Maiden Of Vigilance Abilities – Tomb Of Sargeras

Maiden of Vigilance Abilities


General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Maiden of Vigilance encounter in Tomb of Sargeras. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.

  1. Overview

The fight against the Maiden of Vigilance is comprised of 2 phases. The first phase, Divide and Conquer, encompasses the main part of the encounter. The second phase, Watcher’s Wrath, will serve as an intermission of sorts where the Maiden will jump away and shield herself, beginning a channel than deals increasing damage with each tick and finally wiping the raid unavoidably at 30 stacks. If the raid manages to break the shield in time, the channel can be interrupted and the first phase resumes.

1.1. Infusion

The Maiden of Vigilance will infuse each raid member with either Light Infusion or Fel Infusion. Taking damage from an ability that does not match your Infusion will trigger an ability (Unstable Soul) that can explode on the entire raid for severe damage. Much of the fight revolves around positioning in a manner that allows you to evade damage from the abilities that will trigger the explosion will correctly splitting or soaking matching mechanics.

  1. All Phases

Unstable Soul inflicts moderate Fire damage every 2 seconds, and causes the target to explode for high Fire damage to all allies. Target and allies within 5 yards of them will also be knocked back. Unstable Soul is triggered by coming into contact with any mechanic that does not match your infused element. It is also triggered directly via Mass Instability. The damage cannot be outranged.

Aegwynn’s Ward essentially causes the pit in the centre of the room to prevent allies from taking damage when Unstable Soul detonates. This means if Unstable Soul explodes in the pit, it will not hit any allies and thus negate most of the effect.

  1. Phase One: Divide and Conquer

Infusion affects the entire raid, and assigns an element to each player. They will either be affected by Fel Infusion or Light Infusion. Coming within 3 yards of an ally affected by the opposite debuff, or taking damage from a mechanic of the opposite element, will trigger Unstable Soul.

Hammer of Creation and Hammer of Obliteration function identically. The Maiden will cycle between her hammers, slamming the current target for heavy Physical damage and splitting an extremely high amount of damage between all targets within a 20 yard cone. The hammers also leave behind Light Remanence and Fel Remanence, void zones that deal moderate damage and emit Light Echoes and Fel Echoes respectively. Taking damage from a hammer, echo, or remanence of the opposite element will trigger Unstable Soul.

Mass Instability instantly triggers Unstable Soul on several targets. This is performed periodically.

  1. Phase Two: Watcher’s Wrath

Blowback stuns all raid members for 6 seconds. The Maiden will leap away during this time.

Titanic Bulwark is a large absorb shield protecting the Maiden that prevents all interrupts while it is active. It can only be stripped away by damage.

Wrath of the Creators buffets the raid with waves of Holy damage. Each successive pulse will do increasing damage. If this damage reaches 30 stacks then Extinguish Life is cast, wiping the raid. Wrath of the Creators can be interrupted.

Essence Fragments travel around the platform during this phase. There are Fragments of Creation (Light) and Fragments of Fel, which will trigger Unstable Soul if they connect with a player of the opposing element. Collecting Fragments matching your element, however, rewards Creator’s Grace and Demon’s Vigor, respectively. These grant stacking buffs that increase damage and healing temporarily.

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