Call To The Infernal Spirits

Call to the Infernal Spirits


Set up your ritual space as you will. Bring some type of liquor, wine, or spirits to be in your chalice upon the altar. When you are ready to begin, unsheathe the athame and fill your chalice. Place them upon the altar and set your candles around the outer edges of the altar. If using a single candle, place it centrally directly across from you. If using two candles, place them at the outer corners of your altar. Draw in the ground physically or psychically a circle around your altar. Then draw a larger circle that encompasses the remaining ritual space before your altar; a single line connecting the two magickal circles.


Light the candle(s) and perform the void meditation. From within your astral form, move to the center of the ritual space, facing you physical body at the altar and speak, “I, (your mortal name), Disciple of Maergzjirah and (your Cabal/magickal name) among my peers, who has made proper dedication of myself and my ritual space with all of its planar components to the Nine Blighted Lords of the Forgotten Reaches of Hell, call upon these most infernal spirits! I call you, Astrael, Belnara, Cernobog, Dranimarsh, Eldraath, Hananjur, Illkeserod, Kaziel, Zazazel, Vhereghost, Baronlosk, Iveran, Oraktilin, Querinvak; you, most Lordly of Lords, Infernal, and Opposed Archdemons of the planes, enter this plane for I have weaved the bridge and I have tiled the gate! Step forth from Maergzjirah and plant the seeds of evil within this plane! Cernobog, Black God you have heard my Will! See it done!”


From the force of infernal power that comes from the Archdemons, your astral body may be thrown back to your physical body. If your astral body is either accustomed to this or able to withstand the planar surge, it is wise to return your astral body to within the lesser circle around your altar. From here, you may continue with your ritual Work, commune with the Archdemons individually, or as a Council.


When you have concluded your Work with the Archdemons, speak, “You honor me with your guidance. Let the seeds of darkness planted bear the fruits of the wicked. Return to Maergzjirah and I shall return to the Path.” The Archdemons will undoubtedly exit your ritual space. Upon their exit, break the circles and take time to meditate upon your experience and any guidance given by the Archdemons.


Having called forth the Infernal Spirits to aide you in your magickal Work, you have taken them into your soul. This form of spiritual melding will carry with you forever in every plane that you will dwell. All aspects of your being will be transmuted to that of the demons you’re Working with.

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