Facts About Azurite – Description, Properties And Uses

Facts about Azurite-Description, Properties, and Uses


Azurite is a copper mineral that has a deep blue color called “Azure.” Azurite is derived from the Arabic word for blue. It is produced by weathering of copper ore deposits. It is also referred to as the “Stone of Heaven”.
Azurite has been used for thousands of years as a decorative stone for jewelry and ornamental objects. Early Egyptians thought that Azurite had the power to communicate with spirits.
Azurite has been used for many centuries as a pigment to give the unique blue color. It was used extensively in the paintings through the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe.
Native Americans used Azurite as a scared stone for communication with the Indian Spirit guides. Mayans have used Azurite for sacred communications.
Azurite is found in Australia, Chile, France, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, the South Western USA and Zaire. Samples of Azurite can be found displayed at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Description and Properties of Azurite
Azurite is soft and deep blue color that is unique only to this mineral stone. Azurite is found in groups of crystals in the natural form.
The crystals of Azurite are monoclinic and can be found as radiating, botryoidal or incrusting crystals (system of crystallization).
Azurite forms in nature when copper ores oxidize. Azurite changes into the mineral Malachite that is green as it absorbs water from the surrounding atmosphere over a period. Due to this. Azurite and Malachite are found existing next to each other. Azurite is also found with minerals such as limonite and chalcopyrite.
Azurite is highly unstable. When exposed to air it turns into green Malachite. In Astrology Azurite is associated with Zodiac, the sun sign of Sagittarius.

Healing Properties of Azurite
It is believed that the inherent properties of Azurite are supposed to act as liver stimulant, help in detoxification of the body, stimulates the production of thyroid hormones, encourages growth, stimulates brain and nerve activity, help to relieve mental stress, alleviates bone and joint problems, eases kidney, gall bladder and thyroid problems


Uses of Azurite

Azurite for healing
Azurite is supposed to have an inherent healing energy and helps to enhance health and wellbeing.
It is supposed to help in communication with higher spirits and also helps to enhance psychic awareness, psychic skills, and psychic abilities.

Azurite for meditation
Azurite is used for meditation to increase concentration and the positive flow of energy. It is supposed to help enter the state of meditation easily. It is believed that the presence of copper in Azurite helps to increase the flow of energy within the body.

Azurite used for jewelry
Azurite is used to make beads and ornamental stones. Azurite stones are fixed on rings and pendants for attaining benefits of Azurite.
Azurite heals emotional trauma from present and past lives at the mental level. It promotes karmic healing of negative energy patterns brought forward from other lifetimes. Azurite initiates intense transformation and transcendence. It encourages breakthroughs when a healing process seems stuck. Azurite dissolves emotional blocks and negativity. It will heal confusion, aid healers, mediators, and psychics. It will increase your healing abilities and visualization.
Azurite clears stress, worry, grief and sadness. It allows you to show your emotions in a new light. It transmutes fears and phobias and brings an understanding as to why they occurred in the first place.

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