Master Level Relics 5

Black Demon Amulet: 8400$

This special amulet is from our Master collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.

It’s a pure Black Arts offering, the demons cannot be used for benevolent things, such as healing or friendship.


Bound to this powerful amulet are Thirteen Black Demons from Hell. They are a special breed and are extremely powerful. They will gladly bring you vast amounts of money, lottery winnings, dominate the minds of others and enslave them to your Will and cause pain, suffering, illness, disease even death to your enemies.

They require no offerings from their Keeper, because they will drain and feed on the misery and suffering of your enemies. Unleash the black demons upon your foes and enjoy the devastation. They are unstoppable and never return without a successful hunt.

Just by holding it in your hands, you will feel their insanely potent powers. Wear it around your neck and the black demons will draw untold amounts of riches to you. New job opportunities will arise and you will achieve business success and prosperity.

When you wish to control someone (mind control, full domination or sex slave), tell the demons what you wish from the target and send them upon the victim. They will start to break down the mind of the target and submit him/her to your will. You can easily make a sex slave out of someone, who only wants your company and fulfill your sexual desires.

These demons will eternally protect you from incoming psychic and spiritual attacks, curses, hexes and destroy their senders. Once you possess the amulet, they will be your eternal allies and protectors.

No bonding ritual is required. Just by possessing this amulet, you will be able to work with the Thirteen Black Demons.


All necessary information (names, full powers, etc.) will be provided to the worthy Keeper.


We will include with this amulet one spellcast candle, incense, special demon oil and a wooden charging box.





King Solomon Djinn Ring: 8300$

This special ring is from our Master collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


Bound to this ring are three extremely powerful and rare Master Djinns, that King Solomon used to build his Temple, bring him riches and serve his other desires.


Just by holding the ring, it will send intense energy wawes through your body. It will feel warm to the touch. When you put it on your finger, an extremely powerful Soul Bond will be formed between you and the three djinns and they will manifest to you in a special way, such as a strange smell or voice, in a fog, in a mirror, in your dreams, etc. They will offer you their eternal service and vow to fulfill your unlimited desires.

They are masters of bringing very large amounts of money and riches to their Keeper very easily, especially lottery winnings, job promotions or increased business success. Once you possess this ring, they will continually draw money to you from every direction.

The ring radiates an extreme level of dominance and authority. It will help you to influence others, make them look up to you and obey your commands, become your friends (or lovers, depending on your desire). The power will transfer into your soul and empower your being.

The more you use this ring and work with the djinns, the stronger the bond will become and they will easily manifest before you to offer you their services and fulfill your desires.

No bonding ritual is necessary. Just by owning and wearing the ring, you will be able to connect and work with the djinns.


The new user of this ring will obtain…

Vast Wealth

Lottery Success

Instant Riches

Material Abundance


Good Luck

Job Promotions

Overall Good Health


Astral Projection

Open Third Eye

Ability To See And Hear Spiritual Entities

Astral Time Travel

Esoteric Knowledge

Occult Secrets

Super Intelligence

Protection Against Illnesses And Diseases

Mind Control


Power Over Others

Mind Reading

Increased Beauty






Psychic Shield

Increased Psychic Powers

Increased Strenght, Agility And Charisma

Unlimited Wishes

And Much More…


All necessary information (names, full powers, etc.) will be provided to the worthy Keeper.


We will also include with this ring two spellcast candles, one box of incense, a channeling stone, special oil and a wooden charging box.






Call Of Cthulhu Ritual: 8200$

The Call Of Cthulhu Ritual is from our Master collection and offered to the general public from our master grimoire for the first time! Only one such a ritual will be cast for the Chosen Customer. This is a dark arts offering!


Do you seek limitless power?

Do you wish to cause harm to your enemies?

Do you crave wealth and money?

Do you wish to discover ancient secrets and wisdom?

Do you wish to become the Herald of the Old Gods on Earth and work with them to fulfill your desires?


Are you brave enough to answer the Call of Cthulhu?

This is a 30 days long ritual performed by our entire Coven on your behalf. The Old Ones will enter your life and infuse their spiritual essence and powers into you to transfigure your mind, body and soul and you will possess a portion of their powers as the Herald of the Old Gods. They will bestow their dark gift upon you and you will be reborn as an immortal, unparalleled being in the Cosmos.


