A Friend In The Guard – Hightown Aveline

A Friend in the Guard


Quest: A Friend in the Guard

Act: 1

Start: Hightown, Viscount’s Keep

End: Viscount’s Keep

Next: The Way It Should Be

Appearances: Dragon Age II

A Friend in the Guard is an Act 1 main quest in Dragon Age II.

During this quest Hawke visits Aveline, now a city guard in Kirkwall and discusses a possible job.



This quest becomes available after Hawke’s first encounter with Varric.



Travel to the Viscount’s Keep in Hightown and speak with Aveline. She and Hawke will discuss life as a guard and Aveline will offer Hawke a job.

Note: To the left of Aveline, in the back room, is a chest with a simple lock.



Codex entries:

Codex entry: The Kirkwall City Guard – above the fireplace behind Aveline

Codex entry: A Study of the Fifth Blight, Vol. One – on the table in the back room to the left of Aveline



Aveline will join Hawke as a permanent companion. Hawke will be asked to help her with her guard duties soon after.

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