Master Level Relics 2

The Darkness Incarnate Ritual Pack: 9650$

This is a dark arts offering! Cannot be used for peace, mercy, compassion and similar purpose.


We wish to present our Ultimate Dark Arts relic from our Master collection. Enter the Darkness Incarnate Ritual Pack. Only two will be ever offered here up for sale!

After working with these dark entities over the years, and having forged spiritual pacts and alliances with them, they suddenly appeared to us on the night of a new moon and mandated us to create two of these special masterpieces.

The Darkness Incarnate Ritual Pack contains the spiritual essence, powers and energies of a female Fallen Angel, an Archsuccubus, a female Vampire, a Demon Queen, a female Dark Immortal, a female Reaver, a Banshee and a female Reaper, plus their legions of servitors, legionnaires, familiars serving beneath them.

The ritual pack was enchanted with fallen angel-succubus-vampire-demon queen-dark immortal-reaver-banshee and reaper spells, spellcodes, rituals, anointed with various dark, demonic and grave oils, further augmented with death energies, bathed in unholy elixirs, blood anointed from every member of our Coven and personally enchanted by Mystic Eliora through various Avatar Rituals with the above mentioned eight entities over three full moon cycles.

They are looking for a new Master or Mistress to teach, empower, help and spread darkness, carnage, death and destruction over the planes. Give them purpose, unleash the dark fiends into the multiverse, ravage the living, fulfill your carnal desires, obtain vast wealth and feed on the devastation.

The ring is the main item and contains their dark and unholy spiritual essence, powers and energies. It also functions as a perfect invocation, evocation, energy channeling and two-way communication relic between you and the entities involved in the Darkness Incarnate Ritual Pack.

The ring radiates with dark, fire, unholy and evil spiritual essence, powers and energies. Just by holding it in your hands, will send intense energy wawes into your hands and throughout your entire body. The first time you wear it on your hand, it will create an eternal, omnipotent Soul Bond between you and the powerful entities bound into the ring. You will be bound to them and they will be bound to you for all eternity. They will manifest to you in a special way, such as dark or red energy orbs, as a strange mist or spell, in a mirror or in their true unholy forms. They will channel their dark, eternal and omnipotent spiritual essence, powers and energies into you to become a Dark Master or Mistress. Your soul will absorb these and make it your own. From this point on, you will carry a fragment of their eternal essence in your dark soul and able to channel it into your spells and rituals easily.

The amulet functions as a perfect spiritual vortex and dimensional gateway between our world and their native planes of existence. When you wear it, it will eternally fuel your dark soul with darkness, fire, magick, infinity, eternity, pain, revenge, destruction and death. They will not harm you, but only make you stronger. You will be able to access these special powers and energies and channel them into your dark spells and rituals to crush others and manifest your Eternal Will. You can astral project with the amulet and travel through the dimensional gateway and visit these dark beings in their native planes. Learn from them, meet new places, entities, obtain dark and forbidden wisdom, knowledge and other things.

The bracelet contains the spiritual essence, powers and energies of the servitors, legionnaires, familiars, egregores, dark beings, shadow manifestations, avatars of pain, tormented souls, liches, succubi, incubi, lesser vampires, dark bats, shadow wolves, fire demons, reavers, reapers, dark elven hunters, lesser dark immortals, blood-fire augmented zombies, devils, imps, dark torturers, banshees, death omens and other dark-black arts planar entities. Just by wearing it and meditating with the bracelet, their planar essense, powers and energies will flow throughout your mind, body and soul. Making you stronger and more powerful. You can use the bracelet to communicate with them, obtain wisdom and knowledge, spread carnage and destruction, have them kill your enemies, ravage the living, acquire vast wealth, comfort and opulence, make others submit to you and obey you and other things. They are here to help you, serve you and fulfill your dark desires.

The Darkness Incarnate Chalice and Elixir are special supplies included in this true masterpiece ritual pack. The chalice contains a fragment of the eight main entities involved in this offering. It radiates with dark and fire spiritual essence, powers and energies. The elixir contains the extracts and flower essences of various dark plants, demon blood, vampire blood and other things. It is safe for human consumption. When you drink the elixir from the chalice; dark, immortal and other things will be imbued into your eternal dark soul, mind and body. It will gradually improve your powers, skills and abilities and turn you into a Dark Master or Mistress. An immortal being, who can do WHATEVER he/she desires!

Your powers and energies will be exceptionally strong and limitless during the dark, night and new moon. You can feed on misery, devastation, spiritual blood, malice, destruction, pain, suffering, carnage, death, despair and other malevolent things. They will empower you and forever make you stronger. You will need much less food, drink and sleep as you progress on your Dark Path into Eternity.

