dear Chinweoke

i am just checking to ensure that you managed to find somebody else to
help you. i know that we both did not come to any agreement on how to
continue however as a christian i thought it was my duty to enquire if
you have managed to get somebody to help you. i hope that you have.

best regards

christina gilliam


My Dear Christina,

Thanks for your email, I was very disappointed when you told me that I should look for another person. It was as if my life was ended so I decided to commit every thing to God in prayer to provide me with someone who will help me.

Really since you left me, I have cried so bitterly but I could write you hence you have told me that you were afraid that I should look for another person. It is very difficult to me here but I thank God who every thing the way it pleases him.

I have though of many bady strucks but I decided to keep more closer to my creator. Thanks for your caring, I have no one to contact again and will not contact any body again, if you want to help me, God will not let you down.

Contact the security company and make the change of ownership for me, I have tried all the best I could to sell my mother’s box of jewels but the Aboki people kept on pricing it like crayfish so I was just disappointed and decided to keep it for any body who will assist me, I will not sell it again because I believe that the spirit of my parents will not be happy with me if I do.

Thank you my dear Christina, you have really done bibblically and God will add more grace to your elbow. I have never forgotten you in my prayers though you dropped me on the way, I pray that God will give you that which is your heart desire.

God bless you,



Lets see if we can get a real photo of Chinweoke to go with the passport picture that he sent to Thomas Cook.

dear Chinweoke

i am sorry for the delay in replying. i have spent the last two days
finally completing my divorce settlement with my husband and this
important matter has been taking up a lot of my time.

please will you forward me your contact telephone number and i will
endeavor to call you to discuss your request.

i want to know that if i decide to help you (i have not yet made a
decision) how long this project will take. i do not want to waste many
weeks with this because i am planning to take a holiday to visit my
children who are staying with my ex-husband for the next 8 weeks. i need
to ensure that there will be no hold ups at all.

also please will you send me a scan of your personal photo to me so i
know who i am dealing with?

thank you and i am looking forward to your reply




Dear Christina,

Thanks for your email, I am sorry for my delay please, I have to get where I can scan my pics before I will send it to you. Pls find attached KLK my pics as you have requested.

You can call me at 00225098XXXXX [Yet another number that Chinweoke has also given to Thomas Cook] any time, I will like to have any alternative number from your side which I can also use to be reaching you.

Please send my regards to your daughter, I will be expecting your email and also let me know if you have contacted the security company and what is their reaction.

God Bless You,


Chinweoke attaches his picture. This time it’s fake. I know this because this particular photo is very familiar to veteran scambaiters, having been sent out by many different scammers on hundreds of occasions. Why these guys insist on sending out the same old photos time after time beats me!:


dear Chinweoke

thank you for your reply and your attached photo. you look very
familiar to me, i am sure i have seen you before however of course that
would be impossible.

i am willing to help you out in your current situation now, however i do
not feel comfortable sending any money directly to the security company.
as they are in the same country to you maybe it will be better for me
to send the money to you so that you can go around to see them in person
to pay the money? that way we can ensure that they hand over what is
required immediately and you will be there to oversee that everything
goes according to plan.

if you agree to that then please let me know how to send the money to
you. i presume you have a bank account that i can transfer the money

ensure you get back to me as quickly as possible.




Dear Christina,

Thanks for your email, I want you to understand that we will soon meet in person as soon as this consignment is withdrawned so then I will come over. I am not afraid about you sending the money to the security company. [Of course not Chinweoke, YOU are the security company!] I do not have any bank account at present, my bank was one of the banks that was bankrupted here during the war and left us empty after the war.

I give you the name of my friend who has a passport so that you can use and send it via western union money transfer hence I do not have any passport at the moment. Here is his detail:

Address: Coccody Angrey, Abidjan Cote D’ Ivoire

[Well what do you know? These are the exact payment details that Chinweoke has given to Thomas Cook – what a coincidence…. I don’t think!]

This is will be more easier and convinient for me because I do not show up much around the city as I am sure that the eyes of those people who killed is still in look out for me. I am just living with fear and in calm hoping that God will end up this situation one day.

Thanks for your response, please give me any number which I can use to reach you so that we can talk or call me on the number that I have given to you. I shall expect your response.




Lets see what Mr. Nwauzor’s passport looks like shall we?

hello Chinweoke

thankyou for your information. please can you supply me with a scan of
mr. nwauzors passport please. i will need this as id to give to the uk
western union when i make the payment.




Dear Christina,

I have finally gotten the passport from Mr. Nwauzor, I have attached the passport here so that you can use it and go to the western union and make the payment.

Get back to me as soon as you have made it.



Chinweoke attaches his passport, but unlike the previous one, this one is definitely fake! This leads me to believe that the previous passport is actually Chinweoke ‘s real one.

We’ll leave Chinweoke and Christina for now, and return to Thomas Cook….

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