Ormellius Goldwine

Ormellius Goldwine


Ormellius Goldwine, an Imperial noble, is the late Count of Kvatch. Until the quest The Battle for Castle Kvatch’s final stages, his destiny and whereabouts are unknown, but Kvatch Captain Savlian Matius is more than a bit concerned.

After a long and exhausting trek through the besieged and destroyed city, Savlian will stop in the Great Hall and say: “All right, this is it! We’ll hold this area. You head to the back of the castle, and find the Count. Don’t come back here without him!” If approached again, the impatient Captain will yell: “You need to find the Count! Get moving!” Once you locate the Count’s Quarters, you will find the deceased Count lying face down in a pool of blood in the western corner of the room. He will still be wearing his upper-class attire, including an expensive black & burgundy outfit and gold trimmed shoes. He also wore a leveled piece of jewelry and carried a small amount of gold along with the Colovian Signet Ring you will have to pick up and hand over to Savlian Matius.

When you return to Savlian, he will impatiently say: “Where is the Count? Why is he not with you?” If you choose the cold-hearted approach and tell Savlian that Count Goldwine was ‘lying face-down in a pool of his own blood’ he will get seriously angry: “How dare you mock him, even in death! Had you not been instrumental in getting this far, I’d put you down where you stand. Where is the Count’s ring? Do you have it?” If you choose the more humane approach, he will react differently: “We… we were too late? If only we’d gotten here sooner! This is indeed a dark day for all of us left. But I thank you for risking your own life to help us. Did you find the Count’s ring, by any chance?” When you hand him the Colovian Signet Ring Savlian will finally wrap it up and reward you with his unique, enchanted Kvatch Cuirass: “At least this is safe. Thank you; I shall make sure it is protected, for the time when a new Count is crowned.”


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