Standard Spells

Here I offer standard spells and rituals for my clients. These are good enough for basic and normal situations – if you cannot afford the more expensive ones.

Level 1 is good, Level 2 is better and Level 3 is best.

Family and Home Spells: 100-300$

Do you want to bring peace into your home?
Would you like me to bless your home, so that it becomes full of positive energy?
Would you like, if communication improved and became better between family members?

Level 1: 100$

Level 2: 200$

Level 3: 300$

Healing and Protection Spells: 120-360$

Do you want to be safe from magickal attacks?
Are you suffering from a physical or mental illness?
Want to feel young and healthy?

Level 1: 120$

Level 2: 240$

Level 3: 360$

Justice and Legal Spells: 105-315$

Did someone caused you harm?
Want to get even?
Would you like to win a lawsuit?

Level 1: 105$

Level 2: 210$

Level 3: 315$

Beauty and Physical Appearance Spells: 115-345$

Do you want to feel beautiful and attractive?
Want to have larger breasts or manhood?
Would you like to improve your sex appeal?
Want to lose weight easily?

Level 1: 115$

Level 2: 230$

Level 3: 345$

Luck and Fortune Spells: 110-330$

Would you like to obtain general good luck?
Or increase your chances in gambling and other games of chance?
Perhaps win the jackpot?

Level 1: 110$

Level 2: 220$

Level 3: 330$

Banishing and Uncrossing Spells: 125-375$

Would you like me to banish a negative person or your adversary out of your life, so that he/she never returns?
Or a malefic entity is disturbing you and want to get rid of it?
Perhaps someone placed a curse or hex on you and want me to remove it?

Level 1: 125$

Level 2: 250$

Level 3: 375$

Job and Money Spells: 130-390$

Would you like to find a new job?
Want to take a step up the chain of command?
Do you want a promotion or increased salary?

Level 1: 130$

Level 2: 260$

Level 3: 390$

Love and Lust Spells: 200-400$

Would you like to find a random new lover?
Or your soul mate?
Or perhaps you are interested in a chosen individual and want me to bind him/her to you?

Level 1: 200$

Level 2: 300$

Level 3: 400$