Real Vampire Reiki

Real Vampire Reiki The Master Attunement

Real Vampire Reiki was channeled by Tina Hesskew and the entity named “Charley”.

Includes  pdf sent digitally by email and attunement


You must be a Reiki Master –OR- a Master / Teacher of Attunements, Empowerments, and/or Initiations to receive the Attunement to Master Level.
You must also have received the Real Vampire Reiki Attunement (Level 1) more than 24 hours prior before you may be attuned to the Real Vampire Reiki Master Level.


This attunement to master level allows you to share this system with others of like mindedness. You will now have the ability to attune others to this energy as well as empowering them to master level. These attunements must be done at least 24 hours apart.

As this energy is passed from teacher to student (one conscious to another conscious) the level of understanding of whom and what real vampires are will increase the energetic vibration of the consciousness of the all. This is one of the goals of sharing this energy; to increase awareness and acceptance of those once ridiculed and misunderstood: to live in harmony and learn to expand together as one.

Our main goal in sharing the Real Vampire Reiki Attunements however is to empower those with PROTECTION against psychic, dark and negative energy as well as to ENERGIZE, uplift and invigorate; to more than maintain a healthy existence; to exude health and happiness.