As the Herald of the Old Gods, you will have the power to do ANYTHING YOU DESIRE. Their servants and servitors will be at your disposal, ready to fulfill your desires.

Do you wish to become rich, like a millonaire?

Do you seek love and sex?

Would you like to destroy those, who have wronged you, your family or your friends?

Do you want to be free from illnesses and diseases, bad luck, gossip, curses and hexes?

Would you like to successfully astral project and discover new worlds, spiritual entities and planes of existence?

Do you wish to become immortal and live eternally?

Would you like to control others?


You will be able to do all these and MUCH MORE with your godlike powers.

The veil is lifted between our world and the Old Gods and their return is drawing close. Do you wish to become their Herald and prepare this world for their coming?


Are you ready to answer the Call of Cthulhu and become the Herald of the Old Gods?


We will include with the ritual a talisman enchanted by the Old Gods, information about them, a black mirror to see and hear them and a special relic to summon forth their servitors to obey you and fulfill your desires.






Illuminati Power Bracelet: 8100$

This special bracelet is from our Master collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.

It’s a Dark Arts offering, so it is mostly used to obtain money, spiritual power, domination and sex.


This bracelet is bound to Thousands of Fallen Angels, Immortals, Devils, Succubi and Incubi.

Just by holding this bracelet will send dark energy wawes through your body. When you put it on, it will form an omnipotent, extremely powerful Spiritual Bond between you and the entities bound to the bracelet. They will connect with you and appear to you in a special way, such as a strange voice or smell, a fog, in the mirror, in a dream, etc. The more you work with them, the stronger the bond will become between you and the entities. Over time, they will know your deepest feelings and desires and offer you guidance, aid and gladly fulfill your desires.

They will be your eternal friends and allies and never harm you, your family, friends, pets, etc. There is a vortex and spiritual gate bound to the bracelet. Wherever you place it in your home, it will become a powerhouse, because the entities will often visit you to obey your will and fulfill your commands. Your house will take on the spiritual energies of the entities and empower those, who live in the building.

These entities are extremely powerful and are able to bring you instant riches, vast wealth, business success, lottery winnings, job promotions and overall good luck. With their help, your fortunes will rise and you will become very rich.

Just by wearing it, it will create a fire shield around your mind, body and soul, which will repel incoming spiritual attacks, curses, hexes, bad luck and slander upon their sender.  The fire shield will not allow negativity to touch you or harm you in any way.

The succubi and incubi can easily control the minds and hearts of others and they will bend them to your will. They can easily place special thoughts, feelings inside the minds of others, dominate a business rival, make a troublemaker or ex-lover leave you alone, an enemy become your friend or totally enslave someone to your will and make him/her your sex slave.

The bracelet will channel an extremely potent red power into your soul and it will radiate with omnipotent authority and power. Others will want to be your friends or even lovers, people will seek your company and gladly fulfill your desires.

Over time, the entities will empower your mind, body and soul and you will start to take on their spiritual essence and powers. You will possess a fraction of their omnipotent divine being and have immense power.

No bonding ritual is required. Just by wearing it, the entities will bond with you and become your servants.


All necessary information (names, full powers, etc.) will be provided to the worthy Keeper.

We will include with this bracelet two spellcast candles, channeling stone, incense, special oil, a bag of spiritual herbs and a wooden charging box.





Knight Templar Chalice: 8050$


This very special and one-of-a-kind chalice is from our elite collection!

It is a very powerful Knights Templar Chalice, that contains the spiritual essence and powers of 8000 Archangels, 8000 Demon Kings and Queens. It was enchanted with 8 Very Powerful Knights Templar Rituals under the full moon!

It radiates with the powers of demons and angels. The powers and enchantments that this chalice contains can be felt IMMEDIATELY. Just by touching the chalice, it will send energy wawes into your body. Upun drinking the included magical water, it will imbue you with Godlike Powers and transfigure your soul into a half-Archangel and half-Demon King/Queen. You will gain all the powers of the Archangels and Demon Kings and Queens. The chalice can be used to summon the 8000 Archangels and Demon Kings and Queens and establish two-way communication with them. It also acts as a beacon to other angelic and demonic beings and draw them to visit you and lend you their aid. It will grant you complete authority over them and they won’t be able to harm you in any way.

