Good Day

Sadly I have to inform you all the some miserable scrote managed to find Ahmed Sadiq’s contact details and got in touch with him to tell him that he was being baited by me and pointed him to this very page. Here’s the last email I ever received from Ahmed:

From: Ahmed Sadiq
To: Inspector Morse
Date: February 15, 2006
Subject: good day

Good day

I guess this is my last mail to you. This is to pour out my mind to you over all that has been happening. I’m sorry in any way I have wronged you ever in this business. I plead for your forgiveness. In the same way, I pray to have the heart to forgive you all- lance, Corbin, Hackett, bungdit and you Morse.

I suffered terribly under your hands with the view to attracting your sympathy. My problem was that my innocence fell in wrong hands. There’s no problem, I will make up to all that I have lost in this course. Where will I start, from lance who sent me to your church (only to tell me that he runs his own charity, a charity that is dependent on queen Elizabeth’s approval, isn’t this the biggest joke on earth), from Corbin who you claimed was dead (but still has his valid contact in your website) to Hackett who you claimed was with tribble disease and is in his point of death (but can still go on with his daily chores, searching out the fake control number from his laptop).

Then to bungdit who you claimed embezzled money (that sent me non human pictures that was computer done joining two cartoons telling me it was him and Hackett dancing) and finally to you Morse who claims a UK police inspector (without any directory in the real uk police code). Yes I was desperate to meet my selfish desires but you could have ignored me initially or discouraged me the way I was going about the realization of my lifetime dream. Thanks to Allah that you didn’t put me into trouble. I hear that sometimes people lavish in jails and prisons for what they known nothing of, I didn’t know it wanted to happen to me. You lured me to going to the bank two times to withdraw money you didn’t send at all. So you would have been happy sending an innocent young man to jail.

You now came with the third joke that I should go and collect your so-called money. You think you can prove its genuinety by sending a copy of the payment slip to me. Can’t you see yourself, the color for Western Union as every one knows is yellow and black (but yours was green), if really you were serious of sending the slip, it should have come as an attachment since it was scanned but yours was a simple computer cut and paste work as depicted by your secret question. Wont it be better and more convincing if the slip had a same background. Why the white patches. A blind man will easily notice a foul play. Why should your date of issue be 2000, aren’t we in 2006, and the expiry date, why that far. Ahmed obviously doesn’t see the irony in calling my Western Union a pathetic cut & paste job.

Who on earth has his first name as inspector, if so, your rank in the ‘‘uk police’’ is what? How can you tell me you waited for the payment information from me so went to the church to collect the one I had given them before? You didn’t even wait up to 24 hours, but you were the same person that asked me to supply it, how then was the payment processed days before the receipt of my side of the information. Okay, the church gave you the payment information, who in particular? Dead Corbin, gravely ill Hackett or bungdit-the convict in your custody, who? And lastly who gave you the city as LAGOS. Never had I mentioned my city to you not to talk of the church. Even in your widest guess, you shouldn’t have gotten it. This links to the call I got one night.

I got a call of a person who assuming anonymity claimed he has been following my transactions with you. He said it all, and got it all and I thank him for his advice. Yes, mails can be tracked, but not all. And you can’t tell me you even track the ones I receive. It’s not possible at all. Unless you have my password which is impossible. Sorry let the truth be told, are you not these whole people.

What actually did you want from me? How can you tell me you have been trailing my messages, how? Maybe you were tired of playing along, maybe a sort of detective who wants to curb the menace of crime in his country, Nigeria. Don’t you have any other e-mail address to link me up to with a big flimsy story to back it up? I highly envy your high network of devices, high IQ, lots of websites (which normally remains under construction until heaven falls).

My regrets are: my friend Chidiebere who I have disappointed greatly, the tattoo firm who nearly brought down brimstones on me, my friend’s father who I don’t know how to pay back the money I borrowed from him and finally myself, because I have disappointed Allah and the sacred precepts of Islam. I pray I will be forgiven because I acted out of ignorance and desperation.

Good-bye dear friend

Quite a friendly email folks, and some of you may feel a tinge of sympathy for Ahmed, but you’d better believe that this guy would have taken me for every penny I had if at all possible. He is looking for pity, which is what 99.9% of scammers usually do when finally busted. They love to furnish their victims with pitiful stories but they are all to be taken with a pinch of salt.

When you have seen as many real victim’s horror stories as a lot of scambaiters have seen, you soon realise that these people have zero morals, zero pity, and would have no problem leaving you to die in a pool of blood is it meant them getting a few dollars out of you.


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