Blood Pact

Blood Pact


The Blood Pact was first made in the early 1100’s by the Drujziya gypsy tribe in Hungary. After their near extermination in H36, it was the sole survivor and our Patriarch, Sybastien Drujziya who performed the second blood pact with Cernobog. Every Disciple that joined the Maergzjiran Cabal also was required to make a blood pact; a sacrifice of themselves in return for the entwinement of the Infernal thus gaining an abysmal might that is by any mortal means of measure incomparable. The blood pact is also what the Maergzjiran Cabal recognizes and a Disciple’s initiation or acceptance into the Maergzjiran folds of both the Cabal and the plane of Hell. This ritual cannot be performed unless you’ve first dedicated your ritual space, ritual tools, and yourself to Maergzjirah. You must also have transfigured your soul in order to withstand what will come of you in this ritual.


The Blood Pact is completed in two parts: the Desecration and the Pact. While the following is completely seamless, you will see where each part breaks into the next. The Desecration begins by marking off your ritual space with unhallowed (anointed with blood) candles. You will also need to acquire a bottle of holy water. Before you begin the ritual, empty some of it out to ensure there is room in the bottle for additional fluid to be held within. This will be the foundation for altering the energies of the ritual space in order to perform the Desecration. The number of candles used must be divisible by nine. Once the candles are in place, you will light them individually. Each time a candle is lit, you will speak, “I open the Black Gate into eternity.”


With all candles being lit, you will then proceed to set up your altar in your own personal arrangement. You will then place the opened holy water to your left. Unsheathe your athame and hold it before you pointed to the center of your ritual space. You will then speak with a rising fervor, “By the black fires of Maergzjirah, I open this place to the Will of all that is cruel and evil. I bridge the planes so that the limitless hordes of demons may rise and join me in my eternal Work. I call upon the Lords of the Forgotten Hells: Cernobog! Eldraath! Zazazel! Hananjur! Dranimarsh! Illkeserod! Belnara! Kaziel! Astrael! I call you, your Servitors, and your legions into my House of Ineffable Suffering! This is where Gods come to die; subject to the malice and malevolent rigidity of a thousand blackened souls! Spirits of darkness! Malignant mindsets! Avatars of sadism, pain, suffering, torture, and death! Join me in this, a Grand point in the cosmos where the sun doth not shine! Infernal Spirits awaken!”

The candles may be blown out, your tools moved; you may even be temporarily encumbered by the surge of energy that you are rendered unable to move.


Allow the wails to silence themselves and the energies to calm. You will regain your ability to move, act, and speak. Your third eye will be opened wider than it likely ever has before. Take notice to how the planar space of your ritual area has expanded itself far beyond the physical limits set by the fibrous bounds of the material plane. See, feel, and hear every individual Demon and Spirit you just invited into your ritual space that is now present. Notice how they patiently wait for you to react. Do not speak. Draw blood from your left hand with the athame and allow the blood to drip into the holy water. Allow it to fill the bottle until the bleeding stops. Anoint your forehead with your blood and close the bottle. Swirl the holy water and your blood within the bottle until it has mixed. Open the bottle and pour it into your chalice. The bottle emptied, speak, “Kaziel, this is to remember what once was of the light has descended into darkness; what was once righteous has become the tyrant; the angel has become the demon; and alas, the light that once shone has died and all that remains is the darkness and the horrors that dwell within it. Demons and Spirits! Join me in honoring every entity, soul, mind, and mage that refuses to submit; that each shall Ascend to godhood; a Kingdom founded on the bones and marrow of our enemies and oppressors!” Sip only enough from the chalice to wet your palette. This feeling may nauseate or unsettle you, or in contrast, may bolster your senses beyond the human scope, which can lead to a momentary feeling of confusion or anxiety.

Either way is normal. Try to enjoy it while it lasts. Allow a moment for the energy from within the chalice to permeate through the entire ritual space as it extends like tendrils of mist that swirl around in a manner similar to the black mist that descended from Belnara opening the Black Gate.


When your entire ritual space is enshrouded in a black fog (physically, psychically, or both), speak, “Cernobog, Black God of Maergzjirah! I continue the Infernal Bloodline with the Blood Pact as was first performed by Sybastien Drujziya. Come before my altar and partake of this ritual as you would see fit. Sacrifice of yourself as I have done to myself.” If you cannot physically see Cernobog, you will then sense him with your third eye. (Due to the intensity of the ritual, psychological effects, psychic empowerment, and the infernal energies it would be uncommon not to see everything present with your mortal eyes). Proceed to hold the chalice with both hands and extend your arms as to offer the chalice to Cernobog. He will in turn release his essence into the chalice. Do not lower your head. In fact, this is a perfect time to take notice to the physical form and appearance of the Archdemons. Also, notice how Matrigal performs an infernal chant. This is to bind you to the Archdemons of the Black Court through his vampiric dominion.


Upon the Black God making sacrifice, you will then speak, “And the mortal became immortal; (wo)man has become a demon; and thus, the last light will still itself so that all that will remain is the darkness and the horror that I harbor within it.” Drink a mouthful of the unholy elixir. This will, without a doubt stir you physically, mentally, and spiritually in ways that cannot be described in words. Allow the affects to overcome you in whatever way they manifest inside of you. Try to focus on the memories that will be flashing in your mind. Listen to the words of Dark Creation. Welcome the changes that are occurring.


When the feeling calms itself enough for you to regain your composure, move to the last candle you lit. Wet your index finger and thumb with what remains in the chalice. Still the candle’s flame with the infernal blood elixir on your fingers and speak, ‘And the light dims further until all that remains is the blackness of the Abyss.” This, you will execute for every remaining candle, moving in reverse order from how you lit them. Upon reaching the last candle, you will retrieve it and return to your altar, where the candle will rest upon the center of the altar. Call to the Infernal legions you’ve summoned, “All that was once mortal; all that once knew compassion, care, love, and mercy lies within this flame. This is all that once remained of (state your mortal name). It cannot be allowed to exist any further. All that once was is no more!” To this you sip from the chalice and blow the mist of blood over the flame, stilling it.


In the darkness, use your demonic senses to see in this mixture of magickal and natural darkness. Focus your senses until you are able to see clearly and in enough detail everything as it was with the candles lit. Sheathe your athame. Now, this is the time to use your enhanced senses to converse and Work with every entity present if you so wish to.


When you are finished, speak, “The Black Gate has opened for us this night. A new Disciple has been born. The shroud of Maergzjirah has wrapped itself around my soul and tonight, I have become one with the Black Court. Spirits, Demons, Waywards, return to your place in the planes! Astrael! Kaziel! Belnara! Illkeserod! Dranimarsh! Hananjur! Zazazel! Eldraath! Cernobog! I have become one with you. Be ever watchful over me and beside me. Whisper your wisdom into my ears and guide my hand. Raise me up into Maergzjirah! Until next you hear my call, return to your place in the Hells.”


The fiery, electric surge that rushes through you now will never fade. The more you advance your skill in magick, the stronger it will become. The more in tune you are with the Archdemons, the more you will find that you take on their powers. This rite is complete. It is customary in Cabal history to perform this during the Hour of Infernal Darkness during the Season of the Witch. This is to remember your vow and bond with the Archdemons and to further empower yourself. It has also proven to show how you’ve grown as a black magician and Disciple.

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