Garrus Darelliun

Garrus Darelliun

Garrus Darelliun is the second-in-command of the Cheydinhal City Watch. He has no love for the Captain of the Guard, Ulrich Leland, and with your help he aims to take him down one way or another. Garrus is one of few named NPCs who will respawn if killed.

Garrus wields a silver longsword in combat. He wears chainmail boots, chainmail greaves, and chainmail gauntlets. He wears a Cheydinhal cuirass and carries a Cheydinhal shield, clearly revealing his identity as a Cheydinhal Guard. When off duty he wears leveled lower class pants, shirt, and shoes. He carries keys to the Castle’s interior and exterior along with a key to his quarters in the Guards barracks. Besides that, he carries a bread loaf and a small amount of gold.

He sleeps in the castle barracks from midnight to 6am, then spends an hour in the Castle Great Hall before spending 15 solid hours patrolling the area around the throne. He heads back to the barracks at 10pm for an evening meal, then it’s bedtime once more. The exceptions to this schedule occur during the related quest. At stage 95, if the player has found the necessary evidence, Garrus will head off to find Count Andel Indarys and afterwards he will meet the player back at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn. After this, he will resume his usual schedule.

After having spoken to the town’s most vocal opponent to Ulrich’s crimes, Llevana Nedaren, you are advised to speak to Garrus to help bring Ulrich to justice. If your disposition with Garrus isn’t high enough, he will decline to provide any information about Ulrich, “I can’t say I’m prepared to speak to you about that. No telling who will end up finding out.” Otherwise, he will say, “It appears you’ve spoken to Llevana. I know she sounds a bit like a raving madwoman, but she isn’t far from the truth.” He shares the opinion of many of the townsfolk about Ulrich’s shady dealings, “Ulrich is definitely up to something. Every day, we take in exorbitant fines from the people. Where most of that money goes, I have a good idea. Ulrich keeps his quarters locked, but I’ve glimpsed inside. The things he has in there could never be purchased on a Captain’s salary. At first, I thought maybe he was from wealthy stock, but many of the goods have been delivered recently. I’d love to bring him to task in front of Count Indarys, but I dare not without a solid witness that will speak against him.” If you suggest Llevana as a possible candidate, he will disagree and say, “Honestly, she’s never done anything to be fined or get in trouble…yet. The person I’d love to bring in as a witness is Aldos Othran. That is if we could sober him up for five minutes. I haven’t approached him myself, as Ulrich has eyes everywhere. However, he doesn’t know you well enough yet to suspect anything. If you want to help, you need to get Aldos to agree to become a witness. Nothing else can be done.” Asking about Aldos further will have Garrus tell you, “Aldos is living on the street now that his house has been seized. I begged Ulrich to give him more time, but he wouldn’t. He won’t be hard to find, just follow the smell of stale mead.” He will also advise you to stay out of Ulrich’s path for your own safety, “Beware of Ulrich. I wouldn’t confront him at this time, as he’ll surely have you thrown in jail. If you raise a hand against him and strike him down, you’ll be accused of murder. Even if Ulrich doesn’t do things by the letter of the law, I do.” Upon leaving to find Aldos, Garrus will say to waste no time finding him, “You must locate Aldos. He’s a danger to himself and others in his condition.”

After Aldos’ unfortunate death from attempting to reclaim his home, if you return to Garrus at this point, but have not yet told Llevana about Aldos’ death, he will ask, “Have you discovered anything new?” Informing him that Aldos has been killed will leave him upset, “Damn. I was afraid this might happen. Poor Dunmer. Please, go tell Llevana the sad news. I must ponder the situation. After doing so and returning, he will assert, “We must put an end to this travesty of justice.” He is appalled by Ulrich resorting to murdering innocent civilians, and when speaking to him about Aldos specifically, he will say, “Aldos will be mourned. I won’t stand by and watch the innocent being driven to the brink like that. Something must be done, but without bloodshed.” Telling of Llevana’s intent for you to lure Ulrich into a trap will have Garrus warn you, “Llevana has always been quick tempered. You must reconsider her plan. It can only lead to prison for her…and for you.” He instead has a different method to bring Ulrich down, “I swear that Ulrich will pay for this. We must handle this carefully and prove to the Count that he needs to be arrested. Ulrich has been watching me, so I haven’t been able to enact the plan I devised to bring him down. That ends today now that you’re here. The evidence we need to incriminate Ulrich must lie within his quarters. You must sneak in there and retrieve it without being seen. If you’re caught, there isn’t anything I can do to help you. Just be careful.” Leaving to go search for the evidence will have Garrus express his intent to avenge Aldos, “Aldos’s death is indeed a tragedy. We’ll do what we can to put his soul at ease.”

Upon returning with proof of Ulrich’s crimes, Garrus will excitedly ask when approached, “You’re back, good. Did you find the evidence?” Handing it over will have him exclaim, “You’ve done it! This will spell his undoing when I present it to Count Indarys. Splendid work, splendid work indeed! I must hasten to the Count and deliver this immediately. Please, meet me back at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn in about two hours.” After two hours, Garrus will meet up with you as promised at the inn. He will approach you with, “I’ve come from speaking with Count Indarys, and I’ve news for you.” He will then tell what has transpired since you left him, “After speaking to the Count, and in light of the evidence you recovered, Ulrich has been removed from his post and arrested. Many guards are coming forward with more evidence of his greed, so it’s safe to say he’ll be spending quite a bit of time in the city dungeons. I’ve been promoted to the post of Captain of the Guard, and hope to return respect to the peacekeepers of this town. The Count and I thank you for helping bring Ulrich’s hold on Cheydinhal to an end, and for doing so without unnecessary bloodshed. As a token of our gratitude, as you did this at the risk of false imprisonment or perhaps your life, we reward you this bounty of gold. On behalf of the people of Cheydinhal, I thank you.” He will then hand you a leveled amount of gold. Asking him about Ulrich serving his sentence will have Garrus reassure, “Ulrich will be spending years in the city dungeons. This should give him plenty of time to reflect on what he’s done.” He will leave you with, “Until we meet again, may your travels be safe and the road remain clear.”

If you decide to go the murderous route to take care of Ulrich, Garrus will be alarmed, “I’m very disappointed in you. The proper way to do this would have been my way, but you chose bloodshed. I should have you arrested. However, since you aren’t fully at fault, I won’t report your involvement to the Count. Llevana, on the other hand, will pay for her crime. I’ll ensure that her stay in jail is not long. Obviously, I had no love for Ulrich, so I’ll do what I can on her behalf. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must speak to the Count. Please, meet me at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn in two hours.” Once again, Garrus will meet up with you at the inn after two hours, where he will say, “After speaking with the Count and reviewing your testimony, we decided to reduce Llevana’s sentence as she was acting for self-preservation. I’ve been promoted to the post of Captain of the Guard, and hope to return respect to the peacekeepers of this town. The Count and I thank you for helping bring Ulrich’s hold on Cheydinhal to an end, though we would have preferred having him brought up on charges.” The rest of the conversation will play out the same as the other scenario, the only difference being you will receive a slightly less amount of gold from Garrus for not resolving the situation peacefully. In either case, Garrus will now greet you with, “As always, you’re a welcome sight.”

Deciding to take the law into your own hands by slaying Ulrich yourself will have Garrus remark, “Although your intentions were good, your actions were despicable. Murder is the lowest form of revenge, and a road I would never dare to tread.”


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