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This scam dragged on and on. To be honest, I got a little bored as I was running a few other more productive baits at the time, and I got a little tired of the constant pleading, but I still managed to get a few excellent pictures, and screwed with the lads head, so my efforts weren’t entirely wasted 

I found out during my bait that another scambaiter was also baiting my victim at the same time, so in the true spirit of co-operation he helped me out a little!

Thanks must go to Neil AKA ‘Luke I Amyofatha’ for the loan of a couple of his Luthman pics. If you want to see Neil’s Luthman bait, click HERE


Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 18:04:05 +0200
From: “j_luthman” <[email protected]>

Urgent and Confidential.

Dear Friend,

I am Jonathan Luthman a 25 years old boy and my sister is susan a 22 years old girl were the only survival son and daughter of late prominate business man Mr.Harrison Luthman from Yugoslavia. My father left Yugoslavia in the year 1971 to Angola in Africa there he started a new life career by buying and selling diamond to foreign country such as belgiun i-e brussel not quite long he met with my mother an Angola woman and they both engage in marriage all to enable him to gain ground in Angola.

After some years he had a private minning company called branch energy unfortunate for him war broke out and he was assasinated by the rebels simply because of diamonds and this lead to untimely wind up of his investment but,nevertheless my father been a man with foresight had disclose to my mother that he deposited some huge amount of money with a security company outside Angola for future project and after his death ,this lead to immediate evacuation of my mother, myself and my sister to a country called COTE D’IVOIRE where the money is deposited.So good,so bad, my mother as well after locating the security company due to much thinking she had to gave up the spirit some months after arrival.

Now presently I and my sister are lying helplessly in the refugee camp in Abidjan.My father deposited $32 million dollars which is in a trunk box and declare it as a family belonging.Sir I and my sister here by crying and demanding for your assistance over the retrievement of this consignment out of the security company to your country for onward lucrative business of our choice, in which you will be our guardian concerning the investment.Please we need a God fearing person one that is considerate inlife and ready to be a good friend for us as this is the only heritage leftfor us.

Note! 15% of the total amount is map out for you and 5% is for every expenses that we may incure during the transaction. More also, all the necessary document concernning the deposit is intact incase if the need call for it.Please email us with [email protected] Immediately you recieve this mail.

Thanks and God Bless.

yours Faithfully

Jonathan and Susan Luthman.


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