Metaphysical Healing Properties Of Gemstones

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Gemstones



A stone of courage and truth. Its powerful and bold energy soothes the spirit, calms the soul, and quiets the unsettled. It provides harmony & balance, making this a great alleviator of emotional trauma, worry, & fear. Amazonite helps one to see both sides of a problem or different points of view, assisting in manifesting universal love. Amazonite also empowers one to discover one’s self and truths. It helps in self-expression of one’s thoughts and feelings and to set clear boundaries.



A great stone to alleviate stress and help one to work out stressful situations. It is known as a stone of contentment, which helps to lower stress. Amethyst works with the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras and stabilizes the Aura. It is also used for deflecting and transmuting negative energies. As a meditation aid, Amethyst imparts a calm, peaceful and soothing vibe, allowing one to enter deeper states of consciousness.



A deeply spiritual stone of manifestation. A motivational stone encouraging independence and ambition. It balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and the chakras, removing blockages and congestion.

It stimulates both throat chakra and Third Eye chakra, making this a good public speaking or group communication tool along with a memory, focus, and time management.

Blue Apatite, when worn, carried, or used as an elixir, has successfully produced hunger suppression.



A stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress, quiet the mind, and soothes fears. It aids in sensitivity, as it can help one’s tolerance of others and to overcomes judgment. Clarifies perception by clearing confusion and strengthening the intellect. Useful for closure on all levels. Promotes self-expression. Sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance, making it wonderful for meditation. Shields the aura and aligns the chakras.

Aquamarine is also a very protective birthing stone great for pregnancy to help guard both mother and baby from harm.



A stone of opportunity and good luck, especially in the areas of manifesting wealth and prosperity (and odds at winning a game of chance). Great for helping with new projects, interviews, new jobs, first dates, etc. as it’s known to be the luckiest of crystals. Aventurine helps one embrace change, and bring on new opportunities by releasing old patterns, habits, and disappointments so new growth can take place. It also reinforces one’s decisiveness.

Wearing Aventurine also protects against environmental pollution. Taped to a cell phone, it protects against its emanations.



Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. It provides courage, promotes positive life choices, and motivates for success. It is said to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck.

Carnelian is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind, as it helps in trusting yourself and your perceptions.

Carnelian improves analytic abilities and clarifies perception. It sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy. Protects against envy, rage and resentment. Calms anger, banishes emotional negativity and replaces it with a love of life.

Carnelian also boosts fertility and stimulates sexuality.



Chalcedony is in the Quartz family, and is a nurturing stone that absorbs negative vibrations (dissipates negative thoughts, emotions, and bad dreams). It promotes good will, family ties, and helps harmonize the heart and the mind.

Chalcedony instills feelings of light-heartedness and generosity, alleviates hostility and transforms melancholy into joy, by easing self-doubt, improving self-perception, and creating enthusiasm.

Chalcedony is known as the Speaker’s Stone, the stone of one who must measure his words, as it encourages reflection before speaking. Particularly blue chalcedony, a throat chakra stone, is good for public speakers, lawyers, politicians, and singers. Simply rub it to tip of tongue, drink water that’s soaked in it, or wear it by the throat chakra. Blue chalcedony also stimulates the ability to learn new languages and improves memory.



Promotes prosperity, abundance, and success. Energizes, and doesn’t hold onto negative energy so does not need to be recharged (similar to Kyanite). Citrine raises self-confidence, stimulates the brain in turn strengthening the intellect. Enhances concentration. Promotes creativity, individuality, and self-expression. It also releases negative traits like depression and fears.



Garnet is a sensual stone of purification and love. It is a stone of strong, intense feelings. Garnet cleanses and re-energizes the chakras. It revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, and inspires love and devotion. It also balances the sex drive and helps aid emotional imbalance. It activates and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope. Strengthens one’s perceptions of self and others. Garnet removes inhibitions and taboos. It opens the heart and bestows self-confidence.



Onyx promote strength, vigor, steadfastness, stamina, and self-confidence. It aids one to be at ease in one’s surroundings. Onyx also helps rid of grief, improves self-control, and helps provide the power of smart decision making. It also encourages happiness and good fortune.



“Jaspers are the nurturers, the healers, and the spirit stones of courage and wisdom. They all carry a strong connection to the Earth’s energy, making the jasper healing properties very beneficial for grounding, stability, and strength.”

The unique color and pattern of Jasper illustrates mamma earth and resembles that of a small globe.

An elemental Earth stone, Jasper’s frequency is slow and steady, bringing gradual strength and renewed vitality. It allows us to be more conscious of Nature and our surroundings, as it’s aligned with the electromagnetic energies of the planet. It encourages one to celebrate moments of isolation to absorb, reflect, and connect with these energies and enhance an awareness of the spiritual connection we hold with all living things.

Jasper is superb for healing, both the physical and emotional bodies. Wearing Jasper helps alleviate stress and induce tranquility. Its cleansing effect eliminates negative energy and it’s a great stone for banishing nightmares or harmful thoughts.



An incredible gemstone known for its high vibration, strengthening intuition, and acting as a universal bridge (enhancing telepathic and psychic abilities). It doesn’t hang onto negative energy so doesn’t need to be recharged or cleansed. It encourages self-expression and speaking one’s truth. Aligns all the chakras and is particularly stimulating to the throat chakra (voice of the body).

