Marry Marshal

[Time to put the lads out of their misery]

This letter is to Marry Marshal and is being CC’d to Edward Uwa.

Dear Harry & Edward.

How are you both this morning?

Are both of you THIEVES feeling well today? Are both of you 4-1-9 SCAMMERS feeling good?

I knew from the very first email that you were SCUM, THIEVES and VILLAINS! Did you really think you could fool me with your stupid proposition?

Edward, your passport and identification cards are VERY bad forgeries. You really need to learn how to produce false details correctly!

Of course, you probably have guessed that my name is not Johnny Cash. Just like you two THIEVES, I made the name up. Johnny Cash is in fact a famous singer. If you want to learn about Johnny Cash, go here:

The picture of Johnny with the iguanas was of course false. I made the image myself. I have attached the original image which did not have the iguana!

Did you like my flight booking receipt? Yes, of course that was FALSE also!

Harry, your Letter Of Agreement was very amateur. The wording is ENTIRELY incorrect. You do not have any idea how to produce a proper legal document. You need to pay someone to make one for you. Get somebody who knows what to do. And that letterhead of your document was VERY funny! What kind of a mugu barrister uses a font with snow on top?!! Also, when you are getting someone to fake a witness signature, please use someone else to write the signature. It is VERY obvious that the “lawyer” and the “witness” were the same person! The handwriting has the same characteristics!

Harry, did you not read my AGREEMENT form I sent to you? I don’t think you did. Right near the end it states, “I am a LUNATIC of the highest order”. Do you know what lunatic means? It means nearly the same thing a “MUGU” does! Also, you signed the agreement even after the line “I should be committed henceforth”. If you are a barrister, then you SHOULD know that that means you should be put into a prison for mad men. YOU SIGNED A DOCUMENT THAT SAYS YOU ARE A MUGU AND SHOULD BE PUT INTO PRISON. But of course Harry, you are NOT a barrister are you?! And of course, Edward probably doesn’t work at the bank either.

In fact, your names are probably false also, just like all your mugu documents.

Did you like my Western Union Money Order? Of course, you guessed it, it was a fake (both of them!), but there is a difference between my fakes and yours…. Mine are much better quality!

I have of course passed all your emails, documents and other information to the Nigerian Police authorities, and also I have sent everything to the FBI advance fee fraud department, along with the phone message you left.

Oh, I forgot…. Did I tell you that I run a anti-scam web site? All your emails, messages and documents will all be on display on my site, for all my visitors to see and have laugh at.

There is only one word to describe you both Edward and Harry, that word is MUGU!


Shiver Metimbers.

The REAL Johnny Cash



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