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OK, we’ve all been having a little fun now but it’s time for you all to concentrate for a little while – I have something to reveal to you all! Unknown to Chinweoke (and you dear readers too!) I have actually been communicating with him as yet another possible victim. This has been going on for the last three weeks.

I wanted to demonstrate how Chinweoke would work his original scam were I just to act like a normal everyday real victim, instead of the evil swine I’m being with him now! I’ll try not to take up too much of your time or waste too much space, but I think it’s important for people to see this guy in action against a slightly more gullible naïve victim. We join the story a few weeks ago. Chinweoke sent his original scam letter out (almost identical to the one at the beginning of this scambait) however this time he used a mail character. He is using the identical email address to the ones he’s using when dealing with Thomas Cook.

The “victim” is Christina Gilliam, a recently divorced English lady. I won’t present the info below with any great detail, but you will see a fine example of how this scumbag would operate with a real victim. If you’re not interested in reading this section, then skip to the next page.

We join the story as Christina replies to Chinweoke ‘s initial scam introduction…



thankyou for your email. i am very sorry for my late reply but i have
been visiting my solicitor about my ex husband’s divorce payment and
dealing with this has left me quite a few days behind with my email. of
course you do not need to know that but that is my explanation for my
late reply.

i am very sorry to hear about your current predicament but as a
christian yourself you must know the god will always find a way to show
you the right path to move your life in the right direction. i am quite
interested in helping you if i can but i must confess that i do not have
much experience in business matters so i would appreciate it if you
could explain to me in a little more detail exactly what it is you would
need me to do to help you. perhaps i am not the right person to help
you because of my lack of experience but one thing i can certainly offer
you is honesty.

please let me know if i can be of help but please understand that if
your project requires me to travel outside of my country then i cannot
do that as my passport expired 3 years ago and i have had no need to
acquire a new one.

i look forward to your reply.

miss christina gilliam


My Dear christina gilliam,

Thanks for your email, I cannot express all my joy for your long awaited response, please note that I shall send you the document of the deposit as made by my late father on our proceed. I am in deep hail of suffering here and requires your urgent assistance so that I can leave this place alife before my own will be over. I am so sorry about your present divorce, it is obvious that I do not need to know that but I have to sympathise with you because we are all human and have our own different faces with different problems. I pray that God will show you the way to conquer and be victorous in all your endavours in Jesus name, Amen.

Those people who kidnapped and killed my parents are still in search of my life, they wickedly poured acid on my younger brother and now he is in the hospital, I have just exhausted all my pocket and my good friend has done all but due to that I dont have money to take him out of here, the situation is still worsing every day by day.

I lost my only twin sister who had and died of cancer, there was no one to handle this here and even if there is, I could not afford to take care of the bills, I am so sorry that I could not do any thing, though I did all I can but it was as if I would commit sucide and die with her so that my eyes will not be seeing all this stressful tragedies.

I have just left every thing in the hands of God because if nothing is done fast, the story may change, if I send you the picture of my brother in the hospital, you will question God why he has left this young man to suffer like this, his life is not promising but I know that God is the Alfa and Omega, there is nothing so difficult for him to change.

Kindly tell me if you can adopt me as your son, brother or any where in your heart that pleases you, I will be yours with all my heart, I do not know any thing to do, every new minute of the day ushers in a new comatic situation changes in my life, atimes it happens to me as if I have losted my self, please let me your full contact details so that I will give you the contacts of the security company.

My father told me that he did not declare the content of the consignment as money to the security company, it was deposited and tagged “Family Valuables” with the Trans Atlantic Securities here in Ivory Coast. I am so sorry that your passport has expired but please, if possible, I will plead with you to arrange it so that you will come and pick me up to your country where this peace of mind, send me your telephone number and details in your reply so that I will try and call you.

You can call me on 00225096XXXXX so that we can speak, I pray you to have mercy on me, come to my rescue before it can be too late for me, I am waiting for your call.

Thanks and God Bless You,



dear Chinweoke

thankyou for your very swift reply your plight sounds very desperate and
i am horrified to learn of the very awful things that have affected you
in your life so far. i will pray that you will soon see the last of your
troubles. i hope that you are successful in this present project so that
you may be able to get on with your life without too much further worry.

thankyou also for your sympathies regarding my husband. it was
unfortunate that our marriage ended however i can count myself blessed
that at least we parted as friends and he was extremely generous to me
regarding my divorce payments. i certainly do not have to worry about
money for the near future as he has left me financially very
comfortable. i can count myself lucky that my husband was a successful
businessman and has always been generous and gracious. it disappoints
me greatly that our marriage did not work out but due to the stress of
his job and the fact that he had to spend so much time away from home we
gradually grew apart. i hope to put this current situation behind me as
soon as i can.

my personal contact details are as follows

Full name:
christina terrylene gilliam

112 st. vincent street
G2 5QD
united kingdom

telephone: 0141 274XXXX




My Dear Christina,

I am so happy for you, how can I say thank you for such your care and sympathy, I do not know that God loves me so much to provide you to come to my aid, my only problem is to settle the demurrages of the security company so that they will convey the consignment to you in U.K. My father deposited this consignment in November 20th, 2002 and he made his next of kin to the consignment to be his foreign business partner and did not specify the location of his business partner.

Due to the fact that I was in school then and my father took me as a very young man and that I must finish my education first before he will introduce me to his business and his partners, I was deprived of the next of kin to this consignment. I am so happy that your marriage ended successfully, I want you to understand that it is the wish of God so do not worry so much about it. I know that it is very painful because it is never too good to say good bye. You should try each time of the day to make your self happy because God loves you and will never let you go astray.

