Michael Palin

From: Michael Palin
To: Jani Adams

Dear Miss Adams,

Thank you for your email and it was nice to hear from you again. I am pleased that you may be interested in helping us. I will try to explain what we need as clearly and simply as I can.

As you may have already noted from our website, we are going through a major upgrade and certain parts of our offices have to remain closed during this short period. You can however contact me directly through either of these two private numbers: + 44 8445 87X XXX or +44 8707 65X XXX

Again, just to recap: my company provide audio books, which are primarily aimed at people who for some reason or other are not able to read themselves. Perhaps they are partially or completely blind, or perhaps they simply are unable to read for themselves either due to lack of education, or some other mental/physical impairment. There are many companies throughout the world that distribute audio books, but unfortunately places such as Eastern Asia, Russia and Africa are not very well supplied in this area and therefore my company are able to make good inroads in these particular areas. Needless to say that without too much competition in these places, profits are very easily maximised. Not only can we supply audio books to these countries for lower than usual prices, but because there is virtually no competition our profits are approximately 30%-40% higher than they would be in Europe.

What we are looking for is people in our target countries, such as Asia, Africa, Russia etc. to help us with creating our audio books. To this end, we are looking for people to audio record themselves reading from a book. Of course, as we are aiming many of our products in the countries described above, it would be most advantageous to have people reading who have the same accent as the target audience. This will of course make it much easier for people to understand.

We do not require professional voice actors. The most important properties we are looking for is that the person has a good clear voice, and can read English text.

There would be absolutely no travel involved for this initial submission, however should you become successful in this enterprise it would require you to come to our offices sometime in 2008 just to help with advertising (brochures, catalogues, interviews etc.) but this would only be required if your services are used 5-6 times. Of course, all your travel and other expenses would be paid. Of course, this would all depend on the quality of your initial test submission.

If you do have people who are able to help with this, this is the procedure we would follow:

1. We would send you (by email attachment) the text of a sample book.
2. Using your own recording equipment, you would then record yourself (audio only) reading from the book.
3. Once you have completed the recording, you are to send it back to us by email attachment, or upload it to a site for us to download later.
4. On receipt of the finished work, we would check the work out, and if we think your voice is suitable we would then send you payment in full.

If we find that you are suited to the work then we would send (by courier) our own professional audio recording equipment so that you are able to produce further recordings in a more professional way. Full instructions will be given, in in some cases if we feel that your voice is extremely suitable, we may invite you over to our offices in future to do work in our professional recording studios.

You will of course be paid for your first test sample, however please note that because of past fraud attempts, we can only send payment on receipt of the completed work.

NOTE: You MUST have the ability to record your own voice clearly, and also be able to send the work to us by MP3 attachment. Full instructions will be given should you accept this work offer.

Please get back to me as soon as possible to let me know if you have anyone who would be suitable for this work. As I mentioned previously, time is very short and we only have three positions available. We do have one person in Abudja, Nigeria who has promised to complete some work for us so there may only be two positions available. We expect these to be takenup very quickly.

I hope that is of some help to you Miss Adams, and please do not hesitate to email me or call me if you need further clarification.

Sincere regards,

Michael Palin – CEO
Pesky Pirate Audio & Video Productions Ltd.

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