Elite Level Relics 2

Direct Binding Million Djinns: 7700$

This special ritual is from our Elite collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


We will performa a ritual to bind to your aura and soul a Million Djinns. They will be at your service and obey your every commands, desires and wishes. They are extremely powerful Master Djinns, able to bring you vast amounts of money, lottery winnings, business success, precious metals, jeweleries, protect you from all kinds of harm, increase your physicals, spiritual and psychic powers, let you live more than 90 years easily, grant you excellent health, bring you a random lover, a certain person or a soulmate, cause harm to your enemies and much more…

They are loyal to their Keepers and will never harm them, their family, friends, pets, etc.

The ritual takes 5 days long and once completed, the djinns will present themselves to you and await your commands. You will be able to clearly see and hear them. They will fully open your third eye and let you see, hear and work with all kinds of spiritual entities.

What is your desire? The 1 Million Djinns are able to fulfill it easily and quickly.





Demonic Soul Engine Ritual Pack: 7650$

This is a demonic and dark arts offering! Cannot be used for healing, peace, mercy or similar purpose.


We wish to present our Demonic Soul Engine Ritual Pack from our elite collection. Only one will be ever offered here up for sale!

It includes a ring, an amulet, a bracelet, four spellcast candles, spellcast incense, four channeling stones, two demonic sigil scrolls, one demonic black mirror, one athame enchanted with various demonic magic, two demon oils, one demon elixir, a bag of special spiritual herbs and a wooden charging box.

This ritual pack contains the spiritual essence and powers of over Three Million demonic beings, including the Demons from the Infernal Hierarchy, Demons of the Goetia, Lilith, Nergal, Ereshkigal, Baphomet, Hecate, Pazuzu, Azrael, Samael, Azazel, their legionnaires, servitors and familiars plus countless devils, succubi and incubi, hellhounds, imps, archfiends, and other entities from The Hells.

It took our Coven over 90 days to properly enchant it with demonic evocations and invocations, avatar rituals, blood offerings, and other things that must remain unspoken. The end result is a true demonic masterpiece, that is radiating with dark demonic power and shadow-fire energies.

The ring is the main item and contains the spiritual essence and powers of over Three Million demonic beings.. It radiates with demonic dark power and hellfire. Just by holding it in your hands, will send intense energy wawes into your body. The first time you wear it, it will immediately form a perfect omnipotent Soul Bond between you and them. The Demonic Leaders will manifest to you in a special way, such as dark or fire energy orbs, in a mirror, as a fog, in their true demonic forms. They will place their spiritual hands upon your forehead and channel their dark-fire demonic spiritual essence and powers into you and start transfiguring your mind, body and soul into an Eternal Demon. The process can take up to 10 days long, during this time, your powers will manifest and you will be able to feel the demon blood, hellfire and dark powers inside you. When finished, your powers will reach overflow and they will manifest to you again and give you a new Demonic Name. You should discuss with them your desires in this world, what you want from them, how to work with demonic beings and other things. Once finished, they will bid farewell, things will return to normal and you will awaken from the trance state.

They will also awaken your demonic powers and from that point on, you will be able to clearly see, hear and work with the Three Million demonic beings and other demons whenever you desire. You will be bound to them and they will be bound to you for all eternity. You will possess a portion of their demonic powers and reborn as a demonic being.

The amulet is enchanted to be an eternal vortex, matrix and dimensional gate between our material world and The Hells. It will channel the powers of The Hells into your ritual area, allow all kinds of demonic beings to come and visit you to help you and serve you, and let you travel to their world using astral projection. You can easily turn off it’s powers, if you don’t want to be disturbed by demonic entities for a while. And you can also turn it on with a simple word of power included with it.

The bracelet is enchanted with shadow, blood and fire magic, powers and energies, fel essence, darkness, death essence, pain, suffering, fear, lust, carnal desires, sex and other things. Just by wearing it, you will be able to channel these in your spells and rituals to manifest your desires. These will not harm you, but only make you stronger.

