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Dark Demonic Goddess Ring: 7950$

The Dark Demonic Goddess Ring is from our elite collection. Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.

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Understand in no uncertain terms that the Dark Demonic Goddess Ring is not a healing ring. It is not designed for those who seeking the powers of peace, mercy, or any other purpose along such lines. This ring contains both the powers and spiritual essence of the ancient, glorious Dark Demonic Goddess. For anyone considering what this ring has to offer, it is important to keep these facts in mind at all times. You must be someone who desires only the finest things in life. In other words, you must have ambition. You can most certainly apply that thought to everything you stand to gain from the Dark Demonic Goddess Ring.


This ring has been spellcast with the most advanced ceremonial black magick spells known to our universe. This is strictly a ring for those who desire the benefits, as well as the considerations, of dark magic. You will be connected to the Dark Demonic Goddess through this ring, which acts as something of a conduit. Her dark gifts are for those who understand without question that power is more important than anything else. Power, wealth, fame, flawless personal health, and protection in every imaginable way. You will yield total control over not only your body and mind, but over the circumstances that swirl around you. You will have the recognition, respect, and obedience of others.


Dark forces are being called forth to do your bidding. This is what it means to be connected to the ring. You will understand that we are not victims of fate. Simply put, we are subject to the whims of those who yield power over us. These are people who understand that if you want to be successful in life, you must have power. From power, you will find influence, glory, success, and the ability to dictate the fortunes of others. If you are still reading about this Dark Demonic Goddess Ring, then you are closer to such power than you have ever been at any other time in your life.


Whatever you desire from life, this ring will make it so. You have found the path to fulfillment on every imaginable level. It begins by putting this ring on. You will feel its powers pulsating through your mind, body, and soul at once. You will see things with a clarity that may perhaps frighten you at first. Do not be afraid. This is what it truly means to have power. The advantages and opportunities inherit in this ring will be unlike anything you have ever even dreamed of. This primal magic will begin to work by giving you centuries of dark, secretive, and perhaps even dangerous magic. You will conquer everything that is put before you. The advantages this ring will bring to your life will go to work at once. The end result is a life that will surprise you over and over again. If you have ever desired the chance to seek revenge over those who have harmed you, the Dark Demonic Goddess Ring will make that possible. Understand that this ring is perfect for those who dream of having mastery over others. This can translate to dominating and controlling your enemies. You can also extend these thoughts to your love life. Those who wish to conquer the hearts of those they desire will find it not only possible to do so through this ring, but quite easy, as well. Your life is going to be changed forever. Through this ring, you will have the powers that connect you to abundance, success, and influence. Manipulation and domination will be gifts that come to you as easily as a light breeze.


The powers of darkness will be yours. The Dark Demonic Goddess has blessings for those who wish to profit from dark magic in a variety of different ways. One of the gifts associated with this ring that is certainly worth mentioning is just how quickly the magic of this ring is going to go to work in your life. There is no complex bonding ceremony to consider. You do not have to wait for the influence and gifts of this ring to begin to work. Everything happens from the first moment in which you affix the ring to your person. Simply holding the ring will allow you to feel its dark, lush powers. The aura of these powers will surround you, while swirling through the fibers of your soul. It is not an exaggeration to say that this ring is truly something that must be experienced in person. Mere words cannot fully do justice to everything the Dark Demonic Goddess Ring will place at your feet.


Whatever you ask, whatever you desire, the Dark Demonic Goddess Ring will give it to you. For example, if you are tired of watching other people take your opportunities, this is a ring that can change things. Suddenly, you will be the one who receives these opportunities. Those who mocked and scorned you will feel your wrath, as they suddenly turn to you for acceptance and leadership. Those who have hurt you will suddenly feel the need to give themselves wholly to you. This is what it means to have true power in this world. Those who have such power set the pace for virtually everyone and everything around them. You can be one such person. It is a matter as simple as trusting what this ring will do.


The opportunity for happiness, wealth, protection, mind power, and guidance is now. Limitless power and demonic might will be just two gifts that flow through you. Through shadow magic, you will achieve long life as easily as the ability to benefit from demonic communication. Mind control, seduction, and profound sexual powers are other ways to benefit from the benefits of this ring. There is nothing to stop you from taking advantage of these facts. This is a ring that you have secretly desired all your life. Even if you are just now learning about the ring, this will prove to be the case.


