Miss Jani Adams

Lets attempt the tried and trusted, “I’m not interested….. however” routine.

From: Michael Palin
To: Jani Adams

Dear Miss Adams,

Thank you very much for your email, which I must admit I found very interesting and I have given it some serious thought.  Unfortunately at this present time I am unable to be of any help to you as my company are trying to complete a very very important project for one of the UK’s largest book publishing clients.  This current contract is worth over 2.3 million UK pounds to us and I cannot afford to devote my time and resources to any other project at the moment.  It is vital that this project is completed on time.

For your information, here is some information about my company.  My name is Michael Palin and I am the CEO of Pesky Pirate Audio & Video productions.  We specialise in freelance video, advertising, and self-help audio programs, with a vast wealth of customers, including the BBC, CNN, NTV, ABC, Star TV, ATV, CNBC and many more private companies.

Currently we are working on a very large project for a UK book company to help produce audio books.  We are currently seeking VOICE actors from all over the world to help with our project, so if you know anyone who would be interested in working with us, reading and recoding themselves reading a book for our audio book project then please do get in touch with me ASAP.

We are mainly looking for people in the following continents; Asia,Australia, Africa, Russia.  We already have many English voice actors
however some of our companies require people with Asian, Africa and other accents especially for selling our product to people in those counties.

We regularly publish audio books for the blind, and we are currently have three position available.  Please examine the information below, and if you think that you would be able to complete such a project then I would indeed be very interested in arranging payment for the work.  Typically for a reading/recording of a entire book we pay between UK £8,000 and £12,000  (US $16,000 – $24,000) depending on the length of the book in question.  We would require you to submit an initial recording of you beforehand to ensure you are able to perform the work.  The quality of your voice recording equipment for the initial submission is not important.  If we feel that you are able to do the work then we would send you (by courier) our own recording equipment.

It is not important to us whether you have had experience of such work before.  Because we do a lot of work in the Asian and African continents, we are looking for people with these regional and international accents to do the work.  For instance, to sell our work in Africa (our biggest customers in Africa are in Nairobi, Kenya) we need to hire people with African accents.

Anyway, please do look through our information below and on our website, and if you are interested then please do get back to me.  However, I would urge you to act quickly as such positions are usually filled quite quickly.  As I say, there are three positions available, so perhaps if you have others who can also help in this area then that would suit us perfectly.

Getting back to your offer; if you still need help once our project is completed then please get back to me, however I estimate our completion date will be sometime around the end of October this year.


Michael Palin – CEO
Pesky Pirate Audio & Video Productions Ltd.



Do you wish to earn money using your voice to read books for us?

Presently we are interested in hiring people to read for our Audio Books, and for this we pay a very generous fee.

1. Can you read English text?
2. Are you able to make audio recordings of yourself reading from a book (we will supply the text)?
3. Do you have the tools to be able to send your recordings; for instance by MP3 and an email attachment?

If you can answer yes to the above questions then my company would be very interested in paying generously for your services.  Earn between £8,000 and £12,000 per book recording.  All fees paid by whichever means suits you best, such as cheque, bank transfer, Western Union, or cash in person at our UK offices.

Please contact our offices quoting the job reference 18177/RTB/671

Will Jani go for my offer?

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