Azurite Usually Occurs In A Beautiful Deep Rich Blue Color

AZURITE usually occurs in a beautiful deep rich blue color


Azurite usually occurs in a beautiful deep rich blue color, making it highly prized and sought after in the world of crystal healing. This blue color arose as a result of reactions between copper, hydrogen, oxygen and carbonate. Despite the beauty of the stone, it is not often found in jewelry. This is due to its delicacy and its inability to be heated. Nevertheless, a cluster or largish stone of Azurite makes a delightful and functional centerpiece when placed near a workspace, in a healing room or on the nightstand in the bedroom. The color range of this stone is remarkable, and no two pieces of Azurite are alike, making it a joy to hunt or shop for. You may find yourself drawn to one shade of blue, from a bright, cheerful blue reminiscent of a summer sky, to the deepest, richest shades of indigo. It has been used in the manufacture of dyes for fabric and ground up to use as a pigment in paint, for thousands of years. The variety of blues to be found in this stone come as a result of its fusion with Malachite, a mineral with which it shares a very close chemistry.


Azurite has an interesting history among earlier civilizations and was believed to be an extremely potent psychic stone, shrouded in mystery to both the early Egyptians and the ancient Chinese. It was revered for its healing energies by the Greeks and romans, who also believed that it promoted visionary insights. Also known as the “Stone of Heaven” the Mayans believed that it was instrumental in transferring both wisdom and knowledge via the processes of thought, what we would term telepathy. Native Americans were known to make use of this crystal when conducting ceremonies to contact, and access the wisdom of, their spirit guides and ancestors.


The deep blue hue of many Azurite crystals means that it is automatically strongly associated with the brow, or third eye chakra. Healing applications of the stone include its ability to help clear the mind, and aura, of negative thought patterns, outdated psychic beliefs and debris and sluggishness in the brain caused by over exposure to modern technologies. Working with Azurite will boost your ability to bring your mind back into balance after a period of frenetic mental activity. It will also help you to recognize self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, and give you back your confidence in trusting your intuition to guide you in all aspects of your life.




Azurite can be used to great effect in many forms of spiritual healing and is particularly helpful when contacting spirit guides and guardian angels in order to access their messages and wisdom. Each person’s spiritual journey is unique and we all need different interventions or techniques at different times in our lives. If you are fairly certain that you need, or would like to work on deepening your connection with Spirit, use Azurite in your own practice. You can do this by placing a stone or crystal cluster close to the crown or brow and relaxing into a calm and tranquil state. Practice deep breathing, into the lower belly on the in breath and raising the diaphragm on the outbreath to expel as much air as possible. Allow your muscles to soften with each outbreath. Pay particular attention to the muscles of the scalp (often overlooked in conventional relaxation exercises) and the muscles around the eyes. Check that your tongue is not tense too. Do this by allowing it to rest in the bottom of your mouth and slacken the muscles of your jaw.

Placing an Azurite crystal in your line of sight, if you are sitting will allow you to focus only its vibration and healing energies, taking your “busy” mind away from stresses and worries. Call upon your guardian angel to send you messages that are clear and trust your first impressions.
Remember to thank your spirit guides and angels both before and after a healing session. If you do not understand the message, or if you are in doubt that have even received one, just continue to be observant and aware as you go about your daily activities. Use your Azurite stone to bring you back into awareness simply by carrying a small piece around with you in your pocket or purse. Your angels and guides will communicate with you, have no doubt about this. They may choose to send you signs or signal through the physical realms, so be alert to things such as repeated sequences of numbers or letters, useful or insightful articles on TV or on paper, white feathers that appear as if from nowhere and symbols that have a personal meaning for you.

Azurite is believed to have properties that stimulate the intellect and facilitate the opening of the third eye chakra, leading to increased psychic abilities and clear inner guidance. In addition to its beneficial effect on the third eye or brow chakra, Azurite will also help to clear and balance your throat chakra. This will aid in clear communication, both spiritually and physically.

Archangel Michael is the predominant angelic representative of the blue ray, and he has the ability to be with everyone who needs him simultaneously. He is a very comforting Angel in that his primary purpose is to keep you safe, both physically and spiritually. Use Azurite to remind you call on him for protection and for the release of fear in all its forms. Place the stone on the back of your neck, bow your head and round your shoulders as you focus on releasing all of your burdens from your upper back and neck. Visualize Michael stepping in and lifting the burden from you, then slowly uncurl your upper spine and stretch the vertebrae upwards.

This results in a wonderful feeling of lightness as you realize that Michael has the ability to take all of your fears and worries and transmute them into harmless vibrations. Visualize the burden being taken high above you, up to Source, and dissipating into the vastness of the cosmos. Giving you back your power and integrity.


As well as its powerful spiritual healing properties, Azurite can be useful in treating physical signs of disease, especially those manifesting in the head, neck and throat. Azurite, despite its porous and delicate nature, or perhaps because of it, is a stone that prefers to be rubbed or touched in order to release its healing properties. Try gently rubbing your temples with a piece of Azurite to bring relief from headaches, especially those caused by eye strain or tension. If you suffer from dry or sore throat conditions, use Azurite to help relieve the symptoms by holding a piece of the stone in your left hand and cupping your throat for a few minutes. As mentioned, Azurite is not used in jewelry, so you will probably not find a necklace made with this crystal. However, you can still wear Azurite close to your throat by wrapping a small piece of it into a soft scarf whilst you deal with the symptoms of a sore or infected throat. If you suffer from these conditions frequently it is worth doing a little self – analysis about the way you use your voice. Do you have difficulty being heard? Do you always defer to others in conversations, placing your own needs second to theirs? Is there something that you really want to say to others? Or to the world? Once you have identified any of the above as being part of your behavior you can take steps to address the imbalance, which may well lead to an improvement in your physical condition. Try it, you may be pleasantly surprised.
Other physical conditions which Azurite can be useful in treating include backaches, particularly those caused by misaligned vertebrae, and disorders of the ribcage. It may also be of use when treating arthritis and joint problems. Rub the affected area gently with the stone while flexing the joint slowly. You may notice a decrease in heat in the area, signifying a lessening of inflammation. Organs thought to be associated with Azurite are the spleen, liver and kidneys, all concerned with the elimination of toxins and waste from the body.


The cleansing vibrations of the Azurite stone can be called upon to heal the emotional body when a person is feeling nervous or is easily agitated by the actions of others. It can help to strengthen feeling of confidence and self-worth if used in tandem with meditations or affirmations. The clarity of thought associated with this crystal will help to clear away groundless fears and insecurities in people who feel bullied in a domestic setting, regardless of the relationship between the generations who may be sharing a living space. Azurite is believed to aid in the release of tension and worry and to provide comfort to those grieving or experiencing great sadness due to the actions of others.
Because the stone has an affinity with the throat chakra, use it to help you to become aware of aspects of your life that are not aligned with your own truth, or with your own values. Affirm your intention to speak clearly and truthfully and trust that divine guidance will ensure a positive outcome for such behavior.

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