Astav Wirich

Astav Wirich

Astav Wirich is a grumpy Breton hanging out at Luther Broad’s Boarding House in the Imperial City’s Elven Gardens District. He is also a Mythic Dawn sleeper agent sent out to kill Baurus in order to stop him from investigating the faction’s whereabouts any further. He will only make his appearance during the related quest.

Astav will be seated in the corner of the Boarding House all day and night reading the conjuration skill book Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1 and wait for his chance to get to his target without any witnesses. If you try to approach him, he will casually reject you with the words “Move along, friend.” When you join Baurus at the bar, he will fill you in on how to deal the mysterious stranger in the corner: “Listen. I’m going to get up in a minute and walk out of here. That guy in the corner behind me will follow me. You follow him.” When you accept, he will say: “Good. Remember, wait for him to follow me. I want to see what he’ll do.” When Baurus finally gets up and enters the basement, Astav will follow him down there and reveal his true identity, with the inevitable result. Later on, in the quest, if you let Baurus meet up with Raven Camoran in the Elven Garden Sewers, Raven will get up and shout: “Wait! I’ve seen you before! You’re the Blade that Brother Astav was tailing!”

While undercover, he wears typical middle-class attire: a brown shirt, a pair of tan linens, and cowhide shoes. Apart from his copy of Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1, he also carries a random leveled poison and a small amount of gold. In combat he will use his mythic dawn bound armor and mace spell.


Related Quests

The Path of Dawn: You must return to Baurus in the Imperial City to try to track down the stolen Amulet of Kings.

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