Her name, full powers, etc. will be revealed to the new Keeper.


We will send you with this ring three spellcast candles, spellcast incense, channeling stone, two demonic oils, one sigil scroll, a demonic black mirror, a bag of special spiritual herbs and a wooden charging box.





Mega Demon Transfiguration Ritual: 7900$


Our Coven decided to offer our Mega Demon Transfiguration Ritual to three worthy Masters or Mistresses. Only three will be here up for sale!


Our Coven will perform a 15 days long ritual on your behalf to completely transfigure your mind, body and soul into a Demon King or Queen. Your whole being will transform into an unparraleled Demonic Ruler.

Let the powers of Hell and Lucifer flow through your whole being and obtain omnipotent demonic powers.

You will shed your old self and reborn as a Demon King/Queen. You will have legions of demons serving you and fulfilling your limitless desires.

The demons will be your eternal friends and allies. They will never harm you and always ready to help you and serve you. You will be able to soul travel to the Hells and back whenever you desire.


As the new Demon King/Queen, you will gain…

Demonic Powers

Astral Projection


Dark Powers

Super Intelligence



Mind Reading

Mind Control

Eternal Youth and Immortality

Total Immunity Against Illnesses, Diseases, Curses, Bad Luck, Gossip, Slander

Overall Good Health

Supernatural Strength, Power, Beauty, Charisma, Endurance

Instant Riches

Good Luck

Ability To Clearly See And Speak With Supernatural Entities

Astral Shapeshifting

Control Over Others

See And Speak With Dead Souls And Supernatural Entities

Infinite Knowledge, Power And Energy



Multi Dimensional Power, Wisdom And Knowledge

Ascension And Soul Travel To Other Planes

Worldly Power

Revenge Upon Your Enemies

Extreme Success

Job Promotions

Increased Ability To Utilize Life Force Energy

Increased Sexual Energy And Performance

Heightened Ability To Control Your Body

And much more…


We will also send you a special demon ring, one black candle, one red candle, one sigils scroll, demon oil, demon chalice and demon blood. You will drink the demon blood from the demon chalice and it will empower our rituals to transfigure your mind, body and soul into a Demon King/Queen.


Lucifer wants three worthy Masters/Mistresses to join him in Hell and become Demon Kings/Queens.

Do you wish to obtain omnipotent demonic powers? Are you ready to become a Demon?

Lucifer calls to YOU! Can you hear him?






Elevenfold Draconic Blessing Ring: 7850$

This is a neutral arts offering. Because these powers can be used for both good (healing) and evil (death).


We wish to present a special gem from our elite collection. Enter the Elevenfold Draconic Blessing Ring. Only one will be ever offered here up for sale!


It was enchanted with draconic magic, spells, spellcodes and rituals, hellfire water, black power, iron essence  and a Draconic Matrix over three full moon cycles. It contains the spiritual essence and powers of Eleven Draconic Lords and Ladies and their servitors of high dragons, drakes, dragonlings, draconic ascendants and other dark beings.


It was enchanted with 11 Unique Powers and you will obtain all these, once you come into possession of this ring and utilize it to fulfill your mortal and otherworldly desires.

1st: Draconic Essence – The ring will passively generate and store draconic essence in itself and whenever you wear it, the draconic essence will enter your being, increase the power of your mind, body and soul, grant you increased strength, long life and vitality.

2nd: Protection – The Draconic Lords and Ladies will create a special draconic spiritual shield with their magic. It will protect you from all kinds of harm, injury, accident, bad luck, slander, theft, illness, disease, black magic attack, curse, hex, etc. and repel them back to the sender elevenfold. You can rest peacefully, that once you come into possession of this ring, that these things won’t be able to touch you.

3rd: Good Health – The ring will grant it’s wearer overall good health, resistance to normal illnesses and diseases and overall well being. Sorrow, fatigue, nightmares and similar things will disappear from your life after wearing it for just a few days.

4th: Love, Sex and Lust – They will gladly help you to fulfill your carnal desires. Be it just a just a new love with a random person, sexual binding on a chosen victim, your soul mate, orgies or just to get laid, they can help you to achieve it. They can also help bisexual and homosexual spirit keepers.

5th: Third Eye Enlightenment – The ring’s energies will fully awaken and open your third eye, remove chakra blockades and allow the proper amount of energy to flow throughout your body. You will be able to clearly see, hear and work with all kinds of spiritual beings.

