Reverend Benjamin Boyd

From Benjamin Boyd Tue May 16 20:32:50 2006

Dear Mr. Kuku,

My name is Rev. Benjamin Boyd. I am writing on behalf of Rev. Kuhm Belcher. I am an associate pastor from the Church of Goodwill and work at the Oure Cassoni camp near the Sudan border, North of Farchana. Rev. Belcher asked me to contact you. I have some news that concerns the two associates that are coming to see Rev. Belcher.

Late yesterday afternoon, there was an accident of some sort near the small town of Al Fashir where at least one small child was hurt quite badly. Al Fashir is about four hours (by car) East of Farchana along the same road your associates are currently traveling on. Since Rev. Belcher has an extensive medical background and has been to Al Fashir several times in the last month, he voluntered to go to the aid of this injured child.

Rev. Belcher asked me to pass along this important information to you. First off, he has “the package” with him. I do not know what this package is but he said that you would know what he is talking about. He plans on staying in Al Fashir for the next few days until he is certain that the injured child is stable enough to travel by air. At that time, a twelve person plan will be taking the child, his mother, his sister, a nurse and your two associates to Abuja, Nigeria, where there is a hospital that will able to attend to the child. Rev. Belcher will not be on the flight. He will then come here to Oure Cassoni. Rev. Belcher said that this would probably be acceptable to both you and your associates because your associates are from Nigeria and flying back would be far easier, quicker and less expensive than driving. In fact, your associates will not have to pay anything for the flight. Use of the plane has been graciously donated by a US computer firm.

Rev. Belcher is deeply sorry for this most unexpected turn of events but he hopes that you and your associates understand Rev. Belcher’s deep commitment to helping this world’s least fortunate. He also hopes that the flight back to Nigeria will make up for the extra little bit of trouble.

I am able to contact Rev. Belcher by radio. Please update me on the location of your associates so I can pass along that information to Rev. Belcher. If there is anything that you would like to pass along to him, please email me and I will make sure that I contact him immediately with your information. If you would like to talk in person, please call this number 360-xxx-xxxx. It is a US number that is routed through a satellite to our communications tent. I may not answer the phone because I do not spend much time in that tent but if you leave a message, I will do my best to call you back.

Just so you know, the immigration officers along the border can be difficult to deal with sometimes. They are on the watch for bandits and are suspicious of everyone that travels in either direction. Just a word of advice here, either avoid them or remember that a small “tip” will get your associates past them without any questions or problems. From there, they should not see a single person until they see Al Fashir, the plane and Rev. Belcher.

Yours in the Lord,

Rev. Benjamin Boyd

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