The Reason I Left The Cabal

The reason I left the Cabal


The reason I left the Cabal wasn’t because I was lazy or manipulated by others, it was the constant lies and manipulations by the leader.

@asbjorntorvol Thanks for posting this, I had wished I had grabbed screenshots of these posts before the forum gotten wiped out for the 4th time.

Before asbjorn torvol had resurfaced on the internet we were told that he was an apostate and that death curses had been placed on him. We he popped back up on the BALG alive and well I imagine this was more than a little embarrassing, so one of the posts above was made about how he was protected by Celestials and that they managed to take out his daughter. I had no contact and didn’t know Asbjorn at all when this transpired, but the whole thing was just scummy. It is one thing to attack an enemy, it is another to go after their children. Of course even this turned out to be a lie.

Now if Somnus was willing to lie about this, what else were we being deceived about? I started to do my own independent research about some of the claims people were making about the cabal being completely made up. Aside from several well known entities most of the material was pure fantasy. (I may make another post about more of my findings if I still need to beat a dead horse)

During one of my nightly rituals I was contacted by an entity telling me that the Cabal was collapsing and Somnus was no grandmaster. I wanted to be sure the spirit was telling me the truth, so it told me that Muldegrin (one of the masters in the cabal) would be leaving and that he wouldn’t be the last. The very next day I see the post that Asbjorn has a screenshot of stating that he has been exiled. In addition to the spirit being right, I thought it was a little odd that no one was to have any communication with him. First, no one will tell me who I can and can’t speak to, regardless of who they are. Second, what were they so scared of him saying that they wanted no one to speak to him? I tried to reach out to him immediately after I saw this, but he didn’t have much of an online presence. And if you are wondering, yes, another of the tower masters have left the cabal.

There seemed to be countless posts about apostasy, attacking enemies and shit talking other sorcerers. To me, this has nothing to do with apotheosis, this is just spreading fear and ego stroking. During this I tracked down every apostate I could find, lo and behold all of them were alive and well.

Before all of the above had transpired, I placed an order for a couple of relics from the cabals website. I saw the charges on my credit card a month later, but still no items. I reached out to Somnus about this on multiple occasions and received no reply whatsoever. I even made a post on the forum that I thought their may be technical difficulties with sending messages and his reply was that everything was working just fine. Turns out I wasn’t the only one being ignored, several people posted on the cabals facebook page reporting the same thing. Disciples were also posting in the forum about the issue, however the posts were always deleted in a hurry. One of the videos I posted has other members with similar stories. In short if you want to buy something from the cabal, you are better off just lighting the money on fire, at least you will get to watch it burn.

It was the accumulation of all of the above that made me decide to leave, not being manipulated by other. (You would think the Oracle would see that). I only reached out to other “Apostates” after I already left this cult.

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