The athame is enchanted with a demonic avatar ritual and specially empowered by Lucifer, Belial, Asmodeus, Beleth, Purson and Paimon. It is an excellent tool for performing demonic evocations, invocations and communications. Further, it also has a special demonic command and submission aura. It means, that you will be able to command all kinds of demonic beings easily and they will submit to your Will and obey your commands.

During the 15 days long demonic transfiguration process, your powers will grow steadily, have lucid dreams with demonic entities, feel more rage and power inside you than usual, have increased physical power and energies and your enemies will avoid you.

When the 15 days long have passed, you will be completely reborn as a Demonic Lord or Lady and reached Apotheosis, perfection of the soul and became immortal for all eternity. The Demonic Kings and Queens will manifest to you again, pull your soul out of your body and into The Hells, where they will show you many interesting and important things about demons, hellifre and other things. Listen to their words of wisdom and knowledge.

Once they are done with you, they will return your soul to your human body and awaken again in our material plane. A fiery surge will rush through you, that will never fade. Note everything important detail in a journal.

You became a Demonic Lord/Lady and forever a dark being. Eternity awaits.

Once you come into possession of this ritual pack and become a Demonic Lord/Lady, you will be able to do ANYTHING YOU DESIRE! You will have limitless demonic servants, servitors, familiars and legionnaires ready to obey you without question and carry out your limitless wishes.

You will achieve and enjoy wealth, power and sex like never before!

As a demon in the flesh of a human, your life will never be the same once you come into possession of the Demonic Soul Engine Ritual Pack and utilize it to fulfill your mortal and otherworldly desires.

The more you use these items and work with these demonic beings, the stronger the bond will become. Over time, they will know your deepest feelings, emotions, fears, desires and work towards fulfilling your unspoken commands.

They will never harm you in any way. But since this is a demonic and dark arts offering, we would only recommend it to experienced spirit keepers, who worked with demons before. Treat them with respect and they will become your eternal allies, teachers and comrades along your Demonic Path into Eternity.

They will often visit you to converse, give you advice or guidance, reveal special demonic words of power, spells and rituals unique to your soul and to help you in your life. You can always turn to them for help and intervention on your behalf in your times of need.

Lucifer, Azazel, Belial, Asmodeus, Beleth, Paimon, Lilith and the other Demonic Kings and Queens will become your eternal teachers in your demonic existence. They will help you to gain control over your demonic powers and energies, master them and fulfill your desires.

They will create a special shadow-fire-demonic shield around your mind, body and soul. It will protect you from all kinds of harm, injury, accident, bad luck, slander, theft, jealousy, illness, disease, black magic attack, curse, hex, etc. and return them back to the sender with magnified force.

Their names, full powers, etc. will be revealed to the new Master or Mistress.

No bonding ritual is required. Just by wearing the ring, amulet and bracelet, you will be able to connect, see, hear and work with these demonic beings.


The new user of this ritual pack will obtain…

Demonic Magic, Powers And Manipulation

Overall Good Health

Long Life

Resistance To Illnesses And Diseases

Astral Projection

Mind Control


Mind Reading

Vast Wealth





Open Third Eye

Ability To Clearly See And Hear Spiritual Entities



Enchanced Senses

Darkness Generation

Demon Summoning

Demonic Consciousness

Lucid Dreams

Future Visions

Increases Magical Power





Demonic Creation And Destruction


Poison Immunity

Energy Absorption, Replication And Manipulation

Dark Powers


Reverse Aging Process

Astral Time Travel

Absolute Existence





Good Luck

Heat Generation

Shadow Manipulation

Instant Results

Demonic Awareness

And Much More…






Ancient Egyptian Demon Goddess Ring: 7600$

This special and one-of-a-kind ring was gifted to us by a Sorcerer friend from Egypt. After using it and working with the Demon Goddess for quite a while, she requested us to offer it up to a new worthy Master or Misress.