6th: Draconic Magic – The draconic entities will let you possess draconic magic, powers, generation and manipulation. You can learn to master it, channel it to empower your spells and rituals, use it for hands-on healing, create draconic spiritual spears and thrust them into your enemies to obliterate them, cleansing, rejuvenation, fate weawing, light-shadow generation, aura reading and other things.

7th: Wealth – They will grant the new keeper limitless wealth, prosperity and riches. Money will flow to you from every direction, be it a job promotion, gambling, gifts, business success, increased sales, won lawsuits, inheritance, lottery jackpot, treasure, and other things. You won’t have to worry about poverty and paying the bills once you possess this ring.

8th: Future Sight – They will grant you future sight, allowing to see into the future. It will come to you in dreams, using a scrying mirror or crystal ball, in the astral winds, spirits telling you about future events, water gazing, fire divination, tarot cards and other mediums. You can use it for random or chosen events, when you wish to divine the future.

9th: Mind Control – The Draconic Lords and Ladies will gladly help you to control others, turn them into your sex slaves, make them submit to you, obey your commands and let you do with them whatever you desire. They delight in breaking the victim’s mind, turn him/her into your mindless thrall, who will obey you without question. You can tell the lords and ladies the level of control you desire over someone, be it simple dominance or submission. You can also use this ring to make someone leave your life completely and never return.

10th: Astral Projection – They grant their Keeper the ability to easily and quickly astral project. You will be able to travel to your neighbour in the astral plane, to another city or country, the Draconic Realms, to the Heavens or Hells, to other planes of existence, to the Underworld, Higher Realms and wherever you desire in the astral realms. You will be safe from harm during your travels and able to properly return to your body and awaken in our material world.

11th: Life and Death – This ring will grant you power over Life and Death and draconic spiritual immortality. You will be able to create, channel and weave the spiritual essence and powers of live and death however you wish. Your soul will be transfigured into a draconic entity with true draconic powers. You can restore youth and vitality, end life easily and create spiritual egregores as you desire.


The names of the Draconic Lords and Ladies, full powers, etc. will be revealed to the new Keeper.

No bonding ritual is required. Just by wearing the ring, you will be able to connect with the entities bound to the ring and see, hear and work with them easily.


We will send you with this ring three spellcast candles, spellcast incense, three channeling stones, one draconic sigil scroll, two draconic oils, one draconic elixir, one grey mirror enchanted with draconic magic, a bag of special spiritual herbs and a wooden charging box.






Demonic Soul Fusion Ritual: 7800$

The Demonic Soul Fusion Ritual is from our Elite collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.

It’s a dark arts offering, cannot be used for healinr or similar benevolent purpose.


We will conjure forth the ruling Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies, and other high ranking denizens of the Hells on your behalf and make them perform a special ritual to grant you demonic powers. The demons involved in this ritual are Lucifer, Satan, Belial, Azazal, Asmodeus, Paimon, Beelzebub, Lilith, Astaroth and other demonic entities. They will grant you a portion of their demonic essence and powers and you will be bound with them with a special demonic soul bond.

The rituals take 10 days long and once finished, you will possess omnipotent demonic powers. You will be able to manipulate, dominate and control others easily, obtain vast wealth with your demonic allies, make others love you or turn others into your sex slaves, fully open your third eye and awaken your astral senses, gain authority, respect, increased psychic powers, eternal youth and immortality, complete immunity against illnesses and diseases, visit the Hells, other spiritual realms and planes of existence using astral projection, gain masterful control over the fire element, dark powers to easily perform your spells and rituals and much more…

An extremely powerful and everlasting hellfire shield will be formed around your mind, body and soul. It will protect you from all kinds of danger, accidents, fear, bad luck, slander, theft, incoming magic attacks, curses and hexes.

The demonic entities, who took part in the ritual will become your eternal friends and allies. They will often visit you to converse, give you advice or guidance, lend you their aid, teach you occult secrets and esoteric knowledge and how to master your demonic powers and fulfill your desires.


We will include with this ritual two spellcast candles, spellcast incense, channeling stone, demon oil, a special demonic amulet and a wooden charging box.






Psionic Queen Ritual Pack: 7750$

This is a neutral arts offering, because psionic magic can be used for both good (healing) and ill (revenge).


We wish to present our Psionic Queen Ritual Pack from our elite collection. Only one will be ever offered here up for sale!

