Bittneld The Curse-Bringer

Bittneld the Curse-Bringer

Bittneld the Curse-Bringer is a Nord knight who is serving as Captain of the Guard in Chorrol. He has a little information for you during the Canvas the Castle quest. If you want, you can play matchmaker and fix him up with Emfrid, the publican at the Grey Mare.

As captain of the guard, he wears chainmail greaves, chainmail boots and chainmail gauntlets along with the Chorrol cuirass. He is armed with a silver claymore and carries a quilted doublet, tan linens, doeskin shoes, a small amount of gold, a Chorrol Castle Private key and a Chorrol Dungeon key.

When approached for the first time, he will politely introduce himself: “I’m Bittneld the Curse-Bringer, captain of the Chorrol Guard. What can I do for you?” When asked about Chorrol, it becomes apparent Bittneld is on the lookout for other things than criminal activities: “There are a lot of fine-looking women in Chorrol. But they’re all… kind of snooty. And not very nice.” Asking about Chorrol if the Oblivion Gate outside of the city is open however, he will disapprove of the Countess’ lack of concern: “Just between the two of us, I wish the Countess would worry a bit more about the security of the city and a bit less about her damned painting.”

When you are gathering clues during Canvas the Castle, he will tell you what he knows: “I’m sorry, I wasn’t in that evening. I was making my rounds of Chorrol. The only odd occurrence lately was with Chanel. I have seen her spending a lot of time in the West Tower. When I asked her about it, she said it involved her spell research. I suppose at the time it sounded good enough for me.”

After having finished the mini-quest, Bittneld and Emfrid, he may say the following things to Emfrid: “It’s been a long day. Quite pleasant to look forward to seeing you here.”, “I really must thank the one who recommended you — and the Grey Mare. Always a splendid feast for my spirits. And the food is good, too.” or “After a long day up at the castle, it’s refreshing to spend a time with someone as charming and thoughtful as you.” Emfrid, in return, may say the following things to Bittneld: “I’ve made you a little pumpkin bread… something to keep up your strength on those long night watches.”, “I’ve put aside a little mead for you. I know you like it.” or “The bread’s hot and fresh, with a nice crust, and butter and honey, just like you like it.”


Related Quests

Canvas the Castle: Someone has stolen a valuable painting from Castle Chorrol!

Bittneld and Emfrid: Help to bring two lonely hearts together (non-journal).



Although Bittneld is a Guard, he will not arrest you. The Guard dialogue is made specifically for Imperials, and he is a Nord.

If you’ve installed the Unofficial Oblivion Patch, after having talked to Casta Scribonia, you’ll get two choices of dialogue after having asked Bittneld about Chorrol:

“What about Emfrid?”

“Emfrid? She owns the Grey Mare, right? Huh. I go to the Oak and Crosier. I’m a captain, you see, and the Oak and Crosier serves… a better class of people… Listen to me. I sure sound like a snob. Snooty, in fact, and not very nice. Thanks. That’s a very good suggestion. I think I’ll stop by the Grey Mare, and perhaps pay my respects to this Emfrid woman.”


“Is that so?”

“Well, that’s just my opinion.”



Over half of the dialogue for the “matchmaker” mini-quest is present, but skipped. If the player talks to Bittneld and chooses the “Chorrol” topic he will say that women in the town are snooty, and when Emfrid is next spoken to she will thank the player for telling Bittneld about her, though this never happened. Also, Bittneld will not visit daily as Emfrid indicates that he does because his visiting AI was not set up correctly. There is also a demo quest related to this that never appears in-game with more Emfrid dialogue hiding in it, but none from Bittneld.

This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.

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