Head Carving

From: Brian Anthony
To: Ony Obo

Dear Mr. Obo,

[Just a quick note here to let readers know that at this point I set up a slightly complicated reason for the images I attached. Obviously giving scammers any of your real detail (including as I did, my photograph!) is definitely not recommended, however to get this scammer to carve my own head I had to give him photos of myself. I gave Obo a cover story to put him off the scent as to who the photo was actually of]

To qualify for our sponsorship/donation payment you must recreate Mr. xxxxx’s head in the wood of your choice to the best of your abilities. Please note the following qualification rules:

1. The carving can be any size you choose but must be a MINIMUM of 10 inches along the longest HEIGHT. Obviously you will need to take into consideration the weight of the carving so that the shipping cost is not to great for you, however, remember that we will of course reimburse your shipping costs in full on receipt of the artwork. You may make your carving larger than the minimum height if you wish but no larger than 18 inches along the longest HEIGHT.

2. The carving can be in any type of wood that you choose, but must NOT be painted. Obviously the quality of the wood, and if possible a polished smooth finish will increase the chances of your donation payment being larger. Hard woods such as ebony, mahogany, walnut or cherry would be preferable woods to use however we are happy to leave the choice of wood up to the expertise of the artist. Attention to detail is important and will help my board members to judge the skill of the artists.

NOTE: An exact duplicate of the sample is not required as we are presently uncertain of your skills, however the closer your work is to the supplied sample then the higher the donation payment is likely to be.

You will need to ship the completed sample to us by a courier such as FedEx, DHL or similar fast courier. You may choose a slower and cheaper postal system if you wish to, but please bear in mind that of course the longer the sample takes to arrive with us then the longer it will take for your payment to be calculated. All your shipping fees will be refunded in full but your fees will only be refunded AFTER we receive the completed sample. It is not our company policy to pay for work that we have not yet received.

On receipt of satisfactory artwork we will then judge the skill level of the artist submission and will reward you with a monetary donation depending on the quality of your work As mentioned previously, the minimum donation amount per artist is $25,000 but this can rise up to $150,000 per artist. Note that my board member will usually pay higher amounts for carvings which have obviously taken great skill and time to produce. Donation payment are usually given within 24 hours of us receiving the sample artwork.

Should your artist be some skill we would then like to make arrangements to have some more work produced by you after we have received your sample. If this is the case we will of course pay your full fees in advance. As a guideline for good quality carvings we tend to pay between $2,000 – $15,000 per item depending on the subject matter and/or size, so as you can see if your work is of sufficient quality you could benefit greatly from our partnership.

Kind regards,

Brian Anthony
Brian Anthony Fine Arts

[Photos attached]

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