The Properties Of Azurite

The Properties of Azurite


Azurite Color: Blue green
Azurite Metaphysical Properties: Calms fretfulness; fights a lack of control; influential healing force to the physical body; brings emotional release, reduces depression and anger
Azurite Sources: Azurite deposits are mostly found in England, Chile, USA, Greece, France, Australia, and many more.
Chemical Composition: Its chemical composition number is (CO3)2(OH).
Holistic Aspect: It can heal circulatory disorders, wash out toxins, back pain, and relieve tremors and tics, joint tenderness, arthritis, miss-alignment of the spinal, improves the flow of motion, other skin diseases, and anorexia. Azurites have a tough connection with Copper, which makes it a great addition to copper jewelry used for rheumatism or arthritis.

Azurite is a copper carbonate hydroxide of the mineral class carbonate and develops in copper deposits where it can be found with malachite. Where there is azurite there will also be malachite unless the deposit of azurite is quite young because over eons the copper that is present in the crystal oxidizes and the crystal transforms into malachite. Azurite is also frequently found with chrysocolla. Due to the high copper content in the crystal, crystal water must be made using the indirect method. In Ancient Egypt, azurite was so sacred that only the priests knew and guarded its secrets. They used it in the inner sanctum to understand the will of the gods. It has been linked with the lost wisdom of Atlantis. Azurite crystals are irregular blades with wedge shaped terminations. Also, aggregate crusts and radiating, botryoidal, nodular and earthy masses.
The colours of azurite are a deep blue that sometimes can appear black, blue and light blue. Occasionally azurite can occur as a pale blue due to the disappearance of the copper element. These beautiful crystals are translucent to opaque.

Azurite treats throat problem, arthritis and joint problems. It aligns the spine and works at a cellular level to restore any blockages or damage to the brain. This crystal heals and repairs the kidneys, gallbladder, liver, spleen, thyroid, bones, teeth, skin and aids detoxification. Azurite encourages the development of the embryo in the womb. Azurite can help soothe migraines, lessen tinnitus and balance vertigo. Azurite will help you become a wise healer, amplifying your powers. It increases the flow of the life force, oxygenating the blood and repairing brain cells.

Azurite heals emotional trauma from present and past lives at the mental level. It promotes karmic healing of negative energy patterns brought forward from other lifetimes. Azurite initiates intense transformation and transcendence. It encourages breakthroughs when a healing process seems stuck. Azurite dissolves emotional blocks and negativity. It will heal confusion, aid healers, mediators, and psychics. It will increase your healing abilities and visualization. Azurite clears stress, worry, grief and sadness. It allows you to show your emotions in a new light. It transmutes fears and phobias and brings an understanding as to why they occurred in the first place. It will settle someone down who talks too much out of nervousness. It also helps those who have no mind to mouth filter. Lying stems from fear. Azurite has the ability to help you understand the reason for your fears, when you are habitually untruthful or deceptive. This stone can give you the courage to correct these patterns of behaviour so that you are able to be more clear and truthful to yourself and others. Azurite breaks chronic worry patterns. This stone overcomes long standing problems and breaks down communication blocks. It encourages professionalism and brings out leadership qualities. It aids elder statesmen, professors, researchers, librarians and counsellors.

Azurite is a powerful healing stone, helping you understand the effect of the mind and emotions on the body. Azurite brings clear understanding and new perspectives. It also expands the mind. It releases long standing blocks to effective communication and it stimulates the memory. Azurite challenges your view of reality and helps you let go of your preconceived ideas and
move toward the future without fear. Old and outdated ideas are very gently cleared out while being tested against your value system. As an ally for the psychic, it enhances your psi powers and helps you maintain objectivity and accuracy. It will assist you in clearly interpreting psychic information without placing your own opinions, judgements or experiences into the mix. Azurite is stimulating to the mind and can help with learning, memorizing, writing, lecturing or other tasks having to do with the orderly presentation or integration of information. It is an excellent stone to take into testing situations or negotiations. Listen to your dreams for guidance and trust your inner wisdom. If you don’t already, you may soon feel ready to help others with your psychic and healing powers.

Azurite guides psychic and intuitive development. It urges the soul toward enlightenment. This crystal enables out of body travel that is safe. It raises consciousness to a higher level and gives greater control over spiritual discovery. It helps you to meditate and channel. Azurite opens the third eye chakra, stimulating psychic powers, assisting in past life recall and bringing an increased sense of connection to the Divine. It will help you sense the truth of a situation and protects you from being misled. This stone allows you to understand other people’s motives and to act in alignment with Spirit. It helps psychics and other intuitive counsellors improve accuracy of their interpretations. Use azurite to communicate with children in the womb and to make the infant wise. Azurite brings creative and prophetic dreams, visions of other dimensions and communication with spirit guides. Azurite aids recall of actual past lives.

If the base chakra is out of balance you may be belligerent and aggressive toward others. With this stone in hand, you are able to relieve the symptoms of ADHD or ADD. It will reduce the desire to be overly possessive, craving continual excitement or manipulative. Use this stone to awaken your awareness of your past life talents and ease unwanted fears. It will balance the circulatory, reproductive system and increase the function of your lower limbs and pelvis.
If the heart chakra is out of balance you may have sudden bursts of anger, jealousy or blaming others for any issues that arise in your life. You might need constant confirmation of your self-worth, feeling unloved or lacks compassion for others. With this stone in hand, you are able to connect the lower chakras with the higher chakras to achieve homeostasis. It will encourage compassion for yourself and others and enhance your innate healing abilities. It will assist in encouraging the entire immune system to function at its peak. It maintains a
healthy heart and circulatory system. This stone when placed on the heart chakra will help with tissue regeneration.

If the third eye chakra is out of balance you may be oversensitive to others’ opinion of you and then you belittle the behaviour of others to make yourself feel better. You could be inpatient with others. You might also be envious of other people’s success and unable to acknowledge your own. With this stone, you will be able to open and enhance your intuitive perceptions, creative imagination and visualization abilities. This stone will assist in balancing the left and right hemispheres for the brain. It encourages the good health of your sinuses, eyes, ears and the face.

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