This Ancient Demon Goddess is looking for a new Keeper and apprentice, who wishes to become a Sorcerer/Witch. She wants to teach her demonic magics to a worthy individual.

No bonding ritual is required. She will bond with you just by wearing the ring on your finger and chanting her name.

The Demon Goddess will teach you wealth magic, mind control, astral projection, love and sex magic, healing magic, spiritual time travel, divination, scrying, black magick, weather magic, astral shape shifting and much more…

She will be your teacher, friend and guide on your path, protect you from all kinds of danger and harm and will never harm you, your family, your friends, pets, etc.

Wherever you place this ring, it will open a vortex and gateway between our world and her demonic realm and her servitor demons will often visit you, fulfill your eternal desires and bestow upon you their demonic blessings.


Working with the Demon Goddess, you will obtain…

Vast Wealth

Lottery Success


Mind Control

Mass Manipulation

Supernatural Wisdom

Esoteric Secrets

Power Over Dark Powers

Astral Projection

Astral Time Travel

Astral Shapeshifting

Long Life

Demonic Blessings

Open Third Eye

Ability To See And Hear Spiritual Entities

Demonic Beauty

Immense Success

Increased Intelligence

Supernatural Sexual Prowess

Psychic Abilities

Control Over The Fire Element



Mind Reading

Supernatural Agility, Strength And Vitality

And Much More..


We will provide all necessary information (her name, powers, etc.) to the worthy Keeper.

We will include with this ring two spellcast candles, a special demon oil, one channeling stone, incense and a wooden charging box.







Dark Ritual Of The Eternal Demonic Council: 7550$

This is a dark arts offering with demons. Cannot be used for healing or similar benevolent purpose.


The Dark Ritual of the Eternal Demonic Council is from our Master collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale. This is a 10 days long ritual, that we perform on your behalf.

We will summon forth the Eternal Demonic Council and they will bestow their dark powers upon the new Master or Mistress.

The Dark Ritual of the Eternal Demonic Council is not something to be taken lightly. Understand that the Eternal Demonic Council is only interested in those willing to look deep within themselves, deciding once and for all what they truly want out of life. Do you want to be someone who begs for scraps, or do you want to be something with an extraordinary degree of control? This control will be not only over the particulars of your own life. This control, which can also be described as powers achieved with a connection to your true psychic potential, will also extend to other people and situations.

The council is eager to bestow their powers and secrets upon a Chosen One. Could this be you? Are you ready to take the things in life you know you desire and deserve? If so, you are going to find this ritual to be everything you ever could have imagined. Take advantage of unrestrained access to demonic secrets and forbidden knowledge. Using astral projection and other gifts, you will be able to lock into the true force of your psychic potential. You will not only know what you want out of life, but you will also know what needs to be done, in order to obtain those things.

Through third eye enlightenment, you will be able to do more than you ever could have imagined. Communication with the spirits, as well as the ability to connect to their powers, is just the beginning. You will suddenly find yourself wielding one of the most powerful conditions possible. These dark forces will take your desires, and combine them seamlessly with their powers and secrets. You will suddenly find yourself being able to take everything your heart desires. From love, to great wealth, and considerable power, you will be able to do whatever you want. It will ultimately be up to you to explore these gifts to their fullest potential. Are you up for the challenge?

Fulfil your material wealth desires, as well as your desires to be loved and adored. Do you want to be even more successful in your job? Do you want to take the world by storm with an entirely new profession? How about traveling? Do you want to see the world? Do you want glory and success to follow you wherever you may go? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready for everything this ritual has to offer. At this point, it should be easy to see that this ritual can offer just about anything you have in mind. This can be taken to mean that your spirit will have the deepest possible connections to the spirit world, as well as beyond.