Dark, demonic and other nocturnal powers and energies will flow into you and throughout you for all eternity, forever empowering you and making you stronger in mind, body and soul. You will become an unparalleled being. Nothing will be able to stop you and keep you from reaching your goals, fulfilling your dreams and bending fate towards what you wish to accomplish.

Your health, beauty and overall well-being will become excellent. You will no longer have to worry about illnesses and diseases, injuries and your past scars and wounds will heal with their help. You will age much slower than others and you can also extent your life to untold lenghts with the help of the female Vampire. She can drain the life force, vitality, health, powers and energies from other humans, animals and plants and then bestow these upon you.

Money will flow to you from every direction, making you rich, strong and powerful. You are going to have new business opportunities, advancement, increased sales, fame, popularity and financial security. You no longer have to worry about to pay your bills, save up money to buy enough food and drink and financial problems.

As you work with them over the months and years, each of them will assign to you special servitors and legionnaires. They will obey your will and carry out your commands without question. These entities are excellent for protection, bringing you money, causing pain, suffering and death to others and various other goals.

They will never harm you in any way. But you should treat them with respect, for they are ancient and omnipotent divinities. In return, they will become your eternal allies, teachers and guardians along your dark path into Eternity.

The more you work with these dark beings, the stronger the bond will become between you and them. Over time, they will know your deepest feelings, emotions, fears and desires and work towards fulfilling your unspoken commands. They will often visit you to converse, give you advice or guidance, reveal special words of power, spells, rituals unique to your soul and help you in your life.

You can always turn to them for help, aid, intervention on your behalf and in your times of need. While they prefer to teach you how to solve your problems on your own, they can also perform their work easily, swiftly and with masterful skill and talent in emergencies. If your life or the life of someone close to you is threatened or in danger, then they will gladly dispatch the attacker or transfer extra life force powers and energies to the ill person to recover from a malady.

We recommend these entities for experienced spirit keepers and those, who have worked with dark arts entities before.

They will create a special spiritual shield made of fallen angel-reaver-vampire-banshee-reaper-demon queen-dark immortal-succubus magic around your mind, body and soul. It will protect you from all kinds of harm, accident, injury, bad luck, slander, theft, illness, disease, black magic attack, curse, hex, etc. and return them back to the sender eight-fold. These bad things will not be able to harm you and touch you anymore. You can rest peacefully, knowing that the entities bound to this ritual pack will safeguard you from these negative energies and punish the individuals behind them with magnified force.

No bonding ritual is required. Just by wearing the amulet, ring and bracelet, you will be able to clearly see, hear and work with them.

Their full powers and other information will only be given to the new Master or Mistress.


The new user of the Darkness Incarnate Ritual Pack will obtain…

Fallen Angel Powers And Energies

Vampire Powers And Energies

Succubus Powers And Energies

Reaver Powers And Energies

Reaper Powers And Energies

Banshee Powers And Energies

Demonic Powers And Energies

Dark Immortal Powers And Energies

Overall Good Health And Well-Being

Immunity Against Illnesses And Diseases

Vast Wealth

Good Luck


Material Abundance

Shadow Manipulation

Fire Manipulation

Death Manipulation


Energy Channeling

Super Intelligence

Open Third Eye



Chakra Awakening

Supernatural Beauty

The Ability To Drain The Life From Others To Replenish Yourself

Aura Sight

Astral Projection

Dimensional Travel

Astral Time Travel

Wish Fulfillment

Control Over Others



Sexual Fulfillment



Lottery Winnings

Universal Wisdom

Occult Secrets

Forbidden Knowledge


Nightmare Generation

Demonic-Dark Storm Generation

Absolute Existence

Reality Warping


Lessened Need For Sleep, Food And Drunk



Mental Manipulation


Mind Reading

Prophetic Dreams

Future Visions

Protection From Black Magic, Curses And Hexes

Job Promotions

Energy Replication, Absorbtion And Manipulation

Power Generating

Supernatural Regeneration


Poison Immunity

Enchanced Senses

Life-Death Vision

Communication With Otherworldly Beings



Supernatural Awareness




Danger Intuition

Life-Force Absorption

Energy Emission

Spirit Summoning


Higher Consciousness

Astral Shapeshifting

Infinite Dark Energy Supply

Time-Energy Generation

Quantum-Dark-Psionic Energy Generation, Manipulation, Absorbtion And Replication

And Much More…


The Darkness Incarnate Ritual Pack includes a ring, an amulet, a bracelet, a Darkness Incarnate Chalice, eight spellcast candles, spellcast incense, eight channeling stones, two sigil scrolls, two dark roots, four demonic oils, a Darkness Incarnate Elixir, a special black mirror enchanted with fallen angel-reaper-reaver-banshee-succubus-demon queen-dark immortal-vampire magics, two small bags of dark energy augmented grave soil, two bags of special spiritual herbs and a wooden charging box.






