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Maiden of Vigilance Mythic Strategy/Tactics


General Information

On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Maiden of Vigilance in Tomb of Sargeras in Mythic mode.

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  1. Mythic Mode Abilities

1.1. Essence Fragments

Essence Fragments that are not soaked by the time they despawn will emit a Fragment Burst, which deals moderate damage immediately and applies a DoT that deals ticking damage every second for 8 seconds. Fragment Bursts will also apply Ravaged Soul, increasing the damage of any subsequent Fragment Burst by 25% for the remainder of the encounter.

1.2. Spontaneous Fragmentation

Spontaneous Fragmentation is cast periodically during the active phase. This ability targets a player and spawns a single Essence Fragment underneath them after 3 seconds, always of the opposite Infusion. Once the Essence Fragment spawns, it will fixate on and chase the targeted player for 10 seconds, triggering a Fragment Burst if it is not soaked.

  1. Strategy

The Maiden of Vigilance presents an unforgiving yet simple encounter that will test your raid group’s awareness and numeric output. The numbers check on this fight is quite severe when approaching it at the intended item level, meaning unnecessary deaths and damage taken will often result in a wipe, as the rest of the group will no longer be able to keep up.

The actual strategy and positioning of the fight is identical to Heroic and lesser difficulties, however, there is little tolerance for mechanical errors and any mistakes will quickly snowball into a wipe. The only difference in the active phase is that Spontaneous Fragmentation will occur periodically. The targeted player will need to quickly run away from the orb’s spawn, while a player of the opposite infusion will need to move in and prepare to soak the orb as soon as possible. This can be problematic if it occurs during hammers; both players will need to move to the same side of the boss but outside the hammer cleave to avoid triggering unnecessary Unstable Souls.

During the second phase, where the boss is inactive and the Essence Fragments emerge in full force, the raid must be sure to soak each and every Essence Fragment to avoid wiping. Over the course of the encounter the raid will be able to survive a few accidental Fragment Bursts, however, the stacking damage increase causes this damage to quickly spiral out of control.

Overall, Maiden of Vigilance Mythic is a very straightforward encounter that does not principally differ from the ideal execution on Heroic and lesser difficulties, with Spontaneous Fragmentation presenting the only tangible change in mechanics and strategy. This can easily be handled by good communication and awareness, the two core skills that form the main tenets for success on this particular encounter.

Any mistakes will quickly snowball into a wipe.  Spontaneous Fragmentation will occur periodically in the active phase of the encounter.

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