The Best Combinations To Use With Azurite

The Best Combinations to Use with Azurite


Since azurite is so perfectly attuned to the power of the third eye chakra, it can be a tricky business to introduce other stones to use alongside it.
You run the risk of disrupting the wavelengths and preventing azurite from working to its full efficacy. It can be a temperamental stone!
It’s unusual indeed to come across crystals and other spiritual objects with this kind of lone wolf mentality, yet azurite stone definitely ranks among them.
This is not to say it’s impossible to pair intelligently with other pieces in your collection, but certainly that azurite is a stone to which you ought to pay the greatest focal point of your attention for the best results.
Of course, activation of the third eye chakra is always quite the vivid and engaging experience anyway, so you may well find that this stone works perfectly well for you as a solo piece.
The visions that come to you when using azurite in meditation will be profound, and perhaps even shocking, but the stone and its energies will also keep you safe.

However, truth is often a little ruthless in its delivery, and you may well encounter sudden visions you weren’t ready for.
However, with the right combination of environment and complementary energies, you will have nothing to fear.
Similarly, by looking to those stones and crystals that azurite commonly rubs shoulders with, you have more of a chance to stay grounded.
The best stones to combine azurite with are the stones that it is naturally found in combination with in the natural world.
If stones are naturally found in combination, it’s usually a pretty decent indication that their powers aren’t in complete opposition.
For example, you may find it beneficial to combine your azurite stone with malachite. Malachite is a wonderful stone for the heart chakra, which is often found mixed with azurite.
When these stones are combined (either in nature or in use by cryptologists), it enables better communication and the ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings – including ones that would be deemed psychic or magical – with your loved ones and others.

You may also find there to be benefit in combining your azurite with chrysocolla, the pale blue silicate that promotes emotional and psychic development, and the power to become attuned with the energies of the universe.
The bluish colour of chrysocolla is caused by copper deposits within its silica matrix, which may be why it is so compatible with the mainly copper-based azurite stone.
When all three of these stones are brought together, especially in the natural world, they form an extremely powerful triad of wisdom.
Chrysocolla opens you up to cosmic powers, azurite makes it possible for you to perceive them, and malachite gives you the skill to communicate your perceptions to the people around you and share your wisdom with them.

The one stone that can be guaranteed to work well with azurite without potentially disrupting any of its power is, of course, clear quartz.
This do-it-all crystal works well in combination with virtually every stone or mineral on the face of the planet.
A natural point or arrow formation of quartz is ideal for this purpose, as it will focus the energy of the stone like a funnel towards your chosen intent.
Diamonds and danburite have similar effects, enhancing the power of a stone without altering it – but frankly, they are far more expensive than quartz points, and quartz points are more effective!

Azurite is most known for its use in making crystals and using them in beautiful beaded jewelry pieces.
Although it’s a very beautiful gemstone, Azurite has a tendency to look tired, used, or worn out when it becomes exposed to air.
It’s because of this that gemstone collectors and jewelry designers use them away from harsh or intense light.
Intense heat can cause it to change in appearance.
They also make sure that their Azurite pieces are not exposed to any kind of harmful or toxic fumes. Did you know that Azurite’s uses are far and wide?
It’s a piece of stone that you definitely should have if you want to explore your psychic abilities or expand your mystic awareness.

It’s really no surprise why Azurite is called the Stone of Heaven!
When you keep this stone close to your personal auric field, you are also infusing yourself with the powers of this magical stone.
You are directing your own emotions and intuitive experiences toward the right direction as well!
Azurite is an excellent healing stone and has been used by healers for centuries.
It is believed to have healing properties that are greatly beneficial to people who suffer from thyroid problems, neck pains, and arthritis.
People who fancy this stone also swear by its potency when treating asthma-related issues.
If you’re looking for a gemstone that will fill you with inspiration, you don’t have to look far.

Azurite will inspire you to search for your own truth and challenge your own reality.
This stone’s healing energies will encourage you to let go of old beliefs and release old emotional wounds.
Azurite’s wonderful blue energy will also expand your awareness and bestow you with a deeper understanding of life.
It has the power to move your subconscious thoughts into your conscious mind so that your true motivations will finally be revealed.
If you’ve always felt like you cannot sense the truth in other people and always end up being misled, have a piece of Azurite with you to protect yourself from lies and what others want you to believe.
Azurite is the perfect stone to have with you on your relaxation trip or meditation sessions.
This gemstone lets you enter the state of no mind easily and effortlessly.
The supportive energies of this stone also allow you to travel deep within your inner self.
Interestingly, Azurite also helps you in maintaining a certain kind of depth so that you will be easily guided in a spiritual sense.
If you wish to explore your past or alternate life, or even recover important information from those lives, the power of Azurite will help you achieve them.
Azurite is truly an excellent healing, boosting, relaxing, and meditative aid that will infuse you with the right energies.
By simply holding a piece of this stone in each hand and sitting quietly for a few minutes, you will be surrounded by an energy that will make you more aware and appreciative of everything and everyone around you!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Azurite
For purely practical reasons, I’m not sure that I would recommend azurite stone to everyone.
Given its soft, porous texture, its tendency to shed pigment, its aversion to light and heat, and its temperamental nature when working with other stones, it can be a little hard to handle.
Unless you’re truly dedicated to using its power in your life, you may find working with it to be, from a purely functional standpoint, simply more trouble than it’s worth.
With that said, if you are dedicated to using its properties to enhance your psychic powers, your perceptions, and your clarity of thought, then there is no better stone than azurite to do this with.
Because of its exact alignment with the power of the third eye chakra, azurite is the single most powerful stone you can use to boost your innate psychic abilities.
It is so strong that it can quickly thrust you into the realm of the uncanny, so beware! Especially when you first introduce it, you may find some of your psychic experiences to be frightening due to their vivid nature.
However, this is nothing to fear, and you will soon become accustomed to them.
Have you used any stones to enhance psychic powers? Did you notice the strength of their effects?
Have you tried azurite as a point of comparison for some other psychic stones?

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