Christina expresses her displeasure to Chinweoke, and asks a few questions that perhaps a real victim may ask.

dear Chinweoke

i am very disappointed that the so called security company are asking me
for £1,250.00 for “court litigation and change of ownership” fees.

i am certainly not going to send such an amount of money to a company i
have never heard of.

i am not happy at all about this and i will require further proof from them
that they are who they say they are. i will certainly not be dealing with any
company that does not have an official email address.

i am sorry but at this point in time i feel uncomfortable dealing with
that company.


christina gilliam


Chinweoke of course has an excuse for every occasion:

My Dear Christina,

It is unfortunate about your encounter with the security company, please you should know that here is Africa and can never be compared with that of London or other civilized country of the world.

I went there yesterday when I met the director and I informed him that you shall be contacting them for the release of the consignment as you are now ready to withdraw your consignment with them and he said that I should let you contact them so that they will give you the prospectus for the release of the box.

Please Dear Christina, you should understand that this is the reason why I asked you to come down so that both of us can go to the security company hand inhand as to put all this problems to bed, once and for all. I do not know what to do as I am here, please I will urge you to get a new passport and come down here.

Just help me my dear, I do not have any other hope rather than this funds, but it is quite unfortunate that you have found some irregularities of the security company but you have to understand that we here in Africa are at the bottom of the world famous developing countries and that things done here are beneath the standard as in other countries.

I was rejoicing in my heart that you will help me, I do not know what I can just say again, what troubles my heart is the fact that I may not live to complete this withdrawal in this kind of agorny. If I have the money, I would not have requested you to pay them, all this helps to shorten my brighter future days but I hand it all over to God.

Please my dear, what can I do now? Since you cannot pay the money to them, please find means and come down here so that we will complete and I will follow you back to London, I am very sure of the company, other of there details are good and correct, I visited their office yesterday at Treichville, please you should understand that I believe and have all my hope in you as I said in my last email, please think of how to settle with them so that they will move the consignment to you.

As soon as you have received the consignment, kindly deduct this £1,250.00 before contacting me for any update. I cannot in any form, try to make you unhappy because you mean so much to me and I will always keep my sounds of praise and prayers to God on you behalf. I am looking forward to your email, please give me your telephone call time so that we can speak, I need to hear your voice Christina.

God bless you,



dear Chinweoke.

i am sorry to disappoint you however i am not going to send such a large
amount of money with out some kind of guarantee that i will not lose
it. the amount of money is not a problem to me, i am quite wealthy,
however at the same time i am not stupid. i will not send money to the
other side of the world to a company that i have never heard of and does
not appear to exist on the internet.

i have a proposition for you. if you agree to pay the £250 then i will
pay the £1,000.




My Dear Christina,

Thanks a million, God will bless you in hundred folds, please I have to run niw to sell my late mothers pot of jewelry in order to raise the money. It is around Five Hundred Dollars if converted. Please contact the security company now to send them the money so that they will make the shipment by tomorrow.

My Dear Chritina, I am so happy and does not know where and how to start saying thank you for this help, God will never let you down. I am waiting for your urgent response.




Of course, Christima realises that Chinweoke *may* be trying to pull a fast one (she’s a clever victim!) so she ensures Chinweoke will definitely front up his part of the cash:

dear Chinweoke

you will need to send the £250 to me (as proof that you are actually
paying the money) and then i will forward the total £1,250 to the
security company. once you have the £250 ready to send please contact me
and i will give you my details.

hopefully we can quickly complete this project quickly now.




Surprise surprise; Chinweoke just can’t seem to raise the funds.

Dear Christina,

Thanks for your email, please note that I have just gone to see the Aboki people in regards to the pot of jewelry and to be sincere to you, they are not talking good about the price since it is second hand gold.

This situation makes to cry so much becase all this while even at my condition, I have never for one day remembered or tried to dispose this jewelries because these are things that I have reserved to bring to you as present and also preserve and keep the rest in my family archive.

I took my father’s 18Th century gold wrist watch and my mother’s pendants and necklesses to the Aboki people who buys all the second hand gold but they are pricing this items very low, these are items that normally will cost about a thousand dollars but they are just pricing it 200 dollars because of the fact that they are second hand.

At present, I am very confused and do not even know what to do because I do not want to sale this and regrete at last if I could not raise up to the amount that you have asked me to come up with. Please advise me on what to do, this will probably delay this shipment to you and it is difficult for me to get this money if I cannot sale this gold at the normal price.

I am very ready to send the money to you if I have it, I can send you my pictures with that of my brother who is in the hospital. You should help me please, I am very confused at this moment. I am waiting for your email.




Our victim has decided the risk is too great.

dear Chinweoke

i am sorry but for now i do not want to continue with this deal any
more. please seek another partner.

good luck.



To save time and space, I’ll give you a brief rundown of what happened next. There were a couple of dozen emails shared where Chinweoke tried his hardest to convince Christina to send the money, but she wasn’t having any of it. Chinweoke then decided he wasn’t going to get anything out of this particular victim and left her alone. We join the story two weeks later:

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