How To Use Azurite For The Best Results?

How to Use Azurite for the Best Results?


As mentioned above, azurite is generally not used in jewellery.
Its softness, its propensity to fade in light, and the fact that it cannot be exposed to heat without turning it black all make it difficult to make into jewellery and even harder to maintain.
Some azurite has also been known to stain things that it touches – it is a pigment, after all! If you have a piece of azurite jewellery, take careful care of it.
It is generally far more convenient to purchase azurite in its raw form, which is a blue, porous stone.
It should be noted that even in this form, it isn’t the easiest, lowest-maintenance stone to deal with, as it’s prone to staining and crumbling at times.
However, it’s much easier than trying to wear it. Keep it in a safe place, perhaps on a special dish or designated cloth.
Azurite is wonderful to use during prayer or meditation, because it can focus the vibrations of the third eye chakra.
It will lead you towards better focus and developing stronger psychic powers.
Since it should not be placed in sunlight, and even running it under water can be damaging, if you’re using your azurite for psychic purposes, you may be wondering how best to “charge” it.
I recommend placing it in moonlight for several hours, preferably far away from any artificial light sources.
If you think you can maintain a clear mind for a sufficient amount of time, you can also charge your azurite by simply holding it in your hands, focusing on nothing but its power.
If you trying to develop the ability to effectively verbalize your psychic experiences (which can be very difficult to do, but is important if you want to share them without people simply thinking you’re crazy), then place your azurite over your throat chakra during prayer or meditation.
While its energy is ultimately that of the third eye chakra, it can also stimulate the throat chakra and promote effective communication about psychic phenomena.
However, you should probably not use it to replace your usual throat chakra stone, since it is not equally effective at helping you vocalize other topics.

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