Constantly Seeking Ways To Broaden Your Psychic And Intuitive Abilities?

Constantly seeking ways to broaden your psychic and intuitive abilities?


That’s why this is one crystal you’ll want to add to your collection. Believed by many current practitioners to awaken your divine ability, azurite’s metaphysical powers are often used to balance inner vision and spiritual guidance. It’s also commonly selected by those wanting to enter a meditative state in order to channel spirit or to participate in out of body experiences.
That said, it’s not just in today’s world that Azurite has been put to good use: throughout history this stone has been veiled with mystery and praised as a stand-out psychic tool. The Ancient Chinese named it the ‘stone of heaven’, believing it to open celestial gateways, and it was held in high esteem by the Greeks and Romans for its powerful healing properties, too.

Work your energy
This crystal’s deep colour is said to encapsulate the vibrations of the blue ray and to resonate with the frequencies of the higher chakras, namely the third eye. The stone can be used on this chakra to activate the pineal gland – the home of our psychic ability – unleashing your full potential in relation to clairvoyance, intuition and channeling. With this in mind, it’s not uncommon for the stone to be used to guide people to enlightenment. What’s more, Azurite is often used to work with the crown chakra to boost the user’s connection with the divine. It is also said to be useful in strengthening communication and psychic talents when used at the throat chakra. Assisting wearers to receive and accurately interpret spirit messages, it’s little wonder that it’s a strong tool for readers and intuitives…

Break free
Aside from emotional assistance, this treasure can be handy in day-to-day life. Business-folk take note: azurite is said to be particularly helpful in the workplace as it helps you to better understand the motivations of others and what drives them. Meanwhile, it’s said to enhance creativity and expand the mind, helping its user to better comprehend new skills or learn new lessons, which could prove equally useful for development among professionals and students. If you’ve been inspired to purchase your own chunk of blue goodness and are hoping to explore its benefits, meditation is said to be the most effective means of doing so. A stone connected to inner vision, simply holding this gem in the palm of your hand throughout your exercise is believed to expand your psychic ability.
What’s more, it’s said that meditating with azurite enhances your ability to soak in valuable information from spirit guides, so you can effectively act on guidance from the higher realm. Using the stone in this way isn’t a new thing: it’s commonly suggested that American Indians
held azurite in high regard, using it to link them to their guides.
All-in-all, perhaps the most desirable quality of this stone is its ability to nourish a keen interest in the world in which you live. Surely you can never have too much of that feel-good feeling?

Shine bright
Consider yourself a worrier? Azurite is said to help clear the emotions connected with fear, anxiety and sadness. It can also be handy to those who often find themselves telling porky pies to disguise their insecurities, by encouraging truthfulness to others as well as to oneself.
Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed or tense? Many crystal healers believe that azurite can help with these feelings, too. Interestingly this gem is also praised for its ability to wipe away any traces of inferiority – particularly in the home. So if you find yourself bending from the strain of put-downs from your children, partner, parents or in-laws, you’d be well advised to invest in a chunk of Azurite.

Uncover its origins
Let’s discuss this stone’s name. Unfortunately, we’ve not got an elaborate story to share with you because it merely derives from an old Persian word meaning ‘blue colour’. A worldly gem, Azurite can be sourced from locations dotted across the world – from Russia to the States.
Thanks to its copper base, it’s often found alongside other similar stones in (you guessed it!) copper mines. It’s very likely that you’ll find it sitting pretty alongside Malachite and this is because Azurite soaks up water surrounding it and, over time, transforms into Malachite. While it is possible to find it in crystal form, Azurite is commonly discovered as a rough stone.

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