The Malachite Azurite Relationship

The Malachite Azurite Relationship


Malachite and Azurite are often found together. Their chemical formulas are very close to each other. Malachite can also pseudo-morph into Azurite, meaning it takes over all of the blue and turns it into green, leaving just the Azurite crystal formation behind. Azurite pigments that were used for paints commonly turn green over the years.

Lisa’s Personal Experience with Azurite
I highly prefer polished stones over raw ones, especially when crystals are crafted into spheres.
However, stunning blue and sparkling Azurite wins me over in its natural form. Raw Azurite retains a special shine and colors that cannot be replicated once it’s polished.
There is something about the rich color that is so attractive, both aesthetically and energetically.
Natural Azurite clusters seem to have shimmer that exceeds most other stones, putting the icing on the cake.
I like to use Azurite when I do Third Eye Chakra work. Lapis Lazuli is a wonderful choice for the Third Eye. It is more known and available. But when you’re looking for a stunning alternative with a twist of surreal royalty, I recommend raw and sparkling Azurite.

Sheila’s Personal Experience with Azurite
Unlike my sister, Lisa, I have always been drawn to the raw formation of crystals. I definitely agree that raw Azurite is a sight to behold. At the Third Eye Chakra, it is a radiant light into the mind and a key to unlocking intuition.
Even just the tiny raw crystals that are found in this rare stone are mesmerizing. I also love when we find AzurMalachite, the combination of the two copper ore stones in one cluster.

Magical Incantation of Azurite
This is a message from Azurite from Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski’s book “Crystal Therapy”:
“The rich hues of midnight skies are captured in my color, with sage advice lingering in my patterns. I bring the deep intuitive insight and wisdom of the feminine Divine. With me, truth is spoken, sure and strong. I won’t tolerate deception, and I bring to light that which is no longer of service to you. Invite me into your life only when you’re prepared to dissolve illusions and step forward into your full essence. Will you accept the transformation offered? Magician, will you walk forward and share your gifts? The world needs your healing grace this day.”

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