Yet you will not be communicating with mere spirits. This is something that we insist you keep in mind. We are talking about some of the darkest forces in the universe. Their power can be a terrifying thing to behold in certain circumstances. To be sure, this ritual is really only going to work for those who are serious about what they want. These powers and desires exist within you. Some do not want to connect these things to the darker forces that guide our universe. Some find the concept to be much too intimidating. It is curious indeed how some respond, when they are given the opportunity to have power and control over not only their destiny, but the destinies of those around them. Some would rather live life quietly and unremarkably.

Does that describe you? If so, it is perhaps best to turn around now. If it doesn’t describe you, then you are someone who knows what they want. You are someone who knows what they would like to take from life, claiming it as their own. It is simply a matter of getting a little push. You need something that will bring your desires and powers together in the most extraordinary fashion possible. This is where the Dark Ritual of the Eternal Demonic Council can prove useful. This is the key you have been searching for. All you need to do is take the key, which is the ritual itself, and open the door to your true potential. We aren’t just talking about being a little smarter. We are talking about combining extraordinary power with exceptional good fortune. Things will come into your life. So will people. This ritual will give you the power to take advantage of anything you would like to claim for yourself. This can include material wealth, power over others, love, and so much more. Simply put, whatever your heart desires will be within your reach. It is up to you to use these powers to define your destiny as you see fit.

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. This is the chance to show the world what you are truly all about. From having the power to shift others to your perspective, to having the wealth you need to assume your rightful place in the world, the Dark Ritual of the Eternal Demonic Council is just what you have been looking for. From astral projection, to clear communication with the darker spirits of the universe, there is literally no end to what this ritual can do for you.

All you have to do is be ready for everything it has to offer. If you can do that, the ritual will do the rest.

All necessary information (names of the Eternal Demonic Council, full powers and other relevant information) will be provided to the new Master or Mistress.


We will send you with this ritual an amulet, that contains the spiritual essence and powers of the Eternal Demonic Council, two spellcast candles, spellcast incense, two channeling stones, two demon oils, sigil scroll, a bag of special spiritual herbs and a wooden charging box.







Vessel Of Creation And Destruction: 7500$

The Vessel of Creation and Destruction is from our Master collection! Only one was ever crafted and enchanted.

This extremely powerful vessel contains the spiritual essence and powers of 20,000 Ianerol Entities. The Ianerol are half angels and half demons and possess the power to create and destroy anything they desire.

They exist in a plane called Nanthcarna, where spiritual power is limitless and the plane is filled with pure arcane energies.

Included with this vessel is a ring, candles, incense, sacred herbs and roots, channeling stone, sigil scroll and a chalice.

The ring acts as a transfiguration relic and dimensional portal to Nanthcarna. Upon wearing the ring, it creates an eternal unbreakable bond between you and the 20,000 Ianerol entities and they will pull you into the astral plane. There, the 20,000 Ianerol will channel their spiritual powers into you to transfigure your mind, body and soul into an Ianerol and you will be immortal and possess the powers of creation and destruction. The vessel is enchanted to be an open vortex and it will make your home an open crossroad to Nanthcarna. The Ianerol entities will often visit you to converse, give you advice and help you to fulfill your desires.

The user of the Vessel of Creation and Destruction will gain…

Astral Projection

Eternal Youth And Immortality

Open Third Eye

Dimensional Travel

Time Travel

Extreme Wealth and Abundance



Eternal Protection Against Illnesses, Diseases, Bad Luck, Harm, Black Magic And Curses

Spiritual Ascension

The Power To Create And Destroy ANYTHING You Desire

Create Races, Entities, Spiritual Gates, Portals

Channel Pure Spiritual And Magical Powers With Your Fingers

Increased Psychic Powers

Excellent Health

Eternal Life

Godlike Powers

Ancient Power, Wisdom And Knowledge

And much more…


The use of the Vessel of Creation and Destruction are LIMITLESS. After you became an Immortal Ianerol, NOTHING will be able to stop you.

Do you wish to gain control over your destiny and wield the powers of creation and destruction?

The 20,000 Ianerol call to YOU. Are you ready to answer their call?