Green Kyanite connects with the heart chakra regulating what we embrace vs resist, to help us keep balance within our envt and emotional relationships.



A stone of transformation, making it a helpful guide through change. It’s also a stone of magic, a crystal of shamans, diviners, & healers as it helps awaken the inner spirit and raise consciousness. Labradorite strengthens intuition, psychic abilities, and telepathy. Helps strengthen faith in self and trust in the universe.



A stone of protection, stress reliever, brings deep peace. Brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge. Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression, reveals inner truth. Lapis brings qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to a person. It helps aid one to confront and speak one’s truth and inspires confidence. Lapis also bonds relationships, guiding expression of feeling and emotions.



A stone for new beginnings. It promotes inner strength and growth. It is a calming stone that eases stress and emotional instability. Moonstone strengthens intuition and also enhances inspiration, success, and good fortune in both business and love.



MOP is the iridescent lining of the shell where Pearls grow. Known to attract prosperity. It is a stone of protection against negative energy and envt pollutants. It is known to strengthen imagination, intuition, and psychic ability. On a more physical level it is known for helping with dizziness, vision/cataracts, and aids in healing wounds.



A stone of sincerity, it symbolizes faith, loyalty, truth, and innocence. It enhances personal integrity and provides one with a sense of centeredness and calm.

Pearls are strong symbols of feminine energy and help women connect with their inner goddesses.

Pearls also increase fertility and ease childbirth.



A powerful cleanser that releases and neutralizes toxins. Helps remove jealousy, resentment, spite, bitterness, irritation, hatred and greed. Reduces stress, anger and guilt. Peridot opens our hearts to joy and new relationships. It enhances confidence and assertion, motivating growth and change. Sharpens and opens the mind to new levels of awareness. Banishes lethargy, apathy and exhaustion. Peridot enables you to take responsibility for your own life.



Pink coral is known to restore harmony to the heart. It quiets the emotions and brings peace to inner self. Strengthens intuition, imagination and visualization. Coral also expedites the transfer of knowledge and known to be a stone of diplomacy.



“Sea’s Garden” Coral is a stone of transformation.

It balances emotions and bring inner peace within self. It enforces diplomacy, dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way. It facilitates intuition, imagination, and visualization. Coral is also a protector against evil influences.



Known as the stone of compassion and unconditional love, it soothes the heart, comforts the soul, and vibrates to frequencies of inner peace. It heals the heart Chakra creating emotional balance, forgiveness and compassion. Restores one’s sense of wholeness and confidence. Resonates with the inner child, so helps one reclaim feelings of joy, playfulness, and creativity.

Rhodochrosite can be used to call new love into one’s life, either a friend or soulmate who can help bring one to greater good.



A stone of the heart, crystal of unconditional love, circulates divine loving energy. Its energy helps with compassion, peace, attracts love, romance, and intimacy. It also inspires the love of beauty, in oneself, others, nature, and that which stimulates the imagination.



A marriage of passion and patience, fiery Ruby has been embedded in earthy Zoisite. Helps with empowerment and spirituality. Enhances one to maintain individuality while being present in the world around you. Also keeps one from overreacting in difficult situation and prevents mood swings as well as increases sexual activity.
Ruby in Zoisite transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Helps the grieving process by releasing pain and regaining passion and compassion for others who may be going thru same pain, so it’s good for trauma.



A powerful stone, used as a guide in healing and meditation. It is known to protect and ground one physically and spiritually. Smoky Quartz also absorbs and transmutes negative energy, releasing it to the Earth to be cleansed naturally. It lifts depression and negativity, acting as a shield for emotional and environment stress. It relieves tension and anxiety/panic attacks and wards off negative thinking and doubt when faced with confusing or chaotic situations.



A stone of protection and good luck. Helps focus the mind and mental clarity, resolving problems unclouded by emotions. Particularly helpful in dispelling fear and anxiety. Balances yin-yang and emotions, stabilizes mood swings and aids with willpower, purpose, courage and self-confidence.



A purification stone, dispels negative energy and protects against negative influences and pollutants. Excellent for depression and exhaustion. Turquoise balances and aligns all the chakras which helps mood swings and provides inner peace. It’s also a symbol of friendship, and stimulates romantic love.
Turquoise also aids in the absorption of nutrients, enhances the immune system, and overall body healing by detoxifying.



Tourmaline aids in the understanding of oneself and others. It encourages self-confidence and reduces fear. It attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity. It balances the right-left sides of the brain and helps treat paranoia.

Tourmaline is known to aid in relieving stress, releasing tension, increasing mental alertness, improve circulation and strengthen the immune system. It is a powerful cleanser, helping to reduce toxin-related ailments. It balances male-female energy within the body, enhances energy and removes blockages.

One unique and distinguishable property is its ability to be electrically charged by heating or rubbing it, so one end becomes positive and one negative. It has been used for tuning radio and tv frequencies!



Repels and protects against negativity. It is excellent for deflecting radiation energy. It enhances one’s physical well-being by providing an increase in physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity. When paired with pink tourmaline, it helps to lighten up obsessive behavior.



A stone of the heart. A stone of shamans. A stone for emotional support. Links heart chakra with crown chakra to encourage compassion and sensitivity. Helps with emotional imbalance and past trauma or life experiences of abuse, hardship, etc. Helps one to release negative feelings of guilt, worry, anxiety, and depression and transform them into self-love.

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