-hearted mage that will be reborn from this. You must merely be open to what is to come.


As the mist nears, it will indeed slow to a crawl. This crawling dark mist is the very essence of evil. It is the essence of all things that dwell in the darkness, that are bloodthirsty, power-hungry, uncaring, unforgiving, and perpetually unstoppable, and immortal. A new sensation will overcome you, but do not fear it or be removed from your trance. The crawling darkness will begin to crawl over and around your astral body. This feeling is unique to all Disciples who’ve experienced it. As it nears, listen closely to the whispers of the dead, the damned, and the unfathomably evil. The wise always leave an ear open to the whispers of power so in this phase of the ritual, it is most important to remain calm and receptive to the voices surrounding you. There is immense wisdom to be obtained through the slightest understanding of a single phrase that will be spoken to you in these moments.


Without warning, the black mist will sink itself deeply into your Spirit. This will drive you back into your physical body without a doubt for there is no mortal force not touched by the abysmal in the planes that can resist the force embodied by the blackness unleashed by Belnara. You will writhe and you will shudder. Don’t mind the physical pain, but rather focus on the visions that flash before your mind’s eye. These are the memories of the damned and the memories of the very essence of evil as it has marauded across the planes.


When the visions and voices go blank and the pain in your body subsides, focus again on the sky. There, you will see a sign from Belnara that he has witnessed the very transfiguration of your soul. Thank Belnara in any way you feel fit and blow out the candle. This rite is complete.


By now, your understanding of the darkness which is the Infernal should be very clear and all preconceived notions will be shattered; leaving only the harsh truth of it. With an exact unification with evil in its purest form, you are a newborn Disciple in this world. From here, a great responsibility falls upon your soul – to overcome your enemies no matter who or how many and to rise to a place of absolute power in the planes. Your foundation has been laid and your mark has been permanently carved into the soul of the earth and all life that resides upon it. Your soul, dedicated to this grand Work also drives a stake through the hearts of every individual, entity, angel, spirit, or god that dwells on the right hand path. With every act, you drive the stake further and twist its many barbs; demoralizing and dominating your enemy.

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