Three Relic Cosmic Power: 9600$

This time we are offering three special relics from our Master collection! They are extremely rare and will be sold to only one worthy Master or Mistress.


They are the Blood Moon Illuminati Ring, Merlin’s Amulet Of Ultimate Power and Queen Zaesha’s Bracelet Of Royalty.


Blood Moon Illuminati Ring: This ring is was enchanted with hundreds of Illuminati rituals, Dark Moon ceremonies and contains the spiritual essence and powers of Thousands of Sanguine Vampires, Moon Werewolves and Ifrit Djinns.

The user of this ring will obtain…

Special Moon Magic

Blood Magic

Blood Manipulation



Resistance To Illnesses And Diseases

Long Life

Unlimited Wishes

Vast Wealth

Increased Senses, Hearing, Sight, Smell

Astral Projection


Protection Against Black Magic Attacks, Curses And Hexes

Mind Control

Increased Sexual Prowess

Open Third Eye



Healing Magic Power

Fire Magic

And Much More…


We will send with this ring two spellcast candles, spellcast incense, channeling stone, special blood moon oil and a wooden charging box.


Merlin’s Amulet Of Ultimate Power: This amulet was enchanted with the help of Merlin and contains the spiritual essence and power of Thousands of Fairies, Dragons, Elementals and Angels.

It’s a white arts offering, cannot be used to harm others or evil purposes.

The user of this amulet will obtain…

Healing Powers

Nature Magic

Work with Animal Spirits

Extremely Long Life

Cosmic Power

Spiritual Shield


Control Over The Elements

Fire Magic

Air Magic

Earth Magic

Water Magic

Astral Projection

Supernatural Power

Esoteric Knowledge, Wisdom And Secrets

Vast Wealth

Success In ALL Fields

Mind Reading


Astral Time Travel

The Power To Travel To Other Dimensions And Worlds

Spiritual Bond And Connection With Merlin

Open Third Eye



Crystal Magic



White Powers

Spirit Communication


Increased Psychic Powers

Increased Vitality

And Much More…


We will send with this amulet three spellcast candles, spellcast incense, sigil scroll, small magic mirror and a charging pouch filled with sacred herbs.


Queen Zaesha’s Bracelet Of Royalty: This bracelet was enchanted with hundreds of demonic rituals and contains the spiritual essence and powers of Queen Zaesha, a special half succubus and half vampire ruler, Thousands of Succubi and Incubi, Vampires, Demons and Ghouls.

It’s a dark arts offering, cannot be used for healing or similar benevolent purpose.

The user of this bracelet will obtain…

Dark Powers


Vast Wealth

Lottery Winnings


Mind Control

Mass Manipulation

Astral Projection

Blood Magic

Increased Sexual Power

Demonic Power

Mastery Over All Areas Of Life

Increased Success

Demonic Knowledge

Super Intelligence

Long Life

Fire Magic

Instant Riches

Fire Protection Shield

Vampiric Beauty

Reverse Aging Process

Vampiric Power

Enchanced Senses

Psychic Power

Lessened need for sleep, drink and food

And Much More…


We will send with this bracelet two spellcast candles, spellcast incense, sigil scroll, special demon oil, channeling bone and a wooden charging box.






Omnipotent Satanic Power Ritual: 9500$

This is our ULTIMATE demonic transfiguration ritual from our Master collection! Only one will be ever offered here from our coffers.

It is a pure black arts offering, cannot be used for healing or similar benevolent purpose.


Do you desire true demonic power?

Do you want to obtain eternal life and immortality?

Do you want to control others?

Do you want to obtain vast wealth?

Are you ready to take control of your life and become a demonic entity?


We will summon forth Millions of Demonic Entities, demons, devils, hellhounds, succubi, incubi, imps, hellfire watchers and other entities from the Infernal Empire and they will perform a special ritual to transfigure your mind, body and soul into a special Demonic Entity. The whole proccess can take up to 15 days and once complete, you will be a completely different individual with hellish might. You will possess their powers and reach eternal life, immortality, apotheosis and GODHOOD.

With your demonic powers, you will be able to do ANYTHING YOU DESIRE. Want to find a lover, get laid, obtain luxuries and riches or destroy your enemies? Perhaps you seek psychich powers, fully open your third eye and awaken your astral senses? You will be able to achieve all these easily and much more!

An eternal hellfire shield will surround your mind, body and soul, which will protect you from illnesses and diseases, incoming black magic attacks, curses, hexes and will return them to the sender tenfold. Nothing will be able to harm you once you became a demonic entity with this omnipotent ritual.