This ritual pack contains the spiritual essence and powers of a Psionic Queen and her legions of psionic and quantum spirits, egregores, servitors, familiars and legionnaires. It was enchanted with psionic and quantum spells, spellcodes and rituals and lunar magic over a 60 days long period.

It includes a ring, amulet, bracelet, three spellcast candles, spellcast incense, three channeling stones, one psionic magic sigil scroll, one quantum magic sigil scroll, one psionic oil, one quantum oil, a white mirror enchanted with both psionic and quantum magic, a bag of special spiritual herbs and a wooden charging box.

The ring is the main item, contains the spiritual essence and powers of the Psionic Queen and her legions of spirits and works as a perfect invocation and evocation relic. You can also use to to achieve tow-way communication with the Psionic Queen and her legions of spirits.

It radiates with divine power, psionic and quantum essence. Just by holding it, will send intense energy wawes into your hands. The first time you put it on your finger, it will immediately form an eternal, omnipotent Soul Bond between you and the Psionic Queen. She will manifest to you in a special way, such as a psionic energy orb, a white fog or in her true form. She will place her spiritual hands upon your forehead, channel her eternal psionic powers and essence into you and awaken your mind, body and soul with psionic energies. She will also grant you a portion of her eternal being. You will be bound to her and she will be bound to you for all eternity from this point on.

The amulet is enchanted to be an eternal psionic-quantum vortex, portal and perfect two-way dimensional gate between our material world and the plane, where the Psionic Queen lives. You will be able to travel there using astral projection and she and her legions of entities are also able to visit you and fulfill your eternal commands. Wherever you place the amulet, it will take on the planar essence and powers of the psionic world. Simply wear it, and it will fuel your psionic soul with power and energy. Then you can unleash it in your spells and rituals to manifest your wishes.

The bracelet is enchanted with pure life essence, healing and psionic powers. When you wear it, it will passively and automatically send healing energies into your mind, body and soul. You will never feel week or ill after you possess and wear this bracelet.

The Psionic Queen will transfigure your mind, body and soul into a Psionic Lord or Lady over a 20 days long period. Your whole being will be filled with psionic and quantum powers, your energy levels will grow steadily, you will be able to feel the big changes inside you during the process. It is not painful at all.

When the 20 days long period has passed, she will manifest to you again and invite you into Eternity as an eternal friend and ally on the Immortal Path.

She will become your eternal friend, ally and teacher along your path. She is here to help you, learn and master your psionic and quantum powers, gain control over your life, master it and fulfill your mortal and otherworldly desires. She will often visit you to converse, give you advice or guidance, reveal special words of power, spells and rituals unique to you and help you in your life.

You can always turn to help, advice, guidance and intervention in a case on your behalf in your times of need. Just wear the ring in a meditative state and tell her about your problem and what you desire to happen. She or one of her servitor spirits will come to your aid and help you.

After possessing these items and working with the Psionic Queen, your life will take a whole different turn. Negative energies, entities and people will be banished from your life. You will enjoy new friendships, love, peace, happiness, good health, new opportunities and limitless power.

Your powers will skyrocket, your ability to work with spiritual entities becomes second nature as well as astral projection to visit the astral planes and other planes of existence.

She will create a special psionic-quantum magic shield around your mind, body and soul. It will protect you from all kinds of harm, injury, accident, bad luck, slander, theft, jealousy, illness, disease, black magic attack, curse, hex, etc. and repel them back to the sender three-fold.

Her name, full powers, etc. will be revealed to the new Keeper.

No bonding ritual is required. Just by wearing the ring, amulet and bracelet, you will be able to connect, see, hear and work with the Psionic Queen.


The new user of this ritual pack will obtain…

Psionic Magic, Powers And Manipulation

Quantum Magic, Powers And Manipulation

Eternal Youth And Immortality

Vast Wealth

Astral Projection

Open Third Eye



Control Over Others

Revenge Upon Your Enemies



Increased Sexual Prowess



Resistance To Illnesses And Diseases

Overall Good Health

Healing Powers



Mind Reading



Energy Absorption And Replication

Astral Time Travel

Instant Results

Limitless Success

Job Promotions

Increased Sales



Poison Immunity

Absolute Existence

Enchanced Senses

Aura Sight


Lucid Dreaming

Future Sight And Visions

Increased Magical Prowess

Higher Consciousness

And Much More…