25 Interesting Facts That Why You Love Green Emerald Gemstone



When it comes to green beauty, the emerald gemstone, there are several benefits that it offers. You may have read about these benefits of emerald gemstone many a time before, but if you wish to know the gemstone better and if you are thinking of strengthening relationship with emerald stone, then here are 25 interesting facts that you must know about emerald.




A gemstone from the Beryl family, emerald is a precious gemstone.

Emerald has been associated with the planet Venus which is said to be the Goddess of Love.

Colombia is the largest producer of emeralds. The region contributes to more than 50% of all the emerald production world over.

In 800-250 B.C., Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, was believed to have been connected to emerald gemstones as they were known to be the stone of truth and eloquent speaking.

Even though in ancient Egypt, the emerald gemstones were already mined and appreciated by Pharaoh’s, it was in 1817, when emerald mines became a discovery of Frédéric Cailliaud. Centuries later, Cleopatra became one of the true fans of this exquisite green gem.

Christians associated the emerald with Lucifer, the devil during the Medieval times.

The Emerald gem is also the birthstone for May month and an auspicious gift for the 20th, 35th and 55th wedding anniversary.

The presence of trace amounts of chromium and/or vanadium gives this stone its gorgeous green color.

As emerald has a lower density, a one-carat emerald gemstone appears larger than a one-carat diamond.

Aztecs (1200-1500 A.C.) believed that the emerald gemstone is the Stone of the Earth which is linked with fertility.

Emerald ranks between 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This means that even though the stone is durable, it isn’t too strong to prevent cracking and chipping easily, and thus, requires much care and attention than diamonds.

One of the largest uncut emerald gemstones ever found in the world is the Duke of Devonshire Emerald which weighs 1,383.93 carats.

The oldest emerald gemstones are said to be over 2.97 billion years old.

The Mystic Johannes van Ruusbroec (1293-1381 A.C.) believed that the stone was the holy spirit of Jesus which brought faith, hope, and love to the wearer.

The color of an emerald plays a very important role in determining its value. High priced and valuable emeralds are highly transparent, and they don’t have a too dark or too light color.

If legends are to be believed, then putting an emerald stone under your tongue can help you see your future.

For many centuries, emeralds were said to protect the wearer against memory loss. It was also believed to be useful for improving intuition.

Emeralds usually have some inclusions. Finding a natural emerald without inclusions is extremely rare.

A gemologist judges the clarity of an emerald often with the naked eye.

In the year 2011, an emerald pendant necklace owned by Elizabeth Taylor was sold for $6.5 million.

The amazingly beautiful green color of the emerald is said to help the early lapidaries in relaxing their eyes after a long period of concentration.

It is said that Nero, the emperor, used to watch gladiator matches through an emerald stone.

While synthetic sapphire gemstones and ruby were created in the year 1907, synthetic emerald wasn’t produced until 1935. It was in 1935 that the American chemist, Carroll Chatham successfully created a one-carat Chatham emerald. The first synthetic emerald is now available for display at the Smithsonian Institute.

Usually, emerald gemstones carry some scratches on the surface, which is why a large number of emeralds are treated. During ancient times, oils and resins were used to clear the scratches from the surfaces of emeralds and to give them a truly beautiful look.

As per the Indian astrology, emerald is associated with Mercury and thus, is said to bring immense good luck and fortune to the wearer.

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