I also pray that God will help him where ever he is hence he has not let you to suffer, he must be a very kind man and will always see kindness in his life time. Please do you have kids? If yes, do extend my regards to them. I am just very happy that I met a sincere and honest person like you, God will add more life and blessings to you in Jesus name Amen.

Regarding my distress here with my family, I lost my father and mother to some rebels, my father was a politician here in my country, he started his campaign for senate in the Adzope Regional Constituency of my country Ivory Coast before he was kidnapped with my mother during the past political crisis. Before then, he has called me one on one, he told me that he made a deposit the sum of Fifteen Million US Dollars into a security company by name, Trans Atlantic Securities located in the main city of Abidjan, here in Ivory Coast. He said that he did not declare the content of the consignment to be money rather, he declared it as FAMILY VALUABLES.

He told me that his reason of doing it that way is to remove the eyes of the people that he has such money and also that it may be confiscated if he has made the deposit to the bank in cash if in case he has any problem in his political career and that it will be more convenient for him to move the funds to any destination hence it is noted as family valuables.

After a period of time of my parents death, my younger brother who is currently in the hospital had a little fracas in the school with his friends, not later than two days, I was called to come and pick up the corpse of of my brother by the same rebels, it was later that I found out that it was same group people who killed my parents that was behind the problem.

They threw raw acid to my brother, using it to trash away his normal skin though he was at the point of death but God answered my prayers and reserved him. It is quite a very long story you know, my little sister who was the only daughter of my parents was diagnosed of cancer of the breast and died in pains of the surgical operation ten months ago.

You know that Africa is just at the bottom of the world developing regions, if she has been taking to London or USA if my parents was alive, I am sure that she would have not died because there are every equipments over there to handle such critical cases.

I do not want to continue refreshing my horourful past, I was in house arrest for a all the while this things were happening except that of my sister who died not up to a year now. I committed every thing in God’s hand, hence there is no other person that I can run to for help before I contacted you.

It is really hard with me but I know that it will soon be okay, I want to move my brother out of the hospital where he is, he is looking promising but requires good health care so that he can be back to life. I got a contact of an international doctor in Ghana where I was told that they will revive my brother’s life but I am very helpless but with God, I know that all things are possible.

I am a strong believer in God and I am sure that he has good plans for me and my brother, my hope is not lost because I have Jesus. Please Christina, if you do not know how to pray before, learn it more and more because that is the only remedy to a good life on earth.

I know that we are all visitors in this world, but I am sure that God has good plans before he brought us to this place. I believe that God who lifted you up, will never let you down, I shall always be remembering you in my prayers that God should give you that which is your heart desire.

On your contact to the security company, you should inform them that you are the next of kin to the consignment deposited with the details which I shall attach here, ask them how they shall convey it to you in U.K, I shall in my next email, scan and send you the deposit certificate of the consignment. Please take note that they did not know the content of the box to be money, rather it is FAMILY VALUABLES.

Below are the details of the consignment:

Security Code: MAM/ ST/B8/CCP/00111
Cert Code: 244/CCP/212/4401
Deposit Code: YXZ/CCP
Series: CCP/Z405PMZ
Box Number: 223/CP/211
Class of deposit: FAMILY VALUABLES
Name of Depositor: XXXXX XXX XXXXXX
Date of Birth: 23/09/1960
Date of Deposition: 20/11/2002
Passport N°: 97LB41211

Here is the security company full contact address

05 BP 1023 ABIDJAN 05
Abidjan, Cote D’ Ivoire
TEL / FAX : +225 224 XXXXX
Email :
Security Company Director:MR. GREG WILLIAMS

Please call them on the phone as soon as you send them an email, I shall be going to security company in Abidjan so that I will also confirm to them that you are my father’s foreign business partner.

I will try to call you later in the day, you can also reach me on +2250961XXXX [this telephone number is one that Chinweoke gave to Thomas Cook] in case you will like to speak with me. I am so greatful and thankful to you, I pray that God will reserve you for me, your coming in and going out shall be blessed, every of your dealings and endeavours will be fulfilled in Jesus name Amen.

Warmest regards,

Yours Chinweoke


Christina contacts the security company:

dear sir

i am writing this email to you to confirm to you that i am the next of
kin with relation to a deposit made with your company. the deposit
details are as follows

Security Code: MAM/ ST/B8/CCP/00111
Cert Code: 244/CCP/212/4401
Deposit Code: YXZ/CCP
Series: CCP/Z405PMZ
Box Number: 223/CP/211
Class of deposit: FAMILY VALUABLES
Name of Depositor: XXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX
Date of Birth: 23/09/1960
Date of Deposition: 20/11/2002
Passport N°: 97LB41211

Please inform me of the procedure required to transfer the consignment
to my address in scotland, uk.

yours sincerely,

miss christina gillian


The security company replies. For those of you new to these types of scams, the “security company” is usually just the opriginal scammer himself, in the particular case, Chinweoke, using a phoney email address and the name of Greg Williams:

Attention: Miss Christina Gillian

We are in receipt of your email. Find attached the copy of our terms and condition with the two forms which you have to fill for the required information for the change of ownership of the consignment to your name as the next of kin.

You will be required to fill the forms and return them with the sum of £1,250.00 for court litigation and change of ownership to your name.

Finally, upon the receipt of your email you will be advised on the mode of payment.

Yours in Service

Greg Williams

As you can see, they (Chinweoke ) are quick to ask for money! Chinweoke also attaches some phony documents:

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