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From: Phil Mycrackin
To: [email protected]

Dear Jonathan and Susan,

What a blessing it was to receive your email! I had just this moment been writing to my very good friend the Reverend Eminem who has been asking me for a donation for his church. Unfortunately the reverend’s church roof is deteriorating very fast and is in bad need of repair. Of course, as a fellow Christian I am only too happy to help him as much as I can. I have just informed him that I will be sending him a donation of $7,600 to help towards the repair cost. I know that this amount will not be enough for the completion, but I sure God will supply other means for the good reverend. I have been a very good friend of the reverend for many years now. In fact he presided at the wedding of myself and my lovely wife, Petunia.

Anyway I digress. I have read the contents your letter and please accept my sincere condolences on the death of your father, and I hope that good luck will come to your mother. I will pray for you this evening.

Now to your proposition. I will be most happy to help you, and with the grace of God I we will get this deal finalised as soon as possible. Before I go any further, I have to tell you that I am going to have to make a request for you to prove your identity to me. The reason for this is that some months ago, I made a deal with a very ungodly man who was a liar and a thief. After putting my trust and good Christian faith in him, he stole US $41,373 from me. So, please forgive me if my request seems strange to you.

To prove your identity to me I would require that you send me a photograph of yourself. However, because the ungodly man whole stole my money also sent a photograph (which proved to be a false one), I need to make more precautions that the photograph I receive is a true one. I will need you to email me a picture of yourself (or representative) holding a sign with my name written upon it. Also, we have a local greeting gesture in my part of the country. I will supply the image with my name for you to print out for the sign. If you are able to do this it will prove that the photo is genuine and not a fake of someone else, for it is very easy to find someone else’s image to send. Let me know ASAP if you are agreeable to this and I will arrange to have the image emailed to you.

Please forgive me for having to ask this of you, but because of my very tragic experience of having my money stolen I need to be very careful for the future. Although I am by normal standards a quite rich man (I own my own computer supplies company) I have pledged to God almighty that I will be more careful for the future.

I am sorry and I hope you forgive me for asking this request, but I am afraid I will not be prepared to continue with your proposition until I receive the picture I require. Once I have the picture I will know for 100% that you are indeed a very honest and Godly person, and I will then be very happy to help a fellow Christian out in this time of great need. Once I receive the image I will of course be happy to provide my identification to you.

Let me know your acceptance ASAP and I will send you my name as a image immediately.

May God bless you and take care of you all,

Phil Mycrackin.
Vulcan Freeservis Ind.

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