Spirit Of The Beaver Meditation

Spirit of the Beaver Meditation


This meditation is about how to connect with the Spirit of the Beaver, whose claw is a part of my necklace. It only works after you called in the attunement.
After you called in the attunement, then the spirit of the beaver will come to you in a few days at night.
Once you called in the attunement, it will leave a permanent spiritual beaver mark and smell upon your soul and being to draw beaver spirits to you for help.
If your astral senses are open, then you will be able to clearly see, hear and work with him. He will introduce himself to you and offer to become your totem animal and spiritual ally along your path. It is your decision, if you accept his offer or not. But I would suggest you to accept it and establish a bond with him. You will not regret it.
If you have trouble seeing and hearing him, then first work on perfecting your astral sight and hearing. Once that is done, then you can return to this empowerment.
Print out my picture, that shows my necklace and the other picture about myself.
Sit naked outside on the ground or next to a river or other flowing stream. If possible, have a candle and incense stick with you. Light them and inhale the powers and energies coming from them.
Enter into a meditation state, focus on the necklace in the picture, see it burning with fire in your mind’s eye and say: “Spirit of the Beaver, I call upon you in this hour. I wish to bond with you. I wish to work with you. My name is X.Y.”
You will soon feel his presence with you and around you. He can also appear in mirrors, in your mind’s eye, in water, in your dreams, in incense smoke and other things. Once you invited him to come and visit you, then he will do so, be with you and help you in your life. He is excellent for protection, healing, grounding and negativity removal.
If you no longer want him, then you should do the same meditation naked with the candle, incense and on the ground or that river/flowing stream. Thank Aghori Azazel for the empowerment, his aid and ask him to leave you and go back to his place. He will bid you farewell and disappear.

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