The Black Court And Temple Of Maergzjirah

The Black Court, Temple Of Maergzjirah


During the 1100’s A.D., the first blood pact was made between the Drujziya family and The Black God, Cernobog in Veszprém, Hungary. Through this, the Archdemon joined his blood with the gypsy tribe’s, thus leading to all and their progeny to be born with an (un)natural affinity for magick and the black arts. In 1436, at the hands of the Fra Giacomo and the Inquisition of Hungary, nearly every last gypsy of the Drujziya tribe was slaughtered. Those who survived abandoned their heritage and adopted a new persona and lifestyle, blending back into the social weave. Sybastien Drujziya, our patriarch, was visited by Cernobog in the winter of 1436. The Black God formed a second blood pact with Sybastien; granting an aspect of his infernal divinity. In return, a Cabal would be founded, a movement made, and all enemies of the Cabal would be decimated. Thus came the Maergzjiran Cabal from the fires of Hell, Maergzjirah; the Underworld, Keraktes; and the plane of shadow, L’Oirna Isto.

We are an ever-expanding, studious order of Sorcerers and Sorceresses from a wide array of spiritual backgrounds and scholarship. Our mission is to destroy ignorance of the arcane, venture further into the occult so as to learn its most intimate secrets, and to reach our apotheosis: perfection and power absolute of the soul. Godhood, Lichdom, Vampirism, Omniscience, and Immortality is not just a fantasy or a dream. For Disciples of the Cabal, it is merely a step along the grand journey into the multiverse. It is a reality for those who are diligent enough to remain focused and to always drive harder toward their goal when the world would otherwise crush the flame of their ambition.

Astrael, the Oracle & Lady of the Void
Astrael carries a very calm demeanor about herself and at times displays traits of both the masculine and feminine mystique. As the title implies, Astrael is the Mistress of divination, matters of the astral body and astral plane. She is capable of revealing great secrets and mysteries, and can teach the Disciple to master their astral bodies, and to see deeper into the past, present, and the future. Through Astrael, a Disciple will gain the insight and skill needed to reach beyond the flesh and to thwart enemies regardless of what form they take. Astrael appears as a nude woman with long white hair which wraps around her like a tattered robe. Her marbled, frozen skin shimmers in contrast to her glowing blue eyes.

Belnara, Spirit of Nocturnus
Nocturnal magick, moonlit travel, planar crossroads, darkness
Wherever it is dark and the moon is high, Belnara is aware of all things beneath the constellations. He is a very quiet, lonely demon who seeks to meditate on all things nocturnal. He sometimes appear to be a giant, robed mushroom while other times a dark-skinned man; clean shaven with short black hair dressed in black and wearing a silver cloak, Small, twisted horns project from his forehead and he clutches a wand made of wood charred by the fires of Hell. He many times prefers to sit in a lotus position as he is forever watching.Belnara seeks shelter in subterranean regions and prefers any environs suitable for fungus to grow. In contrast, we may also find his presence radiating from the darkness of the night sky. He is called upon to add additional force to any meditations, astral projections, night rituals, and will always grant safety to those travelling by night as he encases the Disciple in shadow. Lastly, it is only Belnara, even before Cernobog that knows the true path to the Black City, which is a long-forgotten city residing on the fringe between the Astral Plane, Hell, and the Ethereal Plane.

Cernobog, the Black God
Destruction, protection, fear, authority over Demons, evocation rites
This demon is the self-appointed leader of the other eight Blight Lords. Having hailed from a forgotten region of the Abyss, he possesses power of many dominions, though his specialty resides in protecting the Sorcerer as well as destroying his enemies as well as the commanding of demonic legions. Cernobog appears as a tall nobleman adorned in worn out dark green and grey clothing and tarnished jewelry. He wears an iron crown and carries an iron scepter. His handsome face hides a vicious smile and sharp, calculating eyes.

Dranimarsh, the Plague Bearer
The Plague Bearer hails from a very bleak region of his home plane. His realm of dominion is to unleash unfathomable diseases, plagues, and poison into other planes. It is said he is the demon which instructed Ahriman in the ways of pestilence. More ancient than the Four Horsemen, Dranimarsh is skilled in teaching the Sorcerer in the art of botanical poison-making as well as crafting poison by milking poisonous creatures and arachnids, which are also his favored living things in any plane. Dranimarsh appears as a disease-infected giant of a man. His matted hair is short and his stature is strong and powerful. He speaks in an aggressive tone, and whenever he speaks, noxious vapor creeps from his mouth.