The denizens of the Hells will become your demonic friends and allies, who will teach you, guide you and bestow upon you occult secrets, esoteric wisdom and special words of power. Your powers will grow over time and you will be able to create your demonic servants with your powers, that will become your personal demonic legion to carry out your wishes in the world.

Once you mastered your new divine powers, you will be able to travel to other realms and dimensions via astral projection and meet new worlds, entities, places, etc. As a Demonic God, you will be able to what your heart desires. No one will tell you what to do or don’t do.


We will send you with this ritual two spellcast candles, spellcast incense, a demonic ring, demon oil, channeling stone, sigil scroll and a wooden charging box.







Immortal Soul Fusion Ritual: 9400$

The Immortal Soul Fusion Ritual is from our Master collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale!


The immortal entities wanted us to offer this special and one-of-a-kind ritual to a worthy Master or Mistress. We will summon forth thousands of Immortal entities on your behalf and they will transffer and fuse their immortal, sacred and godlike spiritual essence and codes into you to transfigure your mind, body and soul into an Immortal entity. The process takes only a few days and once finished, you will be reborn as an omnipotent, undefeatable, godlike being possessing supernatural and immortal essence with the powers of creation and destruction.


The new Master or Mistress will obtain…

Eternal Youth And Immortality

Reverse Aging

Overall Good Health

Immunity Against Illnesses And Diseases

Esoteric Knowledge And Wisdom

Super Intelligence

Astral Projection

Open Third Eye

Ability To See And Speak With Supernatural Entities



Vast Wealth

Good Luck


Lottery Winnings

Psychic Shield

Protection Against Bad Luck, Cursex, Hexes, Accidents

Increased Charisma, Vitality, Strength And Speed


Mind Control

Mass Manipulation

Power Over White Powers

Power Over Dark Powers

Increased Psychic And Magical Powers

Lucid Dreaming


See The Past, Present And Future


Mind Reading


Control Over The Elements

Great Respect And Admiration

Find True Love And Soulmate

Unlimited Wishes

And Much More…


We will include with this ritual two spellcast candles, one channeling stone, a special oil, incense and a wooden charging box.







Illuminati Grand Masters Ring: 9300$

The Illuminati Grand Master ring is from our Master collection! It is extremely rare and only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


It was enchanted by dozens of Illuminati Masters and imbued with Secret Angelic, Demonic and Alchemical spell codes. Originally it was gifted to us by a Sorceress friend from Egypt. After utilizing it to fulfill our desires for years, we decided to offer it up to a worthy Master or Mistress.


Bound to this powerhouse ring are Thousands of Demons, Angels, Immortals, Djinns, Succubi and Incubi, Vampires, Deceased Spirits and other spiritual entities. The deceased and current Illuminati Masters also put into it a part of their spiritual essence and you will be able to work with all of them just by wearing the ring. You will become a Honorary Brother or Sister of the Illuminati Order and the Illuminati Masters will be your teachers, allies and friends.

Just by holding the ring will send intense energy wawes and warmth throughout your body. When you put it on your finger, it will immediately create a perfect Soul Bond between you, the Illuminati Masters and all the other spiritual entities bound to the ring. The more you use the ring, the stronger your connection will become with the spirits and the stronger their manifestation will become. Over time, they will know your deepest feelings, thoughts, emotions and fears and will work to always please you and fulfill your desires.

You will gain a portion of their spiritual powers and essence and your soul will absorb it and make it your own. The powers of your mind, body and soul will increase and be able to easily read the minds of others, dominate others and make them obey you and astral project.

The ring’s aura will draw money to you from every direction and lead you to success in all fields. Be it gambling, job promotion, increased sales, etc. the ring’s powers will generate you large amounts of money very easily.

The Illuminati Masters will create an eternal golden shield around the new keeper of this ring, which will protect you from all incoming black magick attacks, cursex, hexes, slander, bad luck and jealousy. The eternal golden shield will not allow any kind of negativity through to touch you.

The Illuminati Masters will often visit you to teach you and guide you, go with them on journeys to other dimensions and spiritual worlds, reveal to you secret spells and rituals, techniques and meditations and give you special words of power.

The Illuminati Masters are looking for a new student. Is that you? Can you feel and hear their call? Do you feel a connection to this ring? Act now!

No bonding ritual is necessary. Just by wearing the ring, you will be able to connect with the spirits.


All necessary information (names, full powers, etc.) will be provided to the worthy Keeper.

We will include with this ring two spellcast candles, spellcast incense, channeling stone, special oil, sigil scroll and a wooden charging box.