Mega Dynamite Love Spell To Attract Sexy Lover

This is a Mega Powerful Love Spell to bring you multiple lovers and sex partners easily and swiftly. They will come to you and intruduce themselves to you. You will no longer be alone and able to enjoy love, lust and sex properly.


  1. Start by relaxing for some minutes, so that you are in a meditative state. Then when you feel you are relaxed, proceed as follows:


  1. With your eyes relaxed and shut, imagine the body of your new lover real size in 3D. The body must be without skin color, but it can be a gold, crystal, transparent and such. Do what your mind whispers to do. Personally, my lover’s body is made of gold.


  1. Start making love with your lover thought form WITH YOUR HANDS. Be as realistic as you can, you must feel the body when you touch it (emphasis added). Always pretend, that your hand in your mind is touching them, and imagine what the touch ‘‘feels’’ like. Also, while you caress her with your ‘‘psychic’’ hand, imagine she is enjoying it. Imagine her moan or making faces, which show her pleasure. Do this step by step. Start with her face (touch her features), then her arms, legs, back, stomach, buttocks, feet, then caress her genital area. Remember to FEEL THE TOUCH AS IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY TOUCHING A WOMAN. GET INVOLVED IN IT!! Imagine what it actually feels like when your hand is touching those body parts. That is the secret.


  1. While doing this with your lover thought-form, think about her qualities, say to yourself “I like your long black hair, blue eyes, beautiful smile, radiant face, large breasts, excellent nipples and slim waist.
    I enjoy the way your round ass feels, pussy smells and looks like. I enjoy your beautiful, feminine naked body and secret garden. Picture the qualities of your lover as vapor inside her body. For example, while stroking her leg, say “I love your smooth, long, sexy legs, then imagine that there is vapor inside her legs which form the shape of her legs. Be creative.


  1. When you feel ready, you now have to transfer your energy inside your lover thought form your penis to the inside of her body. Imagine her body light up with the vapor from your sexual organs.
    In the way I do it my energy is a red vapor, but do what works best for you. We are all different.


  1. You can repeat step 3, 4 and 5 as long as you want or you can decide to end the procedure. When you feel, that you are ready, launch your lover thought-form into the multiverse: “My lover thought-form, I order you to bring me girlfriends, female individuals and sex partners whom I can love and be loved in return. Start your work, my lover thought-form. My will be done!” Release your remaining energy from your penis and into her.


  1. The final step is to FORGET about the spell. Just try and keep it out of your mind. If you keep dwelling upon it and lusting for results, then the thoughtform of your imagined lover will not be released to the high powers/universe, thus there will be no manifestation. You HAVE TO forget about it.


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