Eldraath, the Pale Mother
Rumored to be the mother of demons and succubi, even before Lilith, Eldraath is the mother of all things in all planes born with the ‘calling’; a sense of deeper knowledge displayed at a young age, which drives magically-inclined souls to seek out ascension in their lives. Call upon the Pale Mother when seeking to conceive a child born with the ‘calling’, or keep oneself from conceiving, or to enhance your personal beauty and charisma. Be careful as you do not become infatuated by her or overwhelmed by your own vanity as it too can be an inescapable prison. Eldraath appears with white skin, straight black hair that extends to her thighs, and her eyes are filled with blood as to shine like rubies. Her lips are black like tar as well as her tongue. Her hands also are stained black up to her elbows like gloves. Similarly, her feet are stained the same way up to her thighs and she speaks in a hypnotic, alluring voice. Black horns twist upward from her skull and are partially hidden by a crown forged from rubies and cherry wood.

Hananjür, the Iron Sentinel – His place in Cernobog’s court is to administer torture and pain to any soul Cernobog or the Sorcerer calling him requires to be punished. He seems to have more the mentality of an obedient machine than a demon, as he takes no pleasure or regret in his torments. Hananjür appears more like a Greek statue, than as a living being. He seems not to display any signs of vitality whatsoever, and his voice seems more telepathic than verbal. His eyes remain forever open and aware.

Illkeserod, the Keeper of Secrets – This demon is most delicate in her approach as well as demeanor. She knows all secrets kept by any person, angel, demon, god, spirit, and knows all hidden mysteries locked away in grimoires, and can even scan memories from the long-dead spirits across multiple planes. Illkeserod will openly teach any mage any secret he seeks and prefers to relay these secrets via overly vivid dreams, which in some ways feel like an eternity that the dreamer is locked in. Her goal is to ensure it will not be forgotten when the dreamer wakes. Should you ask for the same answer twice, she will grow enraged and will give false information, as she requires only those truly devoted to holding secret knowledge close to their hearts. Illkeserod appears as a woman of porcelain skin and white hair. She dresses in black, red, and gold robes and is surrounded by books of great knowledge and grimoires, all of which speak to hear and float abound.

Kaziel, the Fallen Angel of Limitlessness – As a master archer and Archangel of War, he was proud of his excellence and perfection. When he slew Adam for eating the forbidden fruit in Eden, even against his god’s order, Jehovah plucked out his aiming eye and threw him into Hell for his disobedience and zealotry. Kaziel knows the secrets of immortality as he too walked between Heaven and the Earth. He knows how to survive any skirmish and knows the tactics to win any war or conflict. Kaziel can teach this to any Sorcerer who seeks knowledge of eternal life through martial prowess. Kaziel appears as a handsome man with dark hair and eyes. He wears a dark tunic, pants, and boots. Black tattered bird wings stem from his back and his carries with him a massive sword at all times.

The master of blood magicks, vampiric magicks, and his personal magickal rituals known as souldrinking. Matrigal teaches Necromancers the means of Vampiric Immortality, drinking another’s soul, and how to obtain the powers of the Vampir as well as creating and calling forth the Vampir. Matrigal appears as a six-foot tall man with the attire of a deceased pope. His colors are entirely black, save for the traces of blood on his stained hands and mouth.

Zazazel, the Buried King & Lord of Keraktes
Zazazel was once a Necromancer and learned the arts by which to transfigure his body by altering the properties of his soul, so that should his body die, he could replace it or reanimate it, and thus live eternally. He knows how to speak with any dead soul, drain the life of another to replenish oneself, reanimate the dead, trap and bind souls, and can teach all forms of necromantic knowledge to any Disciple seeking it. Zazazel appears as a half-rotted, half-mummified corpse of a monk. He wears an iron crown and carries with him a staff made of iron, its shaft wrapped in flesh. At times, his grimoire, bound in the flesh of his nemesis and former mentor floats at his side. His familiar is a necromantic hybrid of raven and crow; seemingly both having been sewn together. Cardinal Colors: Black, grey, olive green
Cardinal Metal: Iron
Cardinal Component(s): Blood, bone, grimoires, magickal scrolls, spiritual essence, sulfur

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