Nothing will stop you, once you obtain this chalice and utilize it’s powers to do what you want. You will become an immortal half-archangel and half demon king/queen and an unparalled being in the Cosmos.

The user of this chalice will obtain…

Instant Riches

Angelic Powers

Demonic Powers

The Power To Create And Destroy ANYTHING You Desire

Control Over Others

Open Spiritual Gates And Vortexes

Increased Psychic Powers

Astral Shapeshifting

Control Over All Kinds Of Angels And Demons

Drain And Absorb The Power Of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind And All Kinds Of Supernatural Entities

Channel Magical Energies With A Thought

Mind Reading

Open Third Eye

Ability To Clearly See And Speak With Supernatural Entities

Advanced Astral Projection



Spirit Travel

Time Travel

Supernatural Strength, Agility And Charisma

Speak With Dead Souls

Control Over Life And Death

Infinite Knowledge, Power And Energy


Multi Dimensional Power, Wisdom And Knowledge

Ascension And Soul Travel To Other Planes

Worldly Power

Revenge Upon Your Enemies

Instant Dark Power

Alter Reality And Make It Your Own

Lottery Winnings

Extreme Success

Job Promotions

Illuminati Powers

Freeze And Control Time Whenever You Desire

Attract Sexual Partners And Make Them YOURS

Increased Ability To Utilize Life Force Energy

Increased Sexual Energy And Performance

Heightened Ability To Control Your Body

Eternal Life And Immortality

Eternal Youth

Reverse Aging

Powered Up Sexual Magnetism

Esoteric And Ancient Knowledge And Wisdom

Resurfacing Of Past Life Memories

Total Immunity Against Illnesses, Curses, Black Magick, Pain, Negativity And Diseases

Good Health

Healing Powers

And much more…




Is IT calling to you?

You will be gifted with many Wonders if you answer The Call Of The 8000 Archangels and Demon Kings and Queens.






Eternal Transcendence Angel Soul Fusion Ritual: 8000$

The Eternal Transcendence Angel Soul Fusion Ritual is from our Master collection! Only one will be ever sold here to the Chosen One. This is our ultimate white arts offering!


Do you believe in angels?

Do you wish to work with angels and fulfill your desires?

Would you like to become an Immortal Angel and live in the Heavens?

Are you ready to perfect the magical arts, obtain ancient knowledge and powers, reach Apotheosis and Immortality?


We will summon forth over 10 Million Angelic beings on your behalf and the Archangels, angels, cherubs, seraphims and other spiritual entities from Heaven will channel their divine spiritual essence and power to transfigure your mind, body and soul into an Immortal Angel. This is a very powerful soul alchemy ritual and the result will be instant transfiguration. Your mind, body and soul will become truly divine and nothing will be able to stop you or destroy you.

You will have a direct spiritual soul link to all the Angelic beings, who granted you their divine gift and they will be your eternal allies. They will often visit you, converse, offer their wisdom and aid to you and fulfill your desires.

The divine essence within your being will forever radiate with light, peace, calmness and everyone will want to help you and become friends with you. NOTHING will be able to cause you harm, because you will have an eternal divine spirit shield around you, that will ward off all negative forces, bad luck, magickal attacks, curses, etc.

The angels will give you the keys to channel your magickal powers into your spells and rituals, see, hear and communicate with all spiritual entities, absorb all kinds of energies to empower your soul, soul travel and the powers of creation.

As an Immortal Angel, you will have secret esoteric knowledge, Akashis powers and wisdom, eternal spirit vision.  The 10 Million Angelic beings will gift you with an eternal, omnipotent spiritual teacher, who will be your eternal ally and teach you to utilize your powers to maximum effect. Your spiritual teacher can help you in every case, give you excellent advice and guidance and teach you soul alchemy. He will bestow upon you the Mantle of Undying, Gift of Material Abundance and the Wisdom of Eternity.


Are you ready to become an Immortal Angel and claim your destiny? The 10 Million Angelic beings wish to bestow their divine gifts upon the Chosen One.

Do you feel and hear their call?