Black Court Altar Vortex

Black Court Altar Vortex


The altar of any Apprentice of the Cabal is not ornate, nor is it overly decorated with sigils, plaques, candles, components, or any array of other items typically found to be used among Magi. The altar of an apprentice consists of an altar, athame, chalice, and one, two, or three candles. The altar, athame, and chalice will need to be given a name which will be spoken only in times of ritual.


In order to fully denote your ritual space as a working place for the darkest of magickal arts, it becomes necessary to form a magickal gateway between your ritual space and Cernobog’s Darkened Hells. This is done by anointing your altar, your chalice, your athame, and the space in which you’ll Work and opening the door between the planes.


You will require a bowl of water mixed with salt and nine drops of your own blood that has been placed beneath a new or full moon between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. Set up your altar and arrange your ritual tools upon it. Next, with the bowl of water held in your right hand, place your index and middle fingers of your left into the water. Swirl it counterclockwise nine times. Your eyes should be fixed upon the sky above; watching the energies of Belnara’s blackened sky drawing into the bowl within your hands.


Anoint your forehead with the water in a downward motion and speak, “Cernobog, Black God of Maergzjirah, I open myself to planes below for I am neither servant nor master; I am Maergzjirah!” Anoint your altar with the water in the motion of an inverted cross and speak, “Cernobog, Black God of Maergzjirah, I open the gateway from Maergzjirah into this material plane. This altar, I name it, (name you’ve chosen) in the spirit of the Maergzjirah and the Nine Blighted Lords, their servitors, and the Five Towers of Blood!” Anoint the athame with the water by drawing a line down its blade on both sides and speak, “Hananjur, Iron Sentinel of Maergzjirah, I hold an instrument of death before me. I name it, (name you’ve chosen) in the spirit of strength, enforcement of my will, and to the final punishment of death in spirit!” Lastly, anoint the chalice by drawing three circles with the water from the inner base of the chalice upward toward its rim. Speak, “Zazazel, Buried King of Maergzjirah, I name this chalice (name you’ve chosen) in the spirit of everlasting life, endless wisdom, and to the deathless power of magick!”


Take the remaining water and scatter it around your ritual space. Notice in your psychic senses, how as the water touches the floor of your ritual space how the spirits release into the area; hear them, smell the smoke, see their trail, feel their deathless chill, and taste the power you’re releasing. As you do, speak, “In the name of Maergzjirah, I open this plane. I bridge the Hells with this world. Lords of Maergzjirah, know this is your house and know that you may step here as you wish. Come before me and see my Work be made flesh.” As you finish, stand or be seated behind your altar. Allow the energies that you’ve unleashed to rise and settle. When the energies have calmed, Speak, “Illkeserod, Keeper of Secrets and Archivist of Maergzjirah, step beyond the Void and join me in this place. See its unique form and beauty. Note that it has been dedicated to Maergzjirah as our Cabal’s tradition directs. Observe as I sign my name to the mutual service of the Hells.”


Light a candle and place it upon your altar. Next, place a sheet of parchment upon the altar. Draw blood from the middle finger of your writing hand with your athame and proceed to sign your name upon the parchment. When the blood seeps into the parchment, but before it dries entirely, hold over the candle’s flame and watch as it burns to ashes. As an ashen dust remains, speak, “Lady of Limitless Wisdom, you have observed my rite of dedication. Return to the other Blighted Lords and prepare them; that this rite is complete and my Call unto them is forthcoming. Illkeserod, I thank you. Now, with haste, depart.”


When your altar devices are not in use, they are to be wrapped in black cloth and kept from the light of the sun. If indoors and beyond solely designated for ritual use, the ritual tools may be kept upon the altar and the door shut behind as you exit. You will enter the Temple only when you are to perform ritual work or to give offerings to the Demons and Spirits below. The only other exemption is if your ritual altar is a large and/or natural structure that is outdoors and cannot be removed to your home. In that case, you will anoint it with a drop of your blood in the mark of an inverted star. This rite is now complete. With this preparation complete, it lays the foundation for all of your black magick works that will soon be taking place. The next rite is a ritual used to call upon each of the Lordly entities of Maergzjirah into your ritual space for further individual Work or to combine their infernal influence toward your goals.

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