The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Now I send Jani the book I want him to work on. Lets try one of my old favourites, ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy’.

From: Michael Palin
To: Jani Adams

Dear Miss Adams,

Please find attached a PDF document containing the text. Here are some rules that need to be followed:

1. The entire text must be recorded for the initial sample.

2. The text is split into chapters, for instance CHAPTER 1, CHAPTER 2, CHAPTER 3 and so on. Before each chapter is read, you must speak the chapter number. For instance, before you read the text in Chapter 3 you must say “Chapter 3”. Allow a short pause (2 or 3 seconds) before you continue to read after announcing the chapter number.

3. For your convenience (if you intend to send the completed work via email attachment) and to keep the sizes of the files you have to send to a minimum, you can split each recording into the short chapters. For instance, instead of sending one very large recording, you can split the file into the corresponding chapters. Alternatively, if you wish, you can send the recording in one large MP3 file.

Because this is a test sample, please do not worry if you find any words hard to speak. At this point that is not important. For the matter of this test submission, we are just testing the suitability and tone of your voice. Just read the text loud and clear. Of course, you can stop the recoding whilst you take a short rest. Please take care that you do not try to do too much at one time.

Again, there will be some words that you may find hard to know how to pronounce correctly. You can either make an attempt or call me if you are unsure how to speak them, however, again do not worry if you find that you are struggling with some words. This specific book has been chosen exactly because it does contain a lot of unusual words. You will NOT be penalised if you get some words wrong.

On completion of the sample and on receipt of the finished recordings, payment will be send to you no less than 24 hours after we receive your sample. You will have to sign a short release form. This is just a short form that gives us permission to use your recordings in any future work.

Remember: It is not important this this test submission is perfect. This submission is just to show us how you can cope with reading and to show us that you can keep reading in the same manner throughout an entire book. Once we are satisfied that you are able to do the work then we will be providing you with all the help and professional recording equipment that is required.


Payment for the test submission will be as follows:

1. The sample book contains over 100 but less than 200 pages. Payment amount due therefore on completion will be UK £8725
2. The sample audio must be provided in good quality MP3 format – Preferably sampled at a bitrate of at least 128kbps
3. Absolutely NO MUSIC or other effects, other than the speaker’s voice to appear on the recording.
4. Payment is only made on receipt of COMPLETED work. Partial work will not be eligible for payment.
5. Payment shall be made within 24 (twenty four) hours of the COMPLETED work.
6. Payment shall be made in the form of the payee’s choosing.

I hope that is clear to you Miss Adams. Please do get in touch if you need any further clarification. I would also appreciate it if you were able to give me an approximate date when you think you will be able to provide the finished sample?

Sincere regards,

Michael Palin – CEO
Pesky Pirate Audio & Video